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Among all the wonders that Peru has, the Inca country hosts the birthplace of the Amazon and a large part of its flow. This river gives its name to all the South American jungles it passes through. Of course, the rugged South American geography divides it into many other effluents. Thus, these will flow through all the green areas of Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, and even Bolivia.

For this reason, the Peruvian Amazon is more than beautiful rivers and lakes. The jungle means nature, pleasant surprises, adventures, and Gastronomy. Besides, it’s lovely and authentic. Do you want to visit it?

So, Machu Travel Peru will give the most accurate information to help you make the best travel plan for Amazon. Let us inform you about the main virtues that saved the Peruvian Amazon.

Different reasons to visit the Amazon in Peru

Peruvian Amazon location

amazon river location

The Amazon jungle is in the east part of Peruvian territory. Brasil by the east and the Andean by the west guard it. Colombia and Ecuador cover the north and Bolivia to the South. The Peruvian Amazon covers around 60% of the Inca Country.

This percentage makes Peru the second country with the most Amazon areas, just behind Brazil. Perhaps only 13% of the Peruvian population lives there. Why is this? The wild and inhospitable territory hosts a great variety of Flora and Fauna.

What to visit in the Amazon jungle

1. Puerto Maldonado

puerto Maldonado city

Madre de Dios (Mother of God) is a political region located in the south Peruvian area. This Peruvian department is the most important region in the south of the Amazon in Peru. It has a political capital department called Puerto Maldonado.

As it refers to its name, Puerto Maldonado is an important Amazon port for adventurers and nature lovers. Some of the most essential activities, such as trekking through the jungle, bird watching, and canoe riding, start in this city.

Also, Puerto Maldonado is so close to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Fantastic nature parks and reserves, like Manu and Tambopata, surround Puerto Maldonado. Therefore, the tours in Puerto Maldonado can represent the beginning of a great adventure in the Peruvian Jungle.

2. Manu National Park

manu national park

The Manu is the most famous national park in the country. The park has the most incredible biodiversity in south Peru, with more than 1.7 million hectares. In addition, there are three zones that you must know about before arranging any tour there.

The first one is Manu National Park, a restricted area that only indigenous tribes and park rangers can enter. Besides, some researchers and scientists with government authorization can also enter it. The Cultural Zone is the other area, and this area receives the majority of tourists in Manu.

The advantage of this nature zone is that you can reach it by car from Cusco for a full day. Also, it has easy access by road. The disadvantage is that you can find areas with many people. Because being close to Cusco, it can lose its tranquility and peace with a crowd of tourists.

The third one is the Manu National Reserve, which is much deeper into the jungle, next to Brazil. However, it has a great variety of flowers and fauna. Thus, it is fantastic for those who want to do specialist activities like bird watching or wildlife photography.

3. Tambopata National Reserve

tambopata national reserve

The Tambopata region is one of the best refuges for appreciating animals in their natural habitat. You can enjoy excursions in places like Sandoval Lake, Chuncho clay lick, and much more. Tambopata receives many more tourists than the Manu region. Because trips to Manu Park require much more organization and reservations in advance.

Despite this, tourists can visit both Manu and Tambopata throughout the year. The National Reserve has more than 1,000 square miles of rainforest. Therefore, you can find 595 species of bird and more than 1,200 species of butterflies, for example.

You can also see the birds in Tambopata, one of its principal attractions. Several colors of macaws and parrots arrive at the clay licks to feed on mineral salts every morning. Their blather and singing put the melody in the jungle at this time of the morning. Simply Amazing!

4. Oxapampa

oxapampa town

The Jungle Center in Peru is a zone for relaxation and vacation for Limeños or Capitalinos. People who live in Lima take their cars to the cities in the jungle center. Therefore, Oxapampa receives more national tourists than Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos (Cities with more foreign visitors).

The place is famous for hosting many German and Austrian migrants since 1857. They settled, especially in Pozuzo town. There, you can see houses in the Tyrol architectural style. Blondy native people live there, descendants of German and Austrian inhabitants, with blue eyes and tall.

All of them dressed in traditional customs and offered their typical drink, the Pozuzo beer. Now, the German descendants show their traditions, lifestyles, and coffee fields, among other things, to all visitors. By the way, they are great organic coffee producers!

