birds in tambopata national reserve

If you love nature and you love to travel to the jungle regions of the world, then the Amazon Rainforest in Peru may be the destination you need to enjoy on a vacation. The Peruvian Amazon occupies 60% of the entire national territory, making it a very important area. There are two main regions that you should include in your Peru travel itinerary. The jungle region of northern Iquitos and the jungle region of Puerto Maldonado. Both regions are worth a visit for their abundant wildlife, luxury accommodations, and cruises. But if you are looking to appreciate birds in their habitat, the birds in Tambopata are the best to watch.

But if you are a bird lover, then this article is for you. Join us to discover the birds in Tambopata, in the Puerto Maldonado region. Getting to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco is relatively easy. Many different companies offer daily flights from the Imperial Inca city. And together with the Machu Travel Peru team, we have prepared some interesting Amazon tours from Cusco. These offer you a wide variety of activities to enjoy the area. Including bird watching that animal lovers will delight in. You will be able to find an abundance of fauna that not many places offer

Some of the best specimens of birds in Tambopata National Reserve 

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of species of birds that live in the rich rainforest of southeastern Peru. And no matter what activity you choose to enjoy in the Amazon, it is a potential possibility to spot the birds in Tambopata. A great example is the numerous canopy towers found in many of the jungle lodges. On the banks of the Madre de Dios River, you will have the best vantage point to see many of the different birds. Many of the exclusive lodges even offer options for boat rides on the river. On these tours, you will see many different species in flight. Every moment you spend in the jungle is a possible encounter with the different birds in Tambopata.


birds tambopata national reserve oricono goose

One of the species that you can see is the Orinoco Goose. This colorful bird is one of the few species of waterfowl that live in the Tambopata region. This typically shy bird is difficult to spot but is most prevalent along the banks of the Tambopata River. Orinoco goose is one of the birds in Tambopata that hang out on the banks of the river. This is an easy specimen to spot on a Peruvian Amazon tour. This species of goose prefers open spaces with little vegetation. This beautiful bird has a fascinating and distinguished plumage. It has long bright pink legs and feet more suitable for walking than swimming. Its plumage and color allow it to blend in with the rocky beaches it calls home.


birds tambopata national reserve black caracara

The Black Caracara, a striking raptor is often seen patrolling the riverbanks for small animals and fish. It is about the size of a body and is totally black except for its legs and shiny facial skin. Black Caracara is one of the birds in Tambopata that could be considered sedentary. It can be seen alone or in groups. They are rarely seen inside the jungles and they live below 1,400 meters in height. Within the different Machu Picchu and Amazon tours you will have the possibility of detecting this majestic bird.


birds tambopata national reserve bat falcon

The Bat Falcon, this small falcon perches on the edges of the river to hunt. When other small birds enter its territory, it is able to catch its prey with rapid precision. The Bat Falcon is a small and quite colorful falcon that is usually found on the edge of the rainforests. Among the different eco-lodges that you can find in the Tambopata National Reserve, it is very common to see these birds. And if you have a good hearing you can distinguish it with a series of fairly rapid sounds similar to those of the American Kestrel. If you look in the treetops along the river you can spot these beautiful birds in Tambopata.


birds tambopata national reserve macaw

If you plan to travel to Tambopata, something you will notice at sunrise is the noise and cry of the Macaws. Among all the birds in Tambopata, the scarlet macaw is one of the easiest species to spot. More than half the guests often spot and photograph these loving friends. The scarlet macaw, this, and other parrots offer a spectacular scene flying over the river. They are more prone to be observed in the early afternoon or late afternoon. Try to find a lodge that visits a macaw clay lick, where birds gather to eat the clay walls. Being able to enjoy a visit to the clay licks is one of the best ways to start your day.


birds tambopata national reserve kingfisher

The Amazon kingfisher is one of the most fascinating birds in Tambopata. There are three species of kingfisher seen along the Tambopata River. The Amazon kingfisher is recognized by the lack of white markings on its wings and tail. This is the second-largest kingfisher within Peru. Both males and females have bright green upper parts. They have a thick, long bill, as well as a striking crest. This species prefers to live in rivers and streams with some vegetation within their limits. Amazon kingfishers often make loud songs as they cross the river. Its presence can be recognized in the different boat tours that you can enjoy within the Reserve


birds tambopata national reserve toucan

More than 1,300 species of birds can be found in the Amazon. From hyperactive hummingbirds that buzz through the air to colorful toucans that eat fruit from the trees. The Amazon is distinguished by several fantastic species that are found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, logging and other human activities that result in deforestation threaten the survival of Amazonian birds.

As the rainforest shrinks in size, so does the prized habitat. In Peru, gold mines in the Amazon have expanded 400 percent in less than 15 years. This has caused massive deforestation and the loss of many birds in Tambopata. That is why when we enjoy the different tours in Peru, it is a good idea to be aware of the surroundings. Be conscious and take care of the environment. It is possible to enjoy this magical corner of the planet without causing much environmental impact.


The birds in Tambopata are among the most beautiful species on the planet. The lack of human presence has done wonders for the conservation of the rainforest, but the area remains one of the most threatened in all of South America. Let’s hope that the governments of South America work together to help protect the Amazon for future generations. In this way, the bird population of the Tambopata area continues to grow. Together with the experts from Machu Travel Peru, we hope we have been of help. If you want to know more about our tours, ask our team of advisers. We will be waiting for your soon visit.

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