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Practice watersports at north beaches, overfly the mysterious Nazca Lines at center coasts, or sandboard on Huacachina sand dunes. Even better, see the sea wildlife in Ballestas islands, or explore the Amazon, crowning your trip in Machu Picchu, the End-Year adventure in Peru are many and will surprise you. The Andean country is diverse and offers specific and incredible places to visit when getting time off over Christmas and the new-year holiday. Therefore, the team of Machu Travel Peru wants to help you to organize your best End-Year adventure with the best option. So, let’s go!

7 best options for an unforgettable End-Year adventure in Peru

1. Watersports at north beaches

adventure in peru north beaches

If the beach is your weakness, Peru has the most paradisiacal in the entire region. In them, you’ll get tropical temperatures that rise to 30° C… Almost every child in the world loves the beach, so when asking yourself “How to plan a family vacation?”, the coastal side of Peru would be a great option, don’t you think?

You will lie down in soft sand while sipping on a Pisco sour and eating a tasty ceviche. Aside from relaxing on the stunningly unique and beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, you can go surfing and practice watersports like diving and kiteboarding, or other activities that will make your adventure in Peru experience, something unforgettable, we refer to jet-ski or sport fishing. Whale and dolphin watching are also popular activities.

The Peruvian beaches are blessed with ideal-shaped waves. Indeed, December is the best month to catch some waves, since Peru attracts more northerly swells which bring along warmer water. Some of the most awesome north beaches in Peru are Vichayito, Los Organos, Máncora, Pocitas, Zorritos, and Cabo Blanco. Without mentioning the 5-star hotels, and restaurants located in surrounding areas.

2. Enjoy the sealife in Ballestas Islands

marine adventure in peru

These islands are known as “The Galapagos Islands of Peru”. Its location on the Pacific central coast is accessible from the beach town of Paracas, just an hour away by boat from the Paracas National Reserve. South of Lima.

The Ballestas Islands offer a unique aquatic wildlife viewing since they are home to the largest colony of sea lions, thousands of rare birds, pelicans, dolphins, and Humboldt penguins. Yes, these penguins prefer the sand and rocks over ice!

These incredible creatures are used to human contact and can be easily spotted by visitors. Therefore, the first of our infinite travel tips for beginners is to always have your camera or phone ready!

Without a doubt, your End-Year adventure in Peru will be unforgettable since you will be dazzled by the fascinating marine life of the vast Pacific Ocean. Undoubtedly, this experience qualifies as one of the best family tours in Peru. Finally, take into consideration that boat tours visit the Ballestas Islands daily and there is first-class hotel infrastructure (5-star hotels) close to the islands.

3. Overfly the mysterious Nazca Lines

Nazca lines adventure in Peru

In the center of the dry coastal desert in southern Peru is the small town of Nazca. There is not much to do here except enjoy the lovely dry climate by one of the many swimming pools in town, and it is a nice place for a break from your travel of adventure in Peru.

However, the thing that everybody comes to see here is the mystical Nazca Lines. Its creators and its purpose are the most ancient mysterious facts about Peru and are still being investigated by specialists from around the world, without reaching a consensus. But while they strive, you can be giving them a look! And the best way to see the lines is by overflying them in a small aircraft; this way you will see, many of the Nazca’s figures because the pilot of the plane with point them out to you.

But take note that this flight is not for the faint of heart as it dips and turns for everybody to get the best view of the lines, so do not eat breakfast before taking this experience, this way you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Happily, there is an aerodrome close to the lines where the aircraft depart every day, every 4 hours. The advantage to take this adventure in Peru is the closeness with the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas islands.

4. Sandboard and dune-buggy in Huacachina oasis

huacachina oasis adventure

The geographical diversity of Peru is simply amazing. Jungle, warmth, and humidity in its extreme east, the Andes with cold and rainy climates in the center, and finally the coast with its dry climate and dryness in its extreme west. Well, the Huacachina is a natural oasis located just over the Peruvian west extreme, in the middle of the central desert of Peru, to 5 kilometers to the west of Ica, a Peruvian department south of Lima. The Huacachina is surrounded by dunes, mounds of sand, and a hard sun all day.