Besides them, you’ll enjoy waterfalls, trekking routes, and natural pools in the middle of the jungle! Also, you will find first-level tourist services like lodges, hotels, and tours inter alia. All of them are cheaper for enjoying tourism than Tambopata National Reserve, Manu, or Iquitos. The last ones usually receive more foreign tourists.

5. Chachapoyas

chachapoyas rest

This north jungle city has been growing touristically in recent years. Chachapoyas has stunning natural attractions, such as hiking to Gocta waterfalls and Sonche Canyon. It also boasts historical treasures like the ancient city of Kuelap.

Kuelap was the capital of the ancestral jungle pre-Inca culture called Chachapoyas. Seeing a stone city stand out among forested mountains, wetlands, and mist will impress you. During your tour along the Peruvian Amazon, Chachapoyas will fascinate you!

6. Iquitos

Iquitos city

Iquitos is in the north of Peru. It borders Brazil in the southeast and Colombia in the northeast. It also has frontiers with Ecuador in the northwest and San Martin in the southwest. In addition, Iquitos is the most famous Jungle city on the Amazon in Peru.

Peruvians know it as the largest city in the world, unreachable by road. Rugged and wild territory surrounds the city, making building roads or land access impossible. However, the flights and the riverboats offer two forms to get there.

The majority of flights that depart from Lima have high costs. However, you can find promotional flights occasionally to get there. The city reached its maximum splendor In the early 20th century. At this time, many European people came to Iquitos to take advantage of the rubber boom.

Of course, the rubber fiber didn’t last long, and they abandoned the city. After abandonment, they left houses his house of European architecture style. Thus, visitors can appreciate many things in the Historical Center of Iquitos.

Besides, you will have many options if you’re looking for things to do in Iquitos. Of course, some bird watching activities involve enjoyment. Or sharing the central customs of a native tribe. Many tribes surround Iquitos.

They are accustomed to receiving foreign people and are always happy to share their ancestral traditions. Another option is to see pink river dolphins, which are unique worldwide. With the instruction of a specialist tour guide, you will see them through a trip by the Amazon River.

7. Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

pacaya Samiria caiman

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the second-largest Protective area in Peru, with more than 20,000 square kilometers. The National Reserve is only smaller than the Nazca Ridge Protective area. The national reserve is in the south of Iquitos, with a distance of 308 kilometers.

Its vast territory hosts a great variety of biodiversity; more than 1000 animal species and 965 types of plants. All these characteristics made Pacaya Samiria a perfect place to spend a relaxing vacation in the north Jungle.

Even more, the activities that you can do there are more important like taking a cruise by the Marañon. This river is the most important tributary of the Amazon River in this part of the Loreto Region.

Pacaya Samiria has many options for different pleasures, such as seeing a beautiful sunset in El Dorado Lake. Or taking a walk by the border of Yanta Lake. In another sense, you can pay attention to your guide about the different types of plants that are there. Or take a walk at night through the jungle of Pacaya Samiria.

Amazon Wildlife

amazon wildlife

782,880 square kilometers is the total area of the Amazon in Peru. This means more than 550 hectares of biodiversity in Peru. When we say that Peru is a “megadiverse” country, we don’t lie. Peru is the first country in the diversity of diurnal butterflies, with 4,441 species.

Peru is also the third one in bird species, with more than 1,857 species. Without mention, it has 623 species of amphibians. Of course, Peru is the sixth country in the diversity of reptiles, with 469 species. And it is the fourth country is in mammal type (559 species).

All these statistics make Peru a “mega diversity” treasure in the world. If all these data are not enough, we have something else to say! More than 19,147 species of plants make up the extraordinary flora diversity in the Peruvian Amazon. Among them, 7,590 of them are endemic!

Of course, in the different natural landscapes of the Amazon, you can meet numerous endemic Amazon rainforest animals. Pink dolphins are one of the animals that you should know. They accompany the boats along the Amazon River, jumping over the water, an unforgettable spectacle. Some tours have the option to swim between them.

While other places offer tours of the clay licks, where hundreds of macaws and parrots congregate. You will witness a spectacle of color and sounds. On the other hand, you can go on guided night treks through the jungle. This activity aims to see extraordinary insects like tarantulas, centipedes, snakes, and other nocturnal animals.

