The most luxurious Train in Peru: Hiram Bingham

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The Best Train Journey of your life.

The Hiram Bingham expedition.

The story of the century, in the year 1912 a North American explorer from Yale University and financed by National Geographic set out to follow the route of the liberator Bolivar, when he reached Peru he had the magnificent idea to find among the mountains a hidden city of the Incas: a city built of pure gold and full of riches, that had never been found for the sad story of the conquistadors, that had been left intact, for this reason was never found. His eagerness to find the magnificent discovery and his keenness lead this expedition at the beginning of the 20th Century deep in the jungle regions of Cusco Peru, he reported in his journals that the place was indeed imposing. Giant obstacles and confusion hindered his exploring, so hard and costly was the journey made it difficult to continue the route made by Bolivar, doubting he could know the dream to find the city of gold hidden in the mountains. But an 8-year-old boy named Pablito Riccharte, saw the explorer who had a look of disappointment, clear eyes and blond hair and told him about a place he and his friends played every week. The explorer was excited and waited for the boy to show him the way, climbing up a short track to the top of a mountain he looked beyond and found a great hidden city. He crossed all the obstacles inside the jungle to reach an immense, marvelous and a place similar to paradise. A grand city lost that caught the imagination of the explorers and how it was built. An Inca ruin that contained what the rumors said, drinking vessels, tinajas, utensils, jewelry and sheets of pure gold. But the biggest surprise of all still awaited him.Β  What the boy and the brave explorer Hiram Bingham found was Machu Picchu and today is one of the 7 wonders of the world. For that reason, Peru Rail working with Belmond honor the great explorer by naming their luxury train Hiram Bingham the most luxurious train in Peru.

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The most luxurious Train in Peru.

A visit to Peru is unique unforgettable experience, you can have an adventure in the Valleys or get emotional about the mountains. The trails, the immortal Andes, the heat of the coast, the thickness of the jungle, the smell of nature, the cultural diversity of Peru, all behind our pride for Peru, make for a grand experience of man and nature. Machu Picchu the number attraction of Peru is a place so marvelous, comforting and immortal that time never changes. Built on top of the world at 2490 meters above sea level, with Inca spirit plastered into its walls will never more disappear and is with us until infinity. Machu Picchu is for Peru is the teacher of a powerful culture that touches the sky and with stay with earth forever.

  • The are many ways to arrive at this marvelous place, but if you want an unforgettable experience, the luxury train Hiram Bingham is without doubt the best option. An exclusive train, unique and unmatched, considered on the 5 best experiences of the continent, with special services that gives you the complete experience. The Hiram Bingham train offers you an unmatched experience for 4 hours you will never forget.
  • The train was inspired by the elegant Pullman wagons of the 20th Century, seats covered with fine material and filled with the style of wood from the same time, there are 3 wagon for the comfort of 42 passengers. The first wagon is the dining car, decorated in the same 20th Century style, with comfortable tables and chairs which duplicate the elegant 20th century style. The next car is the Bar wagon designed the same as the dining car with a big sofa for 15 people with a bar with nothing missing. The next is the wagon with the mirador where you will spend most of your time enjoying the freshest and purest air on the planet, viewing nature that you thought you would only see in your dreams.

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The Luxury Train Hiram Bingham Itinerary

  • The hour the Hiram Bingham train leaves is different to the other trains, it leaves from the district of Cusco, Poroy, 20 minutes from Cusco at 09.00am. When you arrive into the VIP waiting room of Peru Rail, you will be entertained with dancers and music from different parts of Peru to help you pass the morning. You will start your journey in the dining car where you will be offered a pre-lunch menu with gourmet Peru food and a drink like a Pisco Sour or Wine that are at your disposal for the 4-hour journey to Machu Picchu.
  • Later around 10.30am you will be invited to pass to the bar to enjoy the delicious cocktails and more delicious food or if you prefer you might want to try a cerveza CuzqueΓ±a the local beer to get you ready for your day of adventure.
  • At 12pm you will be entered by musicians from 3 different districts in the Mirador wagon, they will entertain you until you reach Aguas Calientes at 12.30pm.

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Machu Picchu with Belmond

  • During your journey or when you arrive to Machu Picchu you will receive a special gift from Hiram Bingham Train Peru, the gift will be an elegant bag with the original stamp of the train, so you can carry your belongings with elegance and you will remember your journey all your life.
  • But this is not the only gift you will receive from this unforgettable train journey to Machu Picchu, the company Peru Rail Belmond Hiram Bingham gives all its passengers the entrance tickets to the Inca City and also the bus tickets to and from the ruins a beautiful journey of 25 minutes that arrives to the immortal Inca city.
  • Also you will receive a 2-hour tour of the Inca city by a specialist guide who will explain the you about the history, energies, nature and spirit of Machu Picchu. Later you take the bus back down to Aguas Calientes and have Tea in the afternoon at the Hotel Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.
  • The cost of the Hiram Bingham train per person return is US$891.00 is an offer that you need to take advantage of.

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Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!

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