10 beautiful places to take the best photos in Peru

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Going abroad can be amazing, wonderful and even confusing, especially when it comes to knowing good places for photos. Since these will make us relive these beautiful experiences, in addition to giving us a great excuse to improve our Instagram page or travel blog. And when we talk about Peru, we know that there are many places. So if you are looking for a great chance to upgrade your memories album, we have some destinations in mind that will work wonders with your camera (or phone). That is why Machu Travel Peru wants to facilitate your search with this Peru photography tour. 

Where to go?

Peru is where to go on vacation with friends because it has a lot to offer, from the various beaches, deserts, tropical forests, canyons or even mountains. So it’s hard to make a list of great places since they are everywhere! But we will feature our best destinations to take photos. These places emanate magic in all corners, making the chances of a good photo too high.

Let us help you with your trip so that you are informed and do not miss anything. This Peru photography tour will be a useful list when choosing destinations. Just take in mind that the beauty of Peru cannot be contained in a photo album, it has to be experienced in real life. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing with this task, so are you ready for a Peru photography tour and get to know the best destinations? Prepare to be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Peru photography tour: 10 destinations


peru photography tour machu picchu

When you think of Peru, the first thing that surely appears in your mind is Machu Picchu. The historic sanctuary is an obvious destination for our photos. Not only for the wonderful view but also for its incredible rooted history and to be the number-one option in adventure travel for young adults. Being able to see the green peak behind the old architecture is a must.


peru photography tour cusco

The imperial city, with splendid churches and old houses, is another crucial point to take high-quality photos. While in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you can see beautiful colonial towns that today show their varied architecture, art, and living culture… in addition to having several archeological sites to visit, so we can keep our camera busy. Going through these places is inevitable if you want to go to the point mentioned above. Let’s continue with our Peru photography tour. 

  1. PIURA

peru photography tour piura

Peru beaches are beautiful, especially those found in Piura, such as Mancora, Cabo Blanco or Talara. Here, you will have not only beautiful photos to take but also the option to surf or just enjoy the endless summer. So, where to go on a Peruvian summer vacation? Piura is definitely the best spot.


peru photography tour arequipa

The best time to visit Peru is anytime, especially if you are going to Arequipa. It is considered the second most important city, known as the “White City”. It becomes an almost obligatory destination either because of its imposing architecture or its volcanic mountains. Misti is an example of them, with its snowy peak is a sight enough to keep our camera occupied


peru photography tour the amazon

Going to the jungle is a memorable experience in itself… from glorious sunsets to encountering native tribes. This vast expanse of territory, bathed by the Amazon River, has stunning landscapes. You will have fun capturing its beauty in videos and photographs.

  1. MARAS

peru photography tour maras

The salt mines are located northeast of Cusco. You can see an estimated 3000 salt wells distributed in the form of terraces. Everyone can take photos of the spectacular landscape full of contrasts between the mines, the mountains, and the sacred river.


peru photography tour huacachina

Huacachina is one of the biggest tourist attractions within the department of Ica. It is located in the middle of the desert. The oasis, between dunes and palm trees, has healing waters according to its reputation. It is quiet, ideal to rest and contemplate the landscape. Also in the surrounding dunes travelers can practice sandboarding.


peru photography tour vinicunca

Vinicunca, also known as the Rainbow Mountain is one of the most impressive mountains in Peru. This mountain presents the colors of the rainbow, hence its name. Visiting Vinicunca is one of the main attractions that Peru has. In fact, in recent years it has become one of the most visited destinations in the imperial city. Your camera would appreciate the views that this wonderful mountain gives.


peru photography tour colca canyon

Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of the United States. You can witness an imposing sight and hopefully get a photograph of the Andean condor.


peru photography tour lake titicaca

For the final destination of our Peru photography tour, we have the Lake Titicaca. It is located in the southeast of Peru and is shared with our border brother Bolivia. The lake is very navigable and contains many islands, of which Taquile, Amantaní and Uros are the best known. You can get some wonderful photos of its cold blue waters.

To conclude

Peru inevitably has many valuable destinations for our photos. Some destinations are even very close to each other, making the trip undoubtedly necessary for any photography lover. Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with trips and tours of any kind. Make your experience an incredible one!

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Peru and any tours around it. Make your travel experience an unforgettable one!

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