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Among the large and undulating sand dunes of Peru, is the small Oasis Huacachina. This small town has become a tourist destination par excellence in Peru and is visited by people from all over the world. This fertile and lush lagoon is surrounded by palm trees, hotels, and exquisite restaurants. Therefore, together with the experts from Machu Travel Peru, we have prepared an article about this wonderful place. Know everything you can do in Oasis Huacachina!

All about the fascinating Oasis Huacachina


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Huacachina Oasis is a small stop that is not far from the beautiful city of Ica in Peru. Huacachina is a small town that surrounds a natural oasis in the middle of the desert. The town is basically a collection of luxurious resorts and restaurants overlooking the lagoon. The oasis was originally built as a refuge for the upper classes, but today it has become a quintessential tourist destination. Inside and on the outskirts of the town, you can appreciate a great activity from both locals and tourists. Many locals have taken advantage and installed businesses, restaurants, souvenir shops, and much more. Today it has become one of the best destinations to enjoy summer in Peru.


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If you are looking to get to Oasis Huacachina, it is not difficult at all. Numerous companies depart from Lima to Ica, where they try to provide a direct service to Huacachina from the Peruvian capital. The services from the capital to Ica are daily and varied. Once in Ica, you can take a taxi to the oasis, which is only five kilometers from the wine city. The cost of the taxi is around 5 dollars approximately. Be sure to check out this unprecedented attraction.


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Oasis Huacachina is not only a tourist destination, it also has a great culture behind it. There are many legends that surround the Huacachina Oasis. At the main entrance to the Oasis, there is a statue of a mermaid and a wishing well. The reason for this is that there is a particular legend behind the oasis. The story goes that before the oasis existed, there was a young woman from the country looking at herself and combing her hair in a mirror. The girl was extremely beautiful and had made a pact with a god. One day, while looking in the mirror, she was able to discern a hunter, with whom she fell in love. The god found out and bewitched her turning her into a mermaid. This meant that she could never be with him. When God converted her, her mirror fell to the ground, thus creating the beautiful lagoon. All of her dresses flew off to create the sand dunes in Huacachina we see today. Legend has it that the mermaid comes out on full moon nights to make singles fall in love and take them to her lake. Even Huacachina is translated from Quechua as “the woman who cries for her lost love.” 


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Around Oasis Huacachina there are numerous adventure activities to take advantage of. The lagoon itself is perfect for taking a dip and cooling off from all the heat. Although there are also rowboats to rent and navigate the lagoon. But if you have more energy and are looking for adrenaline, you can enjoy sandboarding. It is one of the most popular activities around the Huacachina Oasis. In the small town, there are plenty of agencies and shops that rent boards. If you are on a tight budget, a hike to the top of the sand dunes can give you incredible views of the place. Enjoying the beautiful sunsets on top of the dunes is one of the best things to do. Make sure to bring your camera, hat, water, and sunscreen!


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The vast majority of tour operators and agencies around Oasis Huacachina offer tours of all kinds. But the specialty of the oasis is adventure tours in Peru. Many offer the possibility of buggy tours through the great dunes. This is considered one of the most exciting activities to undertake in Huacachina. If you are a lover of adventure and adrenaline, you will be fascinated by this tour. Most tours last approximately two hours and are fairly accessible. In general, shifts starting at four in the afternoon are the best. Since the heat is not that strong and there is still enough light to see. Many times you can combine sandboarding and buggy riding in the same route.


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If you are not an adventure junkie, don’t worry. Oasis Huacachina also offers other equally fun tours. Being 5 kilometers from Ica, you can take advantage and sign up for one of the various tours through the wineries. You can learn not only how the famous Pisco is made and prepared, but also see the process of Peruvian wine. Being able to enjoy an excellent drink while touring the different wineries is a great way to spend your Peru vacations. Ica also has some excellent museums. One of the most interesting is the Regional Museum of Ica. Here you can enjoy a fascinating collection of ceramics, mummies, skulls with trepanning, and much more.


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Accommodations and activities are not the only things to enjoy. Oasis Huacachina has many excellent places to enjoy Peruvian food. From luxurious options to more classic ones, everything can be found in Huacachina. And being a destination so frequented by tourists, the accommodation options are varied. La Casa de Arena is a great popular alternative for backpackers. But for more luxurious hotels, the Mossone hotel is a great option. Keep in mind that Huacachina is on a popular tourist route, so from there you can take advantage and visit other destinations. Paracas or Nazca are two towns and tourist destinations that are relatively close. With so many things to do in Nazca and Paracas, you cannot miss these two destinations on your route.


We hope together with the experts of Machu Travel Peru to have explained a little about Oasis Huacachina. We believe that the best way to get to know the oasis is on your own on a personalized trip. If you want to start organizing your trip to the beautiful oasis of Huacachina, you can consult with our qualified advisors.

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