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The Valley and the Colca Canyon are a paradise for all nature lovers and admirers of the wonderful Peruvian culture. The Colca Valley is located about 186 miles (300 kilometers) north of beautiful Arequipa. This contains one of the deepest canyons in the world interrupted by the Colca river as well as other great attractions to visit. The Colca region is usually home to the wonderful Andean condor, incredible trekking routes, and beautiful Colca hot springs. For this reason, together with Machu Travel Peru, we would like to tell you about these formidable thermal baths and their other attractions that you can take advantage of in this amazing spot.



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Although it is not as traveled as the destinations of Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and this is one of the best known Colca Canyon facts. But the Canyon and the Valley have much more to offer than breathtaking views. You can find from traditional towns full of culture, hiking trails, archaeological remains, agricultural terraces, and the beautiful Colca Hot Springs. Thanks to the numerous seismic activity within the area, the entire sector of the Valley and the Colca Canyon are full of different thermal baths to enjoy. These vary in temperature and contain large amounts of sulfur, lithium, or iron, giving them great healing properties for those who immerse themselves in them.


The best thermal baths in the area exist within the property of one of the best known and most luxurious hotels. If you plan to visit Colca Canyon, it is a good idea to stay inside the luxurious and exclusive Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs. In its private lands, there are up to 4 natural and hot thermal baths that contrast with the beautiful landscape that surrounds them. The Colca Hot Springs are exclusively reserved for clients who wish to stay within the beautiful place. They are well maintained, in an intimate and private environment as well as being constantly clean for use. These beautiful hot springs are a few meters from the river and you will also have a fully equipped bar conveniently nearby to enjoy your bath. To complete your experience after a long bath, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful Spa that the hotel offers. Among all the things to do in Arequipa and surroundings, the Colca Lodge is one of the best and exclusive hotels to enjoy your stay.


In addition to the Colca Hot Springs located in the privacy of the Colca Lodge Hotel grounds, there are other less private but more accessible thermal baths. You can enjoy the public hot springs on any of the numerous tours in Peru that want to make stops around the Valley. Among its many options, we can name La Calera, these baths are the most famous and popular public thermal baths, they are very close to the city of Chivay. Other well-known thermal baths are Tambo and Chacapi, both very close to Yanque.


After a long swim inside the beautiful Colca Hot Springs, you can enjoy other activities around like hiking. Within the Valley and the surroundings, you will find many hiking routes, some of them are even included in the many tours offered. You will find effortless routes to the ruins of Uyo Uyo to other more moderate routes that cross the Canocota Canyon. There’s even a pretty challenging and steep one towards the Madrigal Chimpa Fortress, no matter what your decision is, any route you choose will be rewarded with incredible views. If you wish, you can visit our Colca Canyon trek guide or consult with any of our qualified advisers.


Colca hot springs horseback riding

Another great option to enjoy after a long swim in the different Colca Hot Springs is going to the beautiful mountain landscapes of the Valley on a horseback ride. Depending on your operator or tourist agency of choice, a horseback ride may be included within a Colca Canyon tour. Half-day trips to the Coporaque district are possible and you can even ride the hiking route that leads to the Madrigal Chimpa Fortress.


Colca hot springs other tours

There are also various other options to enjoy and keep yourself busy within the Valley. You can tour the different traditional towns in the surroundings that continue to speak the ancient but still alive Quechua language. Or even those who like adrenaline sports can enjoy Colca Canyon rafting. Inside the Cotahuasi canyon, there are demanding rafting tours for experienced rafters. No matter what you choose, you will find many options to enjoy and entertain yourself in the surroundings of the Valley.


As you can see, the Colca Canyon is not the only impressive landscape in the surroundings, there is much to do and appreciate. We hope together with Machu Travel Peru to have encouraged your next visit to this beautiful place, you can relax together with your partner or family and enjoy a well-deserved vacation surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Peru and any tours around it. Make your travel experience an unforgettable one!

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