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Welcome to a unique and exciting adventure in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Prepare to soar above the mountains and immerse yourself in the magic of a place where past and present intertwine in an unforgettable experience. Are you ready to explore Skylodge Adventure Suites?

Picture this: suspended high atop a cliff, with the majestic Andes Mountains as a silent witness and the Urubamba River meandering at your feet. This is the home of Skylodge, a retreat that pushes the boundaries of adventure and comfort in one of the most breathtaking places in the world.

But what makes Skylodge so special? Well, it’s a unique hotel and an experience like no other. Would you dare to sleep in a glass capsule suspended more than 400 meters above the ground? Yes, you heard right. The Adventure Suites at Skylodge offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the Skylodge.

Likewise, in this blog with Machu Travel Peru, we will explain everything you need to know about the Skylodge and adventure activities in the Sacred Valley.

Enjoy paradise and earth at one location


The escapade begins around 61 km north of Cusco, in Pachar town, in the Sacred Valley. From there, you must climb via Ferrata and/or zip-line.

The Skylodge’s capsules hang from the top of a mountain. Once inside, its roos will make you float. This place allows you to connect and harmonize with nature.

Above all, I want to enjoy outdoor activities, facilities, services, and rest. One piece of advice is that the ideal one-day Itinerary Pisac will work perfectly for you before you arrive.

How is the Skylodge?

Skylodge pods

Peru’s Sacred Valley Skylodge consists of three transparent capsule suites with a total capacity of 8 people. The capsule is perched at 1200 feet on top of the mountain and has a view of the valley at a 300-degree angle.

Each suite is handcrafted from aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate. It has 6 windows and 4 ventilation ducts, which ensure a comfortable environment. The lighting system consists of 4 interior lamps and 1 reading light, all powered by solar panels.

The suites are 24 feet long and 8 feet high and wide. There are 2 double rooms and 1 quadruple room. They have 4 beds, a dining area, and a private bathroom separated by an insulated wall.

Inside the bathrooms, there is a dry ecological toilet and a sink. Although the capsules are transparent, there are curtains for privacy.

High-quality mattresses, cotton sheets, down pillows, and comforters provide a warm and comfortable night’s sleep.

The Sky Lodge is considered by TripAdvisor as one of the best Sacred Valley Hotels. This is due to the excellent reviews of travelers and solo travelers who lived the experience to the fullest and were dazzled by nature and adrenaline.


accesing to skylodge

Accessing the Skylodge capsules involves transportation from your hotel to Pachar, Sacred Valley. Afterward, you will receive safety and equipment instructions on ascending the cliff to the capsules. There are two ways to ascend: climbing via Ferrata or zip line from one end to the other with a climbing section. Join me to discover the two ways mentioned above and get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure full of excitement and beauty.

Via Ferrata & zip-line to arrive in the Skylodge

Feel the difference and adrenaline with an incredible view of nature, in contrast to what most of the Sacred Valley hotels can offer.

Via Ferrata

vía ferrata of skylodge

It is a path to climb a 400-meter rocky mountain with a permanently installed safety system. Anyone in good health and physical condition can climb the via Ferrata, but the minimum age is 8.

The climbers are tied to a steel cable or “lifeline” running through the entire route. Metal ladders, bridges, and similar facilities are used. If a fall occurs, the person will remain tied to the “lifeline” without risk. Professional guides trained in vertical rescue and ropes accompany the climbers.

We certify and provide all equipment when the adventure begins. You will need a pelvic harness, helmet, gloves, and a special Via Ferrata lanyard for climbing.

The ascent and descent of the Sacred Valley Peru Skylodge route last 3-4 hours, depending on the group pace.


It allows people to fly over the magnificent valley in a safe and fun way. The Zip-line in Sacred Valley has seven lines or cables, from 150m to 700m, for a total of 2800m.

It starts with 30-40 minutes and 4 meters of climbing, accessible and via Ferrata equipped, which takes you to the first line. Once there, each line is different from the other. You first take the easy and short line, and then the circuit allows you to improve your zip-line expertise.

You lose velocity as you get closer to the line’s end. Depending on the group size, the duration is 3-4 hours.

The elements used are a Ferrata kit and a zip-line kit (pulley, 3 carabiners, and lanyard). All equipment is certified and specially made for this activity. Guides are trained periodically in vertical rope rescue and first aid.

Safety Measures

helmets skyloge

The Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru’s Sacred Valley are known for their unique design and stunning views. What makes them special is their strong focus on keeping guests safe.

Hanging precariously off the side of a cliff, these transparent pods offer a thrilling experience unlike any other. However, behind the adventure lies a meticulously planned safety infrastructure. Each pod is securely anchored to the cliff face with industrial-grade materials, undergoing regular inspections and maintenance to ensure structural integrity.

