museums in cusco

Usually, the adjacent ruins and the Plaza de Armas are the main attractions that get all the attention in the magical Imperial City. They will even be some of the first things to visit when you take your first steps through Cusco. However, after having explored the most notable destinations in Cusco, it is advisable to stop by some of its distinguished museums. If you are looking to better understand the culture that surrounds you, it is a good idea to know the history and ancestral customs of the majestic Incas. Therefore, together with the travel experts of Machu Travel Peru, we have prepared a small article with the best museums in Cusco. So that on your next visit to the Imperial City you can make the most of your stay.

The greatest 7 museums in Cusco

  1. Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
  2. Inka Museum
  3. Regional Historical Museum
  4. Casa Concha Museum
  5. Museum of Religious Art
  6. Coricancha Museum
  7. Chocomuseo


museums in cusco pre columbian art museum

The museum of Pre-Columbian Art is considered one of the best museums in Cusco. It is located within an ancient Inca ceremonial construction dating back from 1450 AD. It is located within the artistic and youth district of San Blas. This amazing museum is one of the only ones in Peru dedicated to ancient Peruvian art. Inside you will find numerous ancient works of art along with hundreds of other archaeological pieces from all regions of Peru. The museum offers one of the best experiences, taking the visitor on a journey back in time 3,000 years ago. This museum is one of the best things to do around Cusco.


museums in cusco inka museum

We couldn’t continue our list of museums in Cusco without mentioning the Inka museum, located just half a block from the main square. The Inka Museum is located inside the Almirante’s Palace and is owned by the UNSAAC (National University of Cusco), who is also in charge of its administration. Thanks to its strategic location, it is usually a stop within our private tours in Peru. The Inka museum has an important collection of pre-Hispanic ceramics, textiles, goldsmiths, jewelry, and even mummies and skulls from the Inca period. Get ready to know the civilization responsible for building the incomparable Machu Picchu.


museums in cusco regional historical museum

The small but incredible regional historical museum of Cusco is located inside the former home of one of the most famous colonial poets, Garcilaso de la Vega. Among the many museums in Cusco, this one is strongly oriented to give an alternative look at the history, architecture, and politics of the place. Entrance to this museum is completely free if you have the Cusco Tourist Ticket, within our Cusco travel tips we recommend the purchase of the ticket since it will allow you to enter many attractions of the city.


museums in cusco casa concha museum

Also known as the Machu Picchu museum, Casa Concha is one of the most complete museums in Cusco. If you have Machu Picchu included in your next destinations, then a visit to this museum can deepen your knowledge about the citadel a little more. There are nearly 400 archaeological pieces on display within the museum, including Hiram Bingham’s finds that were won in the decades-long battle with Yale University. Also on display are certain Inca artifacts discovered during the excavations of the Casa Concha, where the current museum is located. To get to the museum you can walk from Cusco Cathedral, another attraction of great importance. Either before or after your visit to the Inca citadel, a tour of this museum is a mandatory stop to understand the lifestyle of the ancient Incas.


museums in cusco religious art museum

Among the different museums in Cusco, this was built on what was once the palace of Inca Roca from the fourteenth century, even part of its outer wall boasts the unique 12-angle stone. Inside, you will see an incredible collection of colonial religious paintings as well as another unique collection of paintings from Cusco.


museums in cusco coricancha museum

Before being demolished during the Spanish conquest, the Coricancha was one of the most important temples for the Incas. Today, it has one of the most complete underground archaeological museums in Cusco city. The Coricancha Site Museum sits just below what was once the temple’s beautiful Sacred Garden. Inside you can see mummies, sacred idols, and textiles among many other things.


museums in cusco chocolate museum

After a complete tour of most of the museums in Cusco, you can enjoy an entertaining alternative experience. The Chocomuseo does not necessarily have large archaeological collections on display, but it does offer an educational and entertaining experience like no other. The on-site staff will offer you a tour for free, but you can also take part in the amazing workshops. Within the workshops and classes offered by the museum, you will have the possibility of creating your own Cusco chocolate bar.


We hope together with Machu Travel Peru to have shown you a bit of the best museums in Cusco, although these are not all that you can find within the Imperial City. There are other museums available that are also worth visiting, we try to show you here those that you cannot miss. In the same way, if you want to visit some of these places, you can consult with our advisors to organize a quick guided tour of the place.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!