But the day is another item: during your raft ride, you’ll be able to see fantastic jungle predators. We can mention jaguars, caimans, and some howler monkeys. We cannot forget sloths who are watching you from the riverbank.

Best time to visit the Amazon in Peru

best time to visit amazonas

This location has a tropical climate, which means the Peruvian Amazon has two different seasons during the year: the Dry Season and the Rainy Season.

1. Dry Season

amazon dry season

The Dry season ranges from May to October. Although the climate is humid and it presents unusually light showers. However, if you visit the jungle this season, you will find clear skies, strong sunshine, and beautiful sunsets.

2. Rainy Season

The heavy rains, some thunder, and warm conditions are the characteristics of the Rainy season. This period goes from November to March. If you don’t want to get dirty with mud or support annoying mosquitos, we recommend choosing the Dry season. This is the best time to visit Peru and the stunning Amazon area.

How to get to Amazon in Peru

how to get to amazon

The Amazon jungle covers a vast area of Peruvian territory. Everyone can think how easy it can be to reach the Peruvian Amazon, but it is not. The wild and dense nature of the area made it an almost inaccessible area for many years.

Thanks to technology and better construction techniques, we now have good highways that lead to the amazing Peruvian jungle.

1. By bus

bus to amazon

If you are in the south of Peru, probably in Cusco, you can take buses directly to Puerto Maldonado. This city is the main entrance to Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve.

You can choose among many bus companies at reasonable prices to get Amazon tours from Cusco. The bus trip lasts approximately 05 hours from the Imperial City. Even more, all buses depart from the Cusco land terminal, Via de Evitamiento 429 Avenue.

There are main bus lines like Cruz del Sur, Civa, Tepsa, and Movil Tours, among others. Of course, the cost usually is around $25 per person.

If you happen to be in Lima, you have even more options. But with the same reliable and well-known bus companies previously mentioned.

Each one has its own bus terminal in the Capital. In addition, the trip to Oxapampa or Tingo Maria is a shorter 3-hour trip. Since these cities are the closest jungle cities to Lima. Also, the costs are similar to the south bus companies.

2. By Plane

airplane to amazon

Puerto Maldonado has its own airport and receives direct flights from Lima everyday and flights from Cusco twice a week. The airlines that arrive in the city of South Jungle are LATAM and Sky Airlines. The cost is usually around $80 per person.

In the case of the Central Jungle, the airport in Pucallpa receives the main number of flights from Lima. There, airlines distribute many connecting flights to Tingo Maria Aerodrome. From this point, the visitors can get faster in Oxapampa. The cost of flights is around $80 to $90.

In the case of Loreto, the northernmost jungle city, the flights are constant from Lima. The reason is that Loreto doesn’t have terrestrial access. Even its airport receives international flights from Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Central America. The flight cost from the Peruvian capital is around $90 to $100.

What activities to do in the Peruvian Amazon

activities in amazon

These are just a few suggestions to bear in mind. But there are many other fabulous things that you can see and enjoy on your jungle adventure. Take the time to search for the best-guided tour offering what you want to see in the time frame you have available.

1. Shamanic rituals in the jungle

reason to visit amazon

Numerous indigenous groups and tour companies provide a variety of shamanic ceremonies. Of course, these activities are attractive for entering the Peruvian Amazon. In the Amazon, shamanism was a practice passed down for generations.

Nowadays, the natives consider this practice a community service. Of course, this community service consists of seeking help for both emotional and physical ailments. We do not necessarily refer to Ayahuasca rituals. But you can find cleanings, plant diets, Wachuma, and many more local rituals.

The shamans offer different ceremonies and cleansing rituals that also include the use of the famous Ayahuasca. Although these ceremonies are not for everyone, there are also some more innocuous ceremonies and rituals.

Participating in these ceremonies is an excellent way to learn about the ancient traditions of the native peoples. Machu Picchu and Amazon tours offer these kinds of tours. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world’s most ancient teachings and traditions.

2. Cruise the Peruvian jungle

cruise amazon

If you are near Iquitos, you cannot miss one of the best Amazon tours in Peru available. If you don’t want a rustic and comfortable approach, there are other ways to enjoy the Amazon. For example, we can mention the amenities offered in 5-star cruises.