There, you can practice some activities that can be considered the most representative adventures in Peru. Like sandboarding, an activity that is similar to snowboarding, with the difference that you’ll slide over sand instead of snow. The adrenaline is fantastic, even for the children, which will be able to slide lying over the sandboards, for more security. Imagine realizing this adventure in Peru with good weather and the dunes with witnesses, Amazing!

The sand buggy is another great option to develop your adventurous side. These 4×4 runs over the steepest dunes, climbing up them and after, throwing himself into the void, into that sea of sand. The cars are convertible and specifically designed to run on sand. Some even use it to climb the steepest dunes and start the descent by practicing sandboarding. Another great option is a boat ride by the same oasis and taking the opportunity to see the beautiful colonial-style houses that surround the oasis. Many restaurants and luxury hotels surround the oasis. Definitely, this adventure in Peru option is unmissable!

5. Trekking in the Andes

treeking adventure in peru sacred valley

Needless to say that the stunning Andean scenery offers lots of off-the-beaten paths in the Andean country. There are plenty of opportunities for trekking in Peru, outdoor activities, and exploration, plus abundant and unparalleled nature.

For example, the famous Inca Trail is normally a 4-days-and-3-nights trek through ancient Inca ruins, beautiful Andean scenery, and interesting flora and fauna. Its ending point is the majestic Machu Picchu. Both (the trail and citadel) are open during December. However, the rainy season in the Peruvian Andeans makes hiking this famous trek will be a bit tricky, by the mud, fog, and little landslides. But the positive point is that in December the crowd levels drop considerably.

Therefore, hiking to Machu Picchu during this time is certainly a good option (of course, if you like the real adventure in Peru, with rains, mud, and fog). But, rest assured, the rain is neither torrential nor intense, and some days are totally clear. So, we recommend bringing a lightweight rain poncho.

Another great option is Huaraz. Travel inland from Lima in the Andes and you will arrive at Huaraz, famous all over the world as one of the best places in South America for mountain climbing. Located in the central Andes, Huaraz has some of the best climbing peaks in South America. The natural beauty of Huaraz makes your climbing experience even more special. There are many companies in Peru that specialize in mountain climbing, so do some research online.

6. Explore the Amazon

amazon tours from cusco iquitos

Peru’s tourist attractions are many, and you will be spoiled for choice. While you are in the Andean country, you will not want to miss one of the most interesting things to do in Peru, visit the Amazon. It is not only for adventure lovers but also the nature lovers, there are many different lodges to choose from, the luxurious and the budget-friendly.

In the north of Peru in the town of Iquitos, you can take a luxury cruise and watch the Amazon world pass you by from your cruise ship with all included, rooms, living room, bar, observatory room, jacuzzi in bathrooms, among others facilities. The luxury cruises sail by the Amazon in excursions of 4, 5, or even 7 days, making stops in strategic zones and native communities to see nature, wildlife, and the costumes of Amazon natives closer.

The most recognized companies are two, Delfin Luxury cruises and Aria Amazon. Both depart from the north jungle Peruvian city called Iquitos. Without a doubt, taking a luxury cruise in the Amazon, with its outdoor activities, is an exclusive way to enjoy the End-Year adventure in Peru.

7. Be amazed by Machu Picchu

adventure in peru machu picchu

When we think of Peru, we think of the world-famous Machu Picchu, thousands flock to the ancient citadel every year to see and marvel at one of the new seven world wonders. Most go by luxury train from the Inca city of Cusco, spend the night of Christmas or New Year in Aguas Calientes (The modern town of Machu Picchu) among the many 5-star hotels located there, and return the next day.

The tourist offer is many and December, despite being in the rainy season, not is the exception. But, rest assured, the chances of having a special and magical as well as a more relaxed experience taking one of the Machu Picchu tours available in Cusco are far higher in December because the crowd levels drop considerably. If you don’t mind walking in the rain and discovering the ancient Inca ruins and the solitude of the enclosure, visiting Machu Picchu in December is one of the best ways to spend an unforgettable adventure in Peru!


To conclude, whatever you choose for your adventure holidays in Peru, we are sure you will have an incredible jolly old time. Without any doubt, your journey will become a really memorable one! Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Peru and any tours around it. Make your travel experience an unforgettable one!