The best things to do and see in Tambopata National Reserve

tambopata national reserve macaws

The Tambopata National Reserve is one of the most significant, flourishing and impressive reserves of the Peru Amazon. Spreading over 247, 690 hectares, it is known as a geographically complex area on earth that counts with high levels of biodiversity. 

This biodiversity hotspot is located in the city of Puerto Maldonado, in Peru’s southern region, where you will witness the breathtaking scenery of wildlife. Definitely, a trip to the Tambopata National Reserve would be more than an impressive and nice holiday, it would be a magical and extraordinary journey. Certainly, Machu Travel Peru would like to be your accomplice in this jungle adventure. We offer an incredible travel package into our diverse Peruvian Amazon… You will have the most fulfilling experience of your life!

Welcome to the Jungle

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The flourishing ecosystem of Tambopata is one of the most biologically diverse and well-preserved regions on earth. One of its highlights is the abundance of flora and fauna. You will find hundreds of species of plants, mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, birds; even monkeys and caimans. Besides, it counts with different types of trees and lakes.

The Tambopata National Reserve and its surroundings give you the chance to explore deep in the Amazon rainforest and enjoy different activities such as fishing, canopy and jungle walks. It’s unquestionably a dream paradise for nature lovers, photographers and of course, adventurous souls.

Amazonian Experience

A four-day tour to the Tambopata National Reserve is the most popular one during a trip to the Amazon. Four days of unique beauty would be extraordinary, don’t you think?

  • Amazon River Cruise

tambopata national reserve amazon cruise

The Amazonian rivers provide an ideal habitat for many different wildlife species. Some of them you might see while on river cruises are: The pink river dolphin, giant River Otter, yellow-headed river turtle, and the South American river turtle. You can also see macaws and parrots feeding on trees.

Other species are capybaras and caimans. Four of the six species of caiman that exist can be found in Tambopata, but only two species are commonly seen by visitors, the spectacled and the black caiman. Caimans are typically more active at night, that’s why most travelers prefer doing this activity after dark. 

Sandoval Lake is the most visited oxbow lake (a U-shaped lake that creates a free-standing body of water) in the Tambopata National Reserve, due to its closeness to Puerto Maldonado. In fact, a few lodges are situated under an hour from the town of Puerto Maldonado.

Machu Travel Peru thinks that a fulfilling experience is guaranteed if it is accompanied by comfort. Thus, try to make an intense review and choose the best Tambopata lodge that fits your preferences.

An Amazon cruise is a must during your Amazonian journey. So, take a boat and let’s explore!

  • Jungle Day and Night Treks

tambopata national reserve jungle walk

The Jungle day walks are an interesting way to experience first-hand the home of endless species of wildlife, plants, and trees. You will see and learn about the different habitats, ecosystems and how the rainforest works. So, expect to see birds, parrots, monkeys, insects, beautiful orchids and fascinating medicinal plants. You might also see the distinctive tracks left by jaguars, tapirs or other nocturnal animals.

The Jungle night walks are also a fascinating and mind-blowing way to explore the Amazon rainforest. In fact, night-time is the best time to see the wildlife that inhabits the jungle. Most of the species are only active after dark. When the sun goes down, you will able to see bizarre insects, colonies of leafcutter ants, colored frogs, snakes, caimans, and even monkeys. If you have good luck, even a tapir.

  • Clay licks

tambopata national reserve clay licks

A world-famous place that counts with the highest concentration of brilliantly colored parrots and macaws in the world. The birds gather daily for feedings.

These naturally forming walls of clay found on the river banks offer an amazing wildlife scene while hundreds of parrots fly around everywhere. Without a doubt, a must during your visit to the Tambopata National Reserve.

  • Canopy walks

tambopata national reserve canopy walk

As Mowgli in the Jungle book, much of the Amazonian jungle life occurs at the treetops. It gives you an extraordinary chance to see the hidden beauty of the Amazon.

The canopy walk is at a height of over 25 meters and extends many meters through the jungle. Once you are in the treetops, you will witness the stunning habitat of lots of animals and different kinds of exotic birds in Tambopata, such as toucans and macaws. It will be a spectacle of sounds and colors. You will marvel with the perfect and captivating views of the rainforest.

All of these activities would make your jungle tour truly unforgettable. 

Additionally, we want to mention that Tambopata is home to the ethnic group Ese Eja, which has lived in the area since immemorial times. The Ese Eja nation is composed of three native communities: Palma Real (about 50 families), Sonene (about 20 families) and Infierno (about 200 families). The Infierno community works with private companies to offer ecotourism activities and different tourism services.

Human Impact on biodiversity

tambopata national reserve amazonia burning

Traveling and discovering the Amazon rainforest sounds like an extraordinary adventure. But with the recent news about the fires that are occurring in Brazil, we realize that the human impact on biodiversity has grown to unprecedented levels. 

The fires in the world’s biggest rainforest are mostly illegal. They are sending clouds of smoke across the Amazonian regions and alarming quantities of carbon in the atmosphere. Some scientists say the Amazon is approaching a tipping point, existing a huge possibility that it will irreversibly degrade into a dry savannah.

Should we be concerned? Extremely. The Amazonia constitutes one of the most valuable ecosystems on earth because of their tremendous biodiversity. It is vital for keeping our climate stable. At a time when the planet needs more trees to absorb carbon and stabilize the climate, our planet is losing its biggest rainforest, its biggest lung. And not only that but also its indigenous communities, flora, and fauna are under attack like never before.

As world citizens, it’s our responsibility to protect, conserve and respect the rainforest when you travel to Tambopata. At the same time, the government has to protect their indigenous communities that live in and around the Amazon, and analyze thoroughly what places may be open to economic activity.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around Peru. Make your visit to the Peruvian jungle an unforgettable experience!

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