You can enjoy numerous exclusive ships and cruises where you can relax while enjoying the scenery. Aqua Expeditions and Delfin Amazon Cruises offer numerous luxury options to experience in the Amazon.

3. Luxury lodges

luxury lodge amazon

If you are looking for luxury on your Peru vacation, there is much to offer in the Peruvian jungle. You will find luxury hostels and lodges for those with money to spare. These properties offer comfort, style, and all the luxury you would expect from a five-star property.

All lodges in the jungle offer a similar type of cabin. The local constructors built most of them over stilts, the river, or gardens. Of course, beautiful rainforests surround them. Some offer pools, balconies, and jacuzzis and have gourmet restaurants.

The less expensive hostels have more basic accommodations but are still rustic-style cabins. All these, whether five-star or inexpensive, have beds with mosquito nets to keep insects out.

4. Camping zones

amazon camping

The camping offers the most primitive experience, allowing you to spend several days in the wilderness. Many Amazonian communities offer little small explained close to their house for camping. If you choose this form of activity, you’ll be more in contact with the local way of life, sharing their customs and traditions.

Of course, you’ll have the possibility of waking up with the sing of howler monkeys, parrots, inter alia. Therefore, this form of spending the night is not the most comfortable, but it will be worth it.

5. Other activities that you cannot miss

amazon must see activities

Let us give you some suggestions on what to do on your holiday to the Peruvian Amazon:

  • Canoeing down the river is a great way to experience the mighty Amazon basin.
  • Many lodges offer Piranha fishing as part of their programs.
  • In Iquitos, the lodges have the opportunity to swim with pink Dolphins.
  • In Puerto Maldonado, you should take the time to see a Macaw Lick; the photos are spectacular.
  • Enjoy the hike to Sandoval Lake and be amazed by the different animals that inhabit it.
  • All the lodges have viewing platforms where you can see the jungle from above.
  • Continue on a medicinal walk through the jungle and learn about the benefits of the jungle plants.
  • Take a boat ride at night and see the caiman.
  • Take the opportunity to visit a local community and see the way the local people live.

What to taste in the Amazon culinary

amazon culinary

The cuisine of the Peruvian Amazon invites its delicious exotic dishes and attracts travelers. The Amazon in Peru is a popular destination for food lovers because of its wide variety of culinary delights.

In addition, you will find unique fruits to enjoy countless juices and other drinks. One of the best things to do in Iquitos is to experience new dishes. Besides, you can experience up to 3,000 types of fresh and native fruits. Do not miss this unique opportunity.

1. Juane

juane peruvian food in amazon

The dish originates from Moyobamba, a large jungle city located northwest of the Amazon in Peru. Juane is similar to a tamale, in which the rice cover, like a blanket, the boiled egg and the seasoned chicken chunks. Banana leaves wrap all of them. A delicious culinary experience for you.

2. Tacacho with Cecina and Chorizo

cecina and chorizo

Emblematic dish of the Peruvian jungle. The cooks fry the green bananas, then pound and mix them with lard. This preparation makes this dish extraordinary.

Finally, they accompany the dish with Cecina (dried and smoked pork meat) and Chorizo (A large sausage). Creativity at the service of Peruvian cuisine.

3. Patarashca


This is a perfect dish for those who enjoy fish. The locals prepare this dish with Amazon River fish. They season the fish with spices from the Peruvian jungle and wrap it in Bijao leaves.

By the way, the Bijao is a traditional plan of the Amazon. After, they cooked this wrapping on charcoal. Without a doubt, Patarashca is a famous Amazon dish.

4. Purtumute

purtumute dish

Purtumute is a traditional stew of the Amazon in Peru. Seasoned white and black beans with corn kernels and coriander intervene in its preparation. In some places, pine nuts accompany the dish.

5. Inchicapi of Gallina with Mani

inchicapi gallina mani

Exquisite Amazon soup with boiled free-range hen (The chicken must be from free-range), blended or ground peanuts, corn, yucca, and coriander. A dish that will surprise you with a pleasant flavor.

