Top 4 Historic Cusco Hotels and Their Dramatic Pasts

top historic cusco hotels dramatics pasts

Donโ€™t you think it is interesting to travel and discover new places, their cultures, the history, the past and everything that goes along with it. Traveling to Peru is no exception, Peru is full of wonderful culture and the natural beauty of the place is also worth the trip. Travel to Peru and you will eventually arrive into the Inca city of Cusco. The city is full of wonderful and interesting historical sites to enjoy but also did you know that the hotels are also full of their own history and some have stories to tell. Therefore, what are the top 4 historic Cusco hotels and their dramatic pasts.

top historic cusco libertador hotels dramatics pasts

There are many hotels in Cusco Peru some that are houses in beautiful old colonial houses. These houses have been home to some famous Peruvians, so let us start and give you a brief history of four of the most colorful.

top historic cusco aranwa hotels dramatics pasts

Let us start with the Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel, this mansion was built in 1560 and today still has its original stone front. The hotel has been home to many famous Peruvians including Clorinda Matto de Turner; the author lived in the house during the 20th Century. Today the Aranwa is home to 37 painting and 35 sculptures from the famous Cusco School. After they conquered the Inca, the Spanish imported artists from Spain to teach the natives how to paint this is how the school started.

top historic cusco inkaterra hotels dramatics pasts

Next on the list of top hotels is the Inkaterra La Casona, which is a restored 16th Century colonial house. The hotels has only 11 suites and is one of the oldest Spanish buildings in Cusco. The list of important people who lived in the house is impressive. Juan Alvara Maldonado, who is one of the discovers of the Peruvian Amazon lived here as did Diego de Almagro who came to Peru with Francisco Pizarro. In addition, one of the most influential people in South American history General Simon Bolivar lived in the house in 1825. It was his influence that sparked revolutions throughout South America and today many countries consider him a great liberator.

top historic cusco nazarenas hotels dramatics pasts

There is no sign on the door and only guests can enter and the hotel has been decorated in the colonial style with the rooms featuring all the modern amenities hidden in antique cabinets. Each room features an open fireplace, which the staff will light for you.

In the same plaza as the La Casona is the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas Boutique hotel. The hotel has seen many updates. It originally was an Inca building but was converted in 1644 by the Jesuits. In the 18th century, it was an upper class convent for girls that came from rich families. The building continued as a convent until 1970. The house has seen much drama, one former owner Dona Maria Calderon was murdered by a conquistador named Francisco de Carvajal. A few other owners also died in the house until the Jesuits took control.

top historic cusco belmond hotels dramatics pasts

Today the hotel has 55 suites that feature oxygen that can be pumped into the room. The hotel has a swimming pool, a spa and the rooms have lavish bathrooms made with Peruvian marble.

Lastly, the Belmond Monasterio also needs to be mentioned, this building was a monastery. It was built in 1595 on the ruins of an Inca palace. You are allowed to visit the building and it is worth your time to see the collections of original colonial art and tapestries that hang in the building.

IN 1650, an earthquake hit the area; most of the building was destroyed. It was rebuilt and a gold chapel was added to the building and features many art works from the Cusco school of art.

top historic luxury cusco hotels dramatics pasts

The hotel features elegant restaurants with international dishes made with local ingredients. The restaurant also has opera performances 3 nights a week. Other restaurants in the hotel offer meals in the lovely courtyard of the hotel.

You may ask why visit Cusco city? The reasons are endless for the history of the city, for the elegant streets that will remind you of some old European cities. For the surrounding Inca architecture. These are but a few reasons to book a Cusco Peru Travel tour. On your next vacation, consider Peru not only think about Cusco and the nearby Machu Picchu,ย but Peru is also full of natural wonders to see and enjoy.

top historic site cusco hotels dramatics pasts

Enjoy the naturally beautiful coast of Peru; the region is famous for the capital Lima and its world-famous cuisine, travel south of Lima to see the mysterious Nazca Lines. While in the highlands of Peru visit the lakeside town of Puno, where Lake Titicaca and the floating Islands are located. If you have the time and love nature you must travel to the Peruvian Amazon, filled with wonderful lodges to stay at and wildlife to encounter, the jungle is a must-see for the nature buffs among you.

Come to Peru and experience the top 4 historic Cusco Hotels and their dramatic pasts, the experience will live in your heart forever.

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