Costa Verde

When it comes to the Lima coast, we are talking about one of the most popular coasts in the entire Andean country. Although its beaches are not compared to those around it, they are usually a perfect place for students or lovers looking to have a good time. And Lima is one of the only capitals with an entrance to the sea, which gives it a few beaches to enjoy. The Costa Verde is one of the busiest beach circuits in the Peruvian capital. And for this reason, together with the travel experts at Machu Travel Peru, we want to tell you a little about this incredible route.

The Costa Verde is a coastal road. It runs along the south-central part of the Lima coast. Both the view of the capital city and the view of the turbulent Pacific Ocean are unmatched. You can come in the morning for a jog or in the evening to enjoy a relaxing walk. It is a circuit very lively and full of life, where people have fun in the open air with different activities.

The most important things you need to know about the Costa Verde


arriving at lima costa verde

The Peruvian capital is one of the most unmissable destinations on any trip to Peru. First of all, because it is within the capital where most international flights land or stopover. Also, because it is where a large part of the culture and history of this mystical country resides. Many times the capital usually goes unnoticed due to attractions such as Machu Picchu, but you will find many things to do in Lima

In addition, the capital is known for being the epicenter of the entire gastronomic revolution that surrounds Peru. You will not only find delicious seafood cuisine and traditional dishes but also unique attractions to visit and discover. Among them is the wonderful circuit of the Costa Verde, a tour of different popular beaches that cross the different districts of Lima. If it is in your plans to be able to travel to Lima, then you cannot miss this beautiful route for anything.


about the costa verde beach

The Costa Verde is a circuit of beaches in the Peruvian capital of Lima. This name is attributed to it due to the great vegetation that the road has. Besides being located on the Pacific coast. This circuit is located just below the cliffs that shape the city. There are several meters of height that separate the city from this circuit, but this does not make it less popular. The route passes through districts such as Chorrillos, Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro, San Miguel and Magdalena del Mar, among others.

There are more than 20 beaches on the coast. Where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the capital or practise surfing among other things. It is very easy to get to the circuit, there are several points to access it. After a guided tour of the city or enjoying the many things to do in Barranco, you can walk and enjoy the beautiful night in the capital.

On the tour of Costa Verde, you will find a wide variety of spaces for different activities. You will find from sports activities to other more recreational and tourist ones. You can enjoy surfing and other water sports, paragliding, soccer fields, volleyball, cycling, fishing, and much more. In addition, you will find restaurants, parking lots, concert areas, and other types of infrastructure.


some facts of the costa verde

One of the main characteristics of the route is that it is located under the cliffs that delimit the city. Just a few meters below the city. In addition, the circuit is quite popular with athletes or locals looking to enjoy the day outdoors. Along the route, you can find numerous recreational activities such as surfing and paragliding in Lima. Or you can also find establishments such as restaurants, soccer fields, and parks among other things. But the real reason this stretch is often so popular is because of its beaches. Although indeed, they are not the most crystalline in Peru, they are usually a popular place for surfers.

Something notable to mention is that the Costa Verde Circuit was recently part of the sports venue for the Parapan American Sports. Sports of all kinds were practiced on the circuit, such as speed skating, beach volleyball, BMX, cycling, and much more. Space was set up so that some 2,000 spectators could enjoy the numerous activities. 

Another important piece of information to mention is the role of the Costa Verde. Even though Costa Verde was thought of and conceived as a great recreational space, it has become a rapid transit route. This is due to the construction of the beach circuit, its natural concept was changing due to the use that the locals gave it. The beaches of Miraflores were later inserted into the circuit due to the construction of Avenida Leguía. That linked Miraflores with the Center of Lima.

Despite this, the circuit remains an ideal recreational space for walking or running. There are numerous ways to access the different beaches of Costa Verde, both pedestrian and vehicular. In addition, you can find sophisticated restaurants with sea views. These usually have terraces and ideal environments for a romantic evening. And in the waters of the beaches of the circuit, the first world surfing championship was held. Felipe Pomar being the first world champion.


what to do in costa verde

You will find many activities to enjoy within the Costa Verde, but its number-one attraction is the different beaches. Surfing is one of the most popular activities along the beaches of Lima. For this reason, on the Costa Verde, you will find numerous positions to rent surfboards and hire courses of up to 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, surfers jump into the water at any time of the day! 

You will only find a sandy beach that is in the surroundings of the Chorrillos district, and this is usually very busy during the Summer. Although you will also find many parks and piers ideal for walks and enjoying the outdoors. You will also be able to appreciate numerous seafood restaurants and other traditional dishes. The route offers a unique view of the Peruvian capital and its sea. But Costa Verde is not the only thing you can enjoy in Lima. There are many other things and places to appreciate or know. Like the well-known Plaza de Armas of Lima, where you can tour and visit the most important historical buildings in the country. It will be practically impossible to get bored inside the capital of Peru


costa verde beaches

There are more than 20 beaches along the expanse of Costa Verde. Some are more popular than others. While others are ideal to enjoy no matter what time of year you travel. Although during the summer months the crowd is indeed much higher. One of the best aspects of Costa Verde is its beaches, thus surfing is usually very popular in the city. So you will also find plenty of surfboard rental positions or surf courses where you can learn this incredible sport. There’s no best time to visit Lima Peru. Whether it is hot or cold, the beaches are always occupied by numerous surfers. Even some tourist agencies offer the possibility of kayaking in the waters. But the beaches that you cannot miss are the following:

  • Agua Dulce: this is one of the best-known beaches in the city of Lima and is located in the district of Chorrillos. At present it has a modern and extensive boardwalk, making its access very easy. You will find it quite full of visitors.
  • La Herradura: Another popular beach on the Costa Verde located in the Chorrillos district. This has very attractive sea views and is often a popular spot for experienced surfers.
  • Los Delfines: This beautiful beach is located in the Miraflores district. Instead of sand, you will find stones. But despite this, it has been classified as one of the healthiest beaches by the Ministry of Health. So it could not be missing from our list. Especially if you are looking for a quiet and uncrowded place.
  • Barranquito: As its name indicates, it is located in the district of Barranco. The beach is usually occupied by experienced surfers due to the waves it presents. Since the waves of this beach tend to break at the tip, making them not recommended for beginners. Waves can be deceptive and are accompanied by rocks. But if you already have experience, you will have no difficulty. 
  • Los Yuyos: This beach is also located in the bohemian district of Barranco.  Its waters are very calm, so you can enjoy it without any inconvenience or fear. It is generally the destination of choice for some national water sports championships such as Jet Ski and Hawaiian canoes. If you are looking to dabble in surfing, we highly recommend visiting this beach. If you are looking to enjoy the tourism in Peru, you should check this beach. 
  • Waikiki: We are not talking about the famous Hawaii beach. This beach is ideal for both intermediate and experienced surfers. It is located at the foot of the Bajada Balta, in the district of Miraflores.


We hope together with Machu Travel Peru to have enlightened you on one of the best-known places in Lima. Keep in mind that to know this wonderful circuit you do not need any entrance fee. And if you wish, we can include it in your tour of the city. For us, it will be a pleasure to guide you through some of the most important beaches in the city. In addition, we can make you enjoy activities such as paragliding and surfing. If you have any kind of query, you can consult our team of qualified advisers. They are the ones who will guide you step by step on how to enjoy this incredible beach circuit.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!