All You Need to Know About Travel to Tambopata

travel to tambopata macaws

This impressive and flourishing ecosystem is one of the most significant, biodiverse and iconic National Reserve of the Peruvian Amazon; Tambopata is also a river and a province. It attracts many adventurous travellers who want to explore one of the most geographical and biologically diverse regions on earth. Thus, Travel to Tambopata is a must. […]

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Hike to Machu Picchu: All Alternative Routes

machu picchu hike inca trail

If you are passionate about the Andean mountains, walking, trekking and climbing, and you want to live a challenging and unique adventure, Machu Picchu hike is definitely a must when visiting Peru! Even if you are from those who arrived here because didn’t have luck getting the famous Inca Trail’s permits. As some people know, the […]

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