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Lima the capital of Peru and is a city that has over the past 10 years seen a change in reputation, in past years the city was thought to be dangerous and dirty and not worth the visit but things are changing rapidly and you should spend some of your vacation time in the city. Fastly becoming the food destination in South America, Lima recently won the world’s best food destination at the World Travel Awards. While in the city, you must visit the Larco Museum, which is located in San Miguel not far from the center of Lima.

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Founded in 1926 by Rafael Larco Hoyle, in an 18th Century Spanish Colonial mansion on the ruins of a 7th Century pyramid, the museum holds Peru´s finest collection of ceramics. Mapping over 3000 years of Peruvian history the collection features ceramics from the four cultural regions of Peru, the north coast, the center, the south, and the highlands. The collection includes over 50000 ceramics from the Cupisnique, Chimu, Chancay, Moche, Nazca, and Inca Cultures all presented in large well-lit cases.

The museum not only houses ceramics but there is also a fine collection of gold and precious metals from the different cultures of Peru. Try not to miss the collection of weavings from the Wari culture some of which hold the record of 398 threads per linear inch, a grand achievement for an ancient culture, the works still feature the wonderful colors used by the ancient people.

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There are a few things that set the museum apart from other museums you will visit anywhere in the world, the first being you are able to visit the large and amazing ceramic storage facility which features around 45000 pots that are arranged by theme and chronology.

Another interesting part of the museum is the special room devoted to the erotic archaeological treasures. The collection of ceramic pots portrays a variety of sexual positions and acts. Much of the erotic pots were destroyed by the Spanish conquerors, who were mortified by the explicit nature of the ceramics, but many survived, and luckily, they are on display today at the museum.

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While at the museum, try the Café Del Museum, located in the lovely private gardens of the museum a wonderful place to enjoy lunch after you finish your visit to the museum. The Larco Museum will give you a great insight into the cultures of Peru and a great way to start your Peruvian tour. Around 15 minutes’ walk from the museum is some other interesting museums to visit, The Museo Nacional de Antropologia and the Arqueologia e Historia del Peru, a visit to all three will give a great knowledge of the history of this fascinating country.

While in Lima, you must try some of the best restaurants in Lima Peru. Lima features three restaurants in the world top fifty, Maido, Central and Astrid, and Gaston. You will need to book in advance to enjoy the delights of these three restaurants. However, if you do not have the budget for these restaurants than there a wide variety of tasty restaurants all though out this city. The street food and markets are also worth a try but be careful of your choice of place to eat as you don’t want to start your trip with an upset tummy.

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There is not only museums and restaurants to enjoy in Lima, which you will discover on a Lima Peru sightseeing tour. On a sightseeing tour of Lima, discover the historical center of the city featuring the main plaza that houses the Government Palace, with its colorful changing of the guard that takes place at noon every day, the Cathedral, and the Lord Mayors residence. Not far from the main square is the interesting San Francisco church, which has the remains of Lima’s first cemetery. The church has also a library filled with ancient volumes from the Spanish invasion. In the lovely courtyard garden, see the original tiles that were exported from Spain. On a Lima city tour, you will also visit the modern suburb of Miraflores where the wealthier people of Lima live and play.

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After you have finished your discovery tour of Lima, you may want to take a tour of Cusco. A great way to see the country is to travel Lima to Cusco bus. The trip takes around a day to complete but the scenery in the Andes is beautiful. Remember to take warm clothes, as the journey pass high passes and the temperature is cold especially at night. On arrival into Cusco, there is much to discover, Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire so as you can imagine the city is full of reminders of the Inca culture. Cusco is also the starting point of the journey to Machu Picchu the best example of Inca architecture that remains.

On your trip to Peru do not forget to visit the Larco Museum in Lima a great way to start any trip to Peru.

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