machu picchu the best among tourist attractions in peru

Peru is a place that offers many experiences both to the tourists who visit and to the locals themselves. The idea of ​​adventure may appeal to some, but not so much to others. You may just want a backpacking trip and stay in hostels, or you may also want to travel in style and be looked after all day. However, whatever way you want to explore the tourist attractions in Peru, the country has something for you. Therefore, together with the travel experts of Machu Travel Peru, we have prepared a short article about how to explore Peru. With so many alternatives available, it is necessary to guide ourselves a little about everything there is to enjoy in Peru.

First, if you are planning a trip with friends, you can check out our various pre-programmed packages. All of them include itineraries full of activities and well-known tourist attractions in Peru, and others not so much. In case you decide to travel on your own, we can also help you with even minimal details. Whatever your decision is, the best thing to do is to start booking your whole trip in advance. Peru is a very crowded country for tourists, and tickets to major attractions may be sold out before you know it.

Greatest tourist attractions in Peru to spend with friends


cusco is one of the best tourist attractions in peru

The Imperial City is one of the obligatory stops for those who wish to visit the Machu Picchu complex. But it is also one of the most cosmopolitan and ancestral cities in the world that making it the best place among Tourist Attractions in Peru. Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,399 meters above sea level, hence, you may need to relax for a few days to acclimatize.

While you get used to the air, you can take a guided tour of the city and enjoy its many activities. In case you are wondering if Cusco is safe to travel to, you have nothing to worry about. The main income of this city is tourism; therefore, you will see security measures taken all the time. Do not miss one of the most important tourist sites in Peru and know why Cusco is considered the tourist capital of Peru.

Machu Picchu

machu picchu is one of the best tourist attractions in peru

Being able to visit the Inca archaeological complex is one of the most fun things to do in Peru. Thousands of tourists tour the citadel per day, making it one of the main tourist attractions in Peru. In consequence, if you hope to visit the longed-for Machu Picchu, you will need to reserve your ticket six months in advance at least so as not to miss the wonder of the world. To get to the citadel, you can go by train, plane, or even on a challenging 4-day tour. All options are unique and unforgettable experiences to do with friends. What are you waiting for? Dare to immerse yourself in one of the best tourist sites in Peru.

The Sacred Valley, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero

sacred valley of the incas tourist attractions in peru

The naturally beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas is located near Cusco. This is situated between the Andes Mountains, the valley presents a temperate climate and some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in South America. Besides, the valley has some of the most interesting Inca ruins to visit, as well as a colorful Indian market in Pisac. Definitely, the Pisac town makes Sacred Valley one of the tourist attractions in Peru most visited.

By the way. Are you asking about the security in Peru for your tours? So, rest assured because Cusco, as the capital of tourism in Peru and the other tourist attraction in Peru, has tourism services of great quality. All of them include the security in its facilities, surrounding areas, and its structures like hotels, museums inter alia.

Do you want more examples? Well, Ollantaytambo Town is one of them; a picturesque town that still maintains the infrastructure of ancient Inca Settlement and is located on the lowlands of the hill of the same name. Chinchero is another proof, In its main square, you will see the barter trade of native communities that comes down from the surrounding hills. Products like potatoes, corn, and wheat are being bartered there.

In themselves, the different landscapes will be a spectacle to observe. Added to the incomparable peace, it forms an excellent refuge to relax for a few days. It is even at a lower altitude than Cusco, making it a better place for acclimatization. If you want to know more about tourist attractions in Peru, we highly recommend continuing to read below.


maras salt mines tourist attractions in peru

Maras, the salt mines are located on the lowlands of Qacawiñay mountain, close to the Urubamba river basin, in the Sacred Valley zone. The salt was extracted since the Inca’s time and is being produced until these days by the Maras inhabitants between March to November (Dry season). Around 3,000 salt wells form all the complex and are ready to receive you with their white pits and saltwater.


tourist attractions in peru like moray

It is another great site that forms part of the tourist attractions in Peru. Moray is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, to the north of Maras mines. The circle terraces, that are going down into an enormous earth bowl, have a different microclimate and represent the different eco climates in the Peruvian Andean. The Incas researched the type of corn produced in each terrace and how the climate and the altitude affected