The Best Time to Visit Lima Peru

best time to visit lima peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru and the starting point on any Peruvian adventure. The city is a wonderful mix of old and new, with the center of the city having old Spanish colonial houses, wonderful plazas, the main houses the government of Peru and some of the oldest churches in South America. The beachside suburbs are home to the hip and trendy from Lima and feature some of the best restaurants in the world. So what is the best time to visit Lima Peru, you may ask, let us explore the city of Lima and discover when is the best time for your Peru travel.

Lima has 4 seasons that are as follows…

best time to visit lima peru festival

Fall, March through May, sees mild temperatures and humidity combined to make the city feel warm. It does not rain which makes fall the busiest for tourism and there is plenty to do in Lima in these months.

Winter, June through August, has cool weather and no rain, these are the second most popular months with accommodation cost rising and rooms filling fast. Winter in Lima is overcast; you will also find a misty fog through the winter months. Winter is a great time to experience some great festivals, such as Peruvian Independence Day at the end of July.

best time to visit lima peru mistura

Spring, September through November, the skies are still grey but the temperatures are starting to rise and there is also no rainfall to speak of. In the month of September, there is the biggest food festival in South America, called Mistura. If you happen to be in Lima, you simply must go to Mistura.

Summer, December to February, summer in Lima is a combination of perfect weather and clear blue skies. In summer, there are wonderful sunsets on the coast so get a good position and take it all in. Sometimes Lima feels deserted in summer, as the people of Lima tend to leave the heat of the city for the beach resorts south of Lima.

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As mentioned earlier, Lima is the food capital of Peru. No time is a bad time to experience the best restaurants in Lima Peru, with three restaurants in the top world 50 Lima has a great mix of Peruvian and international food for you to try. Some of the top restaurants are located in the beachside suburb of Miraflores. As a recommendation, try Astrid and Gaston for some of the best Peruvian food you will get in all of Peru. A reservation is necessary and you can reserve online.

best time to visit lima peru

While in Lima try the Lima Peru sightseeing tours, usually a half-day will feature the city center, with the main plaza that features the Government Palace a great place to watch the changing of the guard, the Plaza San Francisco where you should pay a visit to the San Francisco Monastery and the Catacombs that are below the church. On a Lima sightseeing tour, you will visit the beachside suburbs of Miraflores and see Larcomar, which features many restaurants but what is special about this place is that it is built into the side of the seaside cliffs. In addition, you will visit Barranco, which is considered the artist district in Lima. The plaza of Barranco is surrounded by lovely buildings and it is not hard to find a bar to pass a few hours, especially in the summer months.

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In the San Miguel district of Lima is the not to be missed Larco Museum. Here you will see the best example of Peru´s ancient ceramics for many different cultures. The museum will give you a great insight into the different cultures of Peru and the many Pre Columbian cultures before the Incas. The Museum also has an erotic section that displays all forms of erotic ceramics. The Larco Museum is one of the only museums in the world that you can visit the storeroom, where you will see countless ceramics on display. You need at least a half a day to explore this museum so take the time to do so.

best time to visit lima peru museum

Lima is a great place to spend a few days at the start of your Peruvian holiday and from here you can take many different forms of transportation to other parts of Peru. There are daily flights to most parts of Peru. Take a flight of an hour to Cusco and start your tour to that region and Machu Picchu. In addition, there are flights to the southern city of Arequipa or the north of Peru.

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Not only are there flights to take but also you can take a bus from Lima to almost anywhere in Peru. Interprovincial buses leave Lima daily, there are first-class services or regular buses to almost anywhere you wish to go.

Any time of year is a great time to visit Lima Peru, there is always something to offer; so take the time to visit this cosmopolitan city, which is a great place to start your once in a lifetime Peruvian holiday.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!

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