Hike to Machu Picchu: All Alternative Routes

machu picchu hike inca trail

For the most audacious who have proposed to make a Machu Picchu hike through a challenging and unique adventure because are passionate about trekking in the Andean mountains, this article is dedicated exclusively to you all. Even if you are those who arrived here because didn’t have luck getting the permits of the famous Inca […]

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Walking up Machu Picchu: The best tips for tourists

walking up machu picchu citadel

In the search for an expedition to places of pristine beauty when visiting Peru, the highlight will always be “Machu Picchu”. Nobody on his/her trip to Peru leaves without having enjoyed this Majestic Peruvian Historical Sanctuary declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and one of the Seven Wonders of the World in […]

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Everything you really need to know before hiking the Inca Trail

peru machu picchu hike inca trail overview

The Inca Trail is seen as one of the most challenging hikes in Peru. With its final destination Machu Picchu, it attracts thousands of trekkers every year and is crossed out on countless bucket lists. Though the Inca Trail can only be operated by booking through an agency that will take care of everything, there […]

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Why is Machu Picchu considered a wonder of the world?

Machu Picchu, one of the new Wonders of the World. Many people dream with visiting this exciting place, and to have the popular photography with the famous mountain. Here we will explain why this complex is considered that special and received the category of Wonder of the world. SOME INFORMATION ABOUT MACHU PICCHU: Some people […]

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What is Peru famous for?

Especially among young adults South America is a popular destination to travel to before the hard student life begins. South America is rich in culture and breathtaking nature. However, there is one particular destination that is extremely popular among travelers: Peru. With three different climate zones, the coast, Andes and jungle, it offers quite a […]

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Machu Picchu: world’s top dream destination

dream destination machu picchu

Did you know that Machu Picchu was nominated as the “Top Dream Destination 2018” after competing with 16 other top international destinations? And it won for a good reason, millions of people each year visit the ancient Inca citadel and this has not changed ever since. Here some interesting Machu Picchu information which might explain […]

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Unsolved mysteries of Machu Picchu

mysteries of machu picchu

Three commonly known empires in Latin America still fascinate the world today: The Mayas, Aztecs and Incas. The latter expanded their territory, also known as the Tahuantinsuyo, from Peru to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. With their capital in Cusco, Peru is a cultural treasure for every archeologist, but also for many […]

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