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A trip to Peru can be a memory to last a lifetime, so much to see in such a diverse country, you will not want to miss a moment of this wonderful land of not only the Inca, but of many different other cultures. From the North of Peru to the Southern tip, the country is filled with Inca Ruins, natural beauty and mighty rivers. However, you might be thinking how to tour Peru the right way?

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Many things that you will want to visit are at high altitude and it is always a good idea to travel gradually to the highest points on your tour while visiting Peru. You will land in Lima, the capital of Peru, which is at sea level. Lima in the past few years has become one of the best destinations in South America for foodies. The quality of food on offer has never been better and Lima has received many awards for its restaurants. With three fine restaurants in the world top fifty, take the time to discover this magical city and its restaurants before you set off on your Peruvian adventure.

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Traveling south at still at sea level arrive at the seaside town of Paracas, perfect for a relaxing few days if you have the time, from here travel by speed boat out to the naturally amazing, Ballestas Islands. Full of many different species of birds and sea lions, for those of you who love birds and nature this is the place for you.

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Journey further on and leaving the coast arrive at the little town of Nazca, this is one of the driest places on earth, it literally never rains, the climate is warm and sunny and the town friendly. The main reason people visit Nazca is not for the weather, but just outside of town, drawn in the desert floor is the world famous Nazca Lines. The first way to see the lines is by the observation tower, located a few miles out town. From the tower you can observe many of the figure. The other way is by light plane where you will see the figures and drawing clearly. The flights can be costly but are worth the money. Remember not to eat breakfast before you fly as you may wear it during the flight.

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From Nazca there is a long trip along Peruvian highways to what is considered Peru´s second city, Arequipa. Arequipa is a pleasant city made mostly out of white volcanic stone found nearby in quarries. The main plaza features a church, lovely colonial buildings and some restaurants featuring tasty local dishes. Arequipa is where you will experience your first taste of altitude; the city is located at 7600 feet above sea level. It is a great idea to spend some time here before moving onto higher locations.

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After you have spent some time in Arequipa travel towards the Andes to the lakeside town of Puno. Puno is a small town with a few ruins surrounding but as mentioned, the town is on the shores of Lake Titicaca, one of the highest in the world. Not only is the lake itself beautiful, but it features many must see attractions. The first and most famous is the floating Uros Islands; these islands are made completely out of the reeds that grow in the lake. This experience you will not find anywhere else in the world, so take the time to visit the islands. Further out on the lake are the rock islands of Taquille and Amantani. Both islands are worth a visit to see how the local people work and live.

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Travel north from Puno and the city of Cusco awaits you. Cusco is full of interesting cultural history, considered the heart of the Inca Empire, Cusco will not disappoint. Take a tour of the city and learn about what happened here between the Inka and the Spanish. See the naturally beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas, with grand Andes surrounding you, making you feel like a speck in the universe. From Cusco take a train to the must see location in South America, Machu Picchu. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Peru Machu Picchu is located near the town of Aguas Calientes on the side of a mountain. However, not only is the location spectacular and worth many photos, the site itself cannot be missed on any trip to South America. A Peru Machu Picchu tour should be on your bucket list.

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From Cusco on a short flight, you will arrive at the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado. The town is the starting point for many Peruvian Amazon tours. Travel to the many jungle lodges that offer vacations in five star luxury or budget accommodation from two days to a week. For those of you who love to be surrounded by nature and the possibility to see animals go on a jungle adventure in Peru.

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Not only is there the South of Peru to explore, the north is also packed with fabulous tours and attractions that are worth seeing. For a different jungle adventure or a luxury Amazon Cruise travel to the Northern Peruvian jungle town of Iquitos. Take the time to explore the options in Iquitos and northern Peru also.

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We hope we have given you some ideas on how to tour Peru the right way and you take a trip to Peru soon, the country is waiting for you.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!