6. Drinks of Peruvian Amazon


There are many different drinks; some of them are Chapos. These are drinks that include ripe bananas. The barman boils these bananas after smoothing them with milk and sugar to taste. Aguajina is a refreshing drink with Aguaje, a native fruit north of the Peruvian Amazon.

The locals dilute it in water and mix it with sugar. They also prepare a traditional drink, Massato. They ferment yucca by letting it rest for several days, converting its starch into sugar.

What to pack and more tips

what to pack to amazon

Also, we want to give you some recommendations to consider before taking a flight to Amazon in Peru.

  • When packing for your tour, there is much to consider. Please remember to bring your lightweight, breathable, quick-drying clothing. Lightweight is best to bring long sleeves and long pants to protect yourself from the insects that will bite. Also, remember that you are in the jungle.
  • Good shoes are essential for jungle hikes, as are a hat, a water bottle, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, and wet wipes. A lightweight backpack is also handy for this purpose.
  • When in the jungle, there is no way to get money from the bank. So, before you get there, make sure you have enough cash for your jungle journey. The lodges will provide all your meals, but you will need to buy extra snacks and drinks in their mini-markets. So, you might want to consider taking some money for that excursion.
  • Vaccinating is an excellent idea if you plan to visit the Amazon. Depending on your nationality, you will need to check the required vaccination. Talk also with your home GP about the requirements for re-entering your home country after being in the jungle.
  • Many pesky insects and mosquitos exist in the Peruvian Amazon. Their bites can leave large red welts and cause Dengue and Zika. Thus, you must use repellents that contain DEET to prevent bites. Also, make sure to cover your entire body.
  • Exploring the jungle during the dry season, from May to October, will be recommendable. Between these months, you can avoid the heavy rains. But remember, the rainforest is always warm, and the humidity is so high.
  • Take the time to search for the best-guided tour that offers what you want to see in the time frame you have available.

Peruvian Amazon tours

peruvian amazon tours

We recommend planning an organized itinerary where you are clear about the activities you will undertake. It is also a good idea to determine the infrastructure of our destinations. As well as the lodging alternatives and transportation options throughout our trip.

1. Explore the Paradise of the Peru Jungle and Machu Picchu 9 Days / 8 Nights

amazon in peru group tour

This complete tour guarantees a visit to the Peruvian capital. We refer to Lima, with its historic center, quaint churches, and cozy squares. After that, the most important Inca archaeological rest in the Sacred Valley will be the next stop. Of course, Machu Picchu could not miss this tour.

The visitor will have a tour of the central Inca citadel, which includes all necessary services. Following, the Andes with Cusco will be waiting for us with an unforgettable city tour. Finally, the Amazon jungle will be the final stop with attractions like Puerto Maldonado, and the Tambopata National Reserve.

Wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and unforgettable memories will wait for us on this tour!

2. Explore Machu Picchu and Sail the Amazon River 11 Days / 10 Nights

amazon in peru tour

This is another alternative option to visit the fantastic South American jungle. The services will be private, and the emotions and experiences will be the same as the previous tour. All will begin in Lima, the entrance door of Peru, with a complete and fantastic City Tour.

The next stop will be the paradise landscapes of the Sacred Valley and its excellent Inca archaeological rests. Of course, Machu Picchu will be the icing on the cake. The experience will include an expert tour guide, luxury trains to get there, and the most high-quality services. This part of the tour will be simply unforgettable.

The Imperial city of Cusco will be our next stop, with its magical churches and impressive Inca rests. You can enjoy private lodges in the South American jungle and the northern Peruvian Amazon. You can also savor delicious local food during your stay. Additionally, you can have amazing experiences in this unique and beautiful region.

We refer to trekking through the jungle, riding a boat, and canopy, among other activities.


As you see, the Peruvian Amazon is an absolute natural treasure. This contains a great variety of plants and animals. Naturally, the indigenous people of Peru’s forests offer traditions and customs that visitors can experience and appreciate.

Indeed, the Amazon in Peru has much to offer, and Machu Travel Peru can help you arrange the perfect plant to visit. Indeed, don’t second-guess your preferred travel style, be it birdwatching, trekking, canopy, or river cruising.

We would be delighted to steer you towards the optimal path to fulfill your Amazon dream.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!