lake Titicaca islands

Lake Titicaca boasts the title of the largest lake in South America, sharing a border with Bolivia and is also the highest navigable body of water in the world. According to tradition, Lake Titicaca was the birthplace of the Incas and is home to numerous ruins to appreciate and traditional towns that live on the coast and the floating islands. Anyone who dares to visit the place will appreciate how the place is a treasure of Andean cultures still alive, especially on its different islands. Being able to visit these islands will give you an idea of ​​the alternative cultures they inhabit and the past customs that are still very much alive. Therefore, together with Machu Travel Peru, we want to tell you everything about the different Lake Titicaca Islands.




lake Titicaca islands uros floating islands

The magical Uros islands are made up almost entirely of cane and are home to the Uros culture, who still practice the ancient traditions of fishing and catching birds, among others. The islands are made up of reeds, which are usually grown in the shallower waters around the islands. The reeds are used for the construction of their houses, boats, and the islands on which they live. This way of life began more than 500 years ago when the Uros community decided to build these islands in an effort to get away from the Coyas and the Incas. The Uros are one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Andes and continue to practice a traditional lifestyle with the exception of modern habits like solar panels provided by the government. Thanks to these ancestral methods of living, they have become a tourist attraction in great demand to discover alternative cultures.

Among all the Lake Titicaca Islands, the Uros floating islands are usually the best known and most visited. Together with the islands of Taquile and Amantani, they form the main Lake Titicaca floating islands. These are 3800 meters above sea level along with Lake Titicaca. Most tours to the Uros floating islands depart early in the morning and include most transportation from your hotel to the port, return boat transportation, bilingual guide, and some points more. There are even options to spend the night on the same islands and learn from the different traditions of the community.


Another very good option among the Lake Titicaca Islands is the Taquile island, which is located about 45 kilometers from Puno. Inside the Island, you will find many pre-Inca and Inca archaeological ruins, as well as different agricultural terraces. The island is narrow, only 1 kilometer wide and about 6 to 7 kilometers long. Along with the Uros community, Taquileños are part of the oldest inhabitants of Lake Titicaca, and only recently they have opened their doors to tourism. Within the different Puno boat tours, Taquile Island makes a perfect place for experiential tourism and thus knows the different traditions and cultures of the place. The Taquile community is famous for its carefully and professionally made crafts, you can even take part in these activities if you wish. The island continues to operate with ancestral customs and traditions, such as wearing typical costumes, and they continue to practice shamanic beliefs.


lake Titicaca islands amantani island

This is one of the most difficult Lake Titicaca Islands to know because it takes up to 3 hours from Puno to reach it. Normally those who wish to visit it have to take a tour of 2 days or more to fully know the rest of the beautiful islands. For those who want to combine this great destination with the Wonder of the World, it is possible at all on a tour from Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca. It is a beautiful, calm island and a little less popular than Taquile. Still, you can enjoy a great time in it with its 6 towns and different ruins to appreciate. Their villages continue to practice traditional forms of clothing, work, and food, and especially in the agricultural sector. You can also find two Inca temples at the top of the island to tour and enjoy its beautiful and impressive views.

Amantani Island is located east of the Capachica peninsula, north of Taquile Island, within Lake Titicaca. Where is Lake Titicaca located? The Lake is difficult to go unnoticed, but it is located a few meters from the city of Puno.


Just as in the different Lake Titicaca Islands you will find different cultures with ancestral traditions still in force, in the surroundings of the beautiful city of Puno and the Lake there are numerous typical towns to appreciate and know. After enjoying the various things to do in Puno, you can start a community or experiential tourism trip in the different towns of Chucuito, Juli, Pomata, Yunguyo, and Desaguadero, among others. But if you decide to take the highway to the north of Puno, you can visit Juliaca, Llachón, Lampa, Pucara. As you can see there are many things to enjoy in Lake Titicaca and Puno. It has a culture and traditions so great that it is considered the folk capital of Peru. There are even numerous legends that surround the place, the great Lake Titicaca mystery is that it was the birthplace of the Inca Empire. Viracocha, the well-known Sun God, was born on the Island of the Sun. He would be in charge of sending Manco Capac and creating the majestic known empire. Therefore, if you want to know much of Peruvian history, you cannot miss this magical place.


Finally, If you wonder where is Lake Titicaca?, it is located between the borders of Peru and Bolivia. It is where you can enjoy the best tours of the different islands and discover alternative cultures. Despite the great popularity of Lake Titicaca, its towns and different cultures seem not to have been touched by the passage of time. They still exercise customs and traditions of great antiquity and all this while opening their doors to foreigners and tourists. Knowing these beautiful communities is one of the best things to do within the different tours. We hope together with Machu Travel Peru to have encouraged your next visit to the mysterious Lake Titicaca. If you have any type of doubt you can consult with our qualified advisers to guide you in all the steps to follow to enjoy one of these tours.

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