new year in cusco

ºThe New Year is one of the most anticipated festivities in the world and it is no exception in Cusco. It is said that it is the best time of the year to set our wishes and plans that we want for ourselves in the coming year. Machu Travel Peru wants you to have a great experience to start the year full of energy with new expectations; So what better than to enjoy the New Year in Cusco, the best place in the world to have a good time. Here we have some tips to spend a great New Year’s Eve in the Inca City of Cusco.

A guide to enjoying the New Year in Cusco


new years eve in cusco

As for the New Year in Cusco, you can expect numerous parties of all kinds. Some of these are the craziest and wildest in all of Peru. All the discos, clubs and bars form special events according to the night. From very early in the evening you can see quite a few people gathered in the Plaza with their friends and family. Many of them enjoying a few beers and even enjoying the fireworks. Once midnight is marked, the historic center of Cusco becomes a living party.


new year in plaza de armas

If you are planning to enjoy the New Year in Cusco with people and friends while sharing great experiences and seeing something new, we recommend that you go to the “Plaza de Armas” or the Cusco main square. After enjoying Christmas in Cusco, people prepare for the expected New Year. Here people full of joy and happiness gather to celebrate the New Year and set off fireworks at midnight. Some people run around the main square and do it because it is said to bring good luck, especially with friends. The Plaza de Armas is transformed during the end of the year festivities, taking on festive and traditional colors and with many people around it looking to enjoy.


cusco new year in plaza de armas

After having a great time in the Plaza de Armas and if you are looking for a fun and partying night, we advise you to go to the bars and nightclubs. The Cusco nightlife is a wonder for both tourists and locals. Other options you have are the restaurants in the center where you can spend a quieter time with delicious food and drink. Cusco is known to be the center of the world and is a mystical place full of positive energy. Enjoying the different tours in Cusco is also a great option to start the new year. Being in the city, walking, and visiting the different archaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Machu Picchu, Pisaq will fill your body with mystical strength and energy for the whole new year in Cusco. You will feel renewed to start the New Year in Cusco.


new year traditions in cusco

traditions in the new year in cusco

Don’t forget to bring something yellow, most people wear yellow clothes for New Year’s Eve and this is because it brings good luck to people. Many other people prefer to wear other things like glasses, hats, and collars that sometimes look very funny. Both the decorations and yellow clothes can be obtained in any of the many markets in Cusco. Some other traditions that are related to food are “The 12 raisins or grapes”, each of the grapes or passes represents a month in the year and when you are eating each of them you have to make a wish. If you are looking for reasons on why to visit Cusco city, food is one of them. The traditional main dish on January 1 is the “Lechón” or pig that is a symbol of abundance and that will last the rest of the year.


new year day in cusco

The next day, many people may feel exhausted and hungover after an incredible party. But this does not mean that the day is lost, it is the first day of the new year in Cusco and the party continues. Many people tend to be on the streets and enjoy the day with their families. Keep in mind that very few choose to cook, so you will see many people ordering take away. A popular and traditional food is suckling pig. This roast pork served with potatoes and other traditional dishes is the best way to shake off a hangover.


We hope that these tips will make you spend a great New Year’s Eve in the wonderful land of the Incas. Machu Travel Peru wishes you a very happy new year !! If you want to know more about our tours of the Imperial City, do not hesitate to consult with our qualified advisors.

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