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The Andean region is one of the most desired paradises for the different adventurers and explorers who visit the country. Within this extensive region, you can find numerous Inca ruins, some of them being older than the Inca empire itself. The Peruvian Andes offer some of the most incredible landscapes in all of Peru, with some of the highest mountains in the country and surprising valleys of great beauty. Not in vain did the Incas choose the Peruvian Andes as the epicenter of their great Empire, since they considered the surrounding areas as sacred. And together with the travel experts of Machu Travel Peru, we have decided to write about this incredible region and what you can do in it.

Peruvian Andes: One of the most incredible destinations to explore on your next vacation


Peru is part of the Central Andes, a region that can be explored on beautiful walks to Machu Picchu, excursions to the Sacred Valley, and folkloric destinations such as Lake Titicaca. The Peruvian Andes are one of the favorite regions to enjoy numerous tours in Peru.


peruvian andes cusco

We believe that the Imperial City is one of the main destinations within the Peruvian Andes. The ancient capital of the Inca Empire is a real sight to behold. Inside you will be able to appreciate numerous exemplary architectural constructions of the particular style of Cusco. You will also be able to appreciate a city rich in cultural nuances, delicious cuisine, and numerous tourist attractions to visit. Not in vain did the Incas choose Cusco as the capital of their Empire, so you cannot miss out on this destination so representative of the Peruvian Andes.


peruvian andes sacred valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is one of the most popular places in Peru after the beautiful city of Cusco. The Valley encompasses numerous picturesque towns and endless outdoor activities to keep even the most energetic tourists busy. You can enjoy horseback riding through the valley and its mountains and other more adrenaline-pumping activities such as rafting and zip-lining. Even if you’re looking for romantic getaway destinations, the valley offers some of the most dreamy scenery.


peruvian andes lake titicaca

The highest navigable lake in the world is home to some of the most interesting alternative cultures. The different communities that you can find in and around continue to maintain ancestral traditions. You can choose to visit the many ruins and vestiges of ancient cultures in its surroundings, as well as meet and take part in the life of the different communities. There are many options to enjoy one of the most popular areas of the Peruvian Andes.


Fortunately for those who love outdoor activities, the Peruvian Andes is one of the main destinations to enjoy adventure tours. If you are planning a trip to Peru, the Andean region is an unmissable destination, where you can enjoy numerous attractions and tours full of history.


peruvian andes hikes

If you are an adventure lover and you are in search of new challenges and sensations, then the Peruvian Andes are for you. Throughout the region, you can find endless hiking trails where you can discover the impressive landscapes. The Andes mountain range is quite long, which means that you will have at your disposal a hundred routes, towns, and areas. And if you are new to the world of hiking, don’t worry, because you will find many hikes for beginners.


peruvian andes ruins

All the Peruvian Andes could be considered the home where numerous communities and civilizations left vestiges of their ancient cultures. In the Andes, you can find a large number of ancient ruins, many of them belonging to the Inca Empire and many others older than the Empire itself. Many of them can even be appreciated during some hiking trails.


We believe that there are few places on earth where you can wake up to dream landscapes with amazing people, delicious food, and a culture that persists over time. This is what the Peruvian Andes represents for us, a place where time has no effect and where happiness is always present. And among the many reasons to visit them, you can find the following.


peruvian andes food

One of the most incredible aspects of the Peruvian Andes is its unique gastronomy in the world. The Andes were the birthplace of the potato, one of the most coveted foods in the world. And part of our heritage boasts more than 3,800 different types of potatoes. And its cuisine continues to be the focus of great trends emerging in the culinary scene. If you are going to visit the Peruvian Andes, be sure to try the delicious Andean cuisine.


peruvian andes culture

Throughout the Andean country, you can find a strong traditional culture that continuously permeates its towns, cities, and communities. The great diversity of people and ethnic groups has given rise to a unique culture in the world that continues to live despite constant globalization. This culture is a clear reflection of the beliefs and social structures that make up Peru. And it can be seen in their dances, Peruvian traditional clothes, architecture, music, and much more.


peruvian andes people

Within Peru, you will not only find beautiful destinations and attractions because the people you meet are also a big part of the experience. And the truth is that these destinations would be nothing without the people who inhabit them.


peruvian andes scenery

One of the main reasons to visit the Peruvian Andes is its indescribable landscapes. As it has a vast territory, it would not be surprising if there are some hidden places among its sceneries. With so many natural gems to discover, what are you waiting for to organize your next vacation?


We hope together with the travel experts of Machu Travel Peru to have been of help in front of everything you can do in the Peruvian Andes. If you want to know more about our tours of the Highlands, do not hesitate to ask our travel advisors.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!