Why you should hike in Peru for vacations

hiking in Peru

Hiking in Peru? It sounds like an experience that inspires excitement. Peru is hands-down an amazingly diverse country that has some of the best hiking routes in the world. With its vast mountain ranges, deep canyons, turquoise lakes, impressive snow-capped mountains, and ancient ruins, enthusiastic hikers will encounter an extensive variety of landscapes and cultures. […]

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What to pack for a tropical holiday

what to pack for a tropical holiday

Figuring out what to pack for a tropical holiday in Peru can be challenging. Thinking about it can leave you baffled and for a good reason, Peru is a geographically diverse country. Some travelers consider that Peru is one of the most complicated destinations for which they have ever had to pack… You could be […]

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How much money you need to take in your vacation to Peru

how much money you need to travel to peru

When people think about dream destinations they would love to travel to, Peru definitely pops into their minds. Without a doubt, Peru is at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. This incredible country full of vibrant cities, multifaceted history, ancient culture, mind-blowing landscapes, and epic nature seduces deeply. Unquestionably, travel around Peru sounds like an […]

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Visiting Peru in December? This is what you should know

visiting peru in december mancora beach

For most people around the world, December is the best month of the year. Joy, gifts, happiness, snow… Wait, snow? For all Peruvians -including the team of Machu Travel Peru-, December is a synonym of sand, sun, and great waves. It marks the official start of Peru’s beach season. So, visiting Peru in December is […]

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5 best routes to travel around Peru

travel around peru sacsayhuaman

Peru has a lot of unique and mind-blowing experiences to offer. It’s a country of incredible beauty, traditional culture, and Incan and colonial history. Elements that involve sights, taste, sounds, wildlife, archaeology, and adventure. All these factors together make up Peru the best south American country to visit. This country has an abundance of attractions, […]

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