Highly trained guides accompany guests throughout their stay, assisting and ensuring adherence to safety protocols. Before climbing, guests get safety gear and learn emergency procedures, giving them the knowledge to handle unexpected situations.

We closely monitor weather conditions and postpone climbs if they are deemed unsafe. This holistic approach to safety allows guests to embrace the thrill of their stay. It provides peace of mind, knowing that every precaution has been taken to safeguard their well-being amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sacred Valley.

Sustainability Initiatives

measures of skylodge

Together, Skylodge Adventure Suites in the Sacred Valley implements various sustainability initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and foster positive community engagement. Skylodge uses eco-friendly design, renewable energy, and water conservation to minimize its environmental impact. Waste management programs, local sourcing practices, and educational initiatives further underscore its commitment to sustainability.

Skylodge wants to have a good relationship with the local community. They provide jobs, support local projects, and interact with residents, benefiting Skylodge and the community.

This place is a top eco-friendly hospitality provider in the Sacred Valley. It dedicates itself to constantly improving and promoting responsible tourism.

Skylodge Adventure Suites in the Sacred Valley implements comprehensive sustainability initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and benefit the local community. Through environmentally conscious design, off-grid operations powered by solar energy, water conservation measures, and waste management programs, Skylodge prioritizes sustainability in its operations.

Additionally, the lodge emphasizes local sourcing, educational initiatives, community engagement, and continuous improvement to further its commitment to responsible tourism. Skylodge combines efforts to give guests a great experience, protect the Sacred Valley’s beauty, and help residents. .

What to pack

skylodge and what to pack

  • Use light and comfortable clothing (pants rather than shorts, warm/thermal jackets, and long-sleeve shirts). The coldest months are June, July, and August.
  • You can carry extra clothing in a small backpack.
  • The best footwear is tennis shoes and light hiking boots, but no sandals.
  • Personal hygiene items (wet wipes, deodorant, etc). The Sacred Valley Peru Skylodge doesn’t have showers.
  • Camelbak bottle: You will receive purified water at the base. You can fill it out at the beginning and end of the outdoor activity. Sacred Valley Peru Skylodge likes the eco-friendly attitude. If you forget your Camelbak bottle, please recycle it.

Remember that the packing list we suggested above can also be used if you have planned other things to do in the Sacred Valley. We must mention that the Skylodge is a fantastic activity, but you can also enjoy visiting the terraces of Moray and the salt mines of Maras or touring the trails on quad bikes, among other things.

Frequently asked questions

pods of skylodge

What is Skylodge Adventure Suites?

Skylodge Adventure Suites is a unique lodging experience in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Guests stay in transparent pods attached to the side of a cliff.

How do I get to Skylodge Adventure Suites?

To reach Skylodge, guests typically start from Cusco and take a scenic drive to the Sacred Valley. Then, they embark on a thrilling climb via Ferrata to the pods.

What are the accommodations like?

The accommodations consist of transparent pods hanging off the cliff’s side, offering panoramic views of the Sacred Valley. Each pod has comfortable beds, a dining area, and a private bathroom.

Is it safe to stay in the pods?

Yes, safety is a top priority at Skylodge Adventure Suites. Guests safely attach the pods to the cliff and receive safety gear and instructions before climbing.

What activities are available at Skylodge Adventure Suites?

Guests can also enjoy ziplining, rock climbing, and guided hikes in the area around the pods.

What should I bring with me?

Guests should bring comfortable clothes, shoes, sunscreen, a camera, and personal items.

Is there electricity and running water in the pods?

Yes, the pods have electricity, so guests can charge their devices and have light at night. Additionally, there is running water for the bathroom facilities.

What does the price of a stay at Skylodge Adventure Suites include?

The price usually covers pod stay, guided climb, safety gear, meals, and select activities based on the chosen package.

Can children stay at Skylodge Adventure Suites?

Children are welcome, but the climb and accommodations suit older kids and adults. Younger children may find the experience too physically challenging, and the accommodations cater to those seeking adventure.

Is there a weight limit for guests staying in the pods?

Yes, guests staying in the pods must weigh between 200 and 220 pounds (90 and 100 kilograms) for safety reasons.


Skylodge has been recognized for its focus on sustainable tourism and its commitment to preserving the natural environment. In addition to providing a unique experience for guests, the Skylodge has contributed to tourism development in the region, generating employment and economic opportunities for local communities.

As we close this chapter of the Skylodge Adventure Suites in the Sacred Valley, we want to express our gratitude to all who have supported and enjoyed this unique experience. While this iconic destination closes its doors, we hope its contributions to tourism and conservation in the region will continue to be remembered and appreciated.

Thank you, Skylodge, for the exciting experiences and unforgettable memories in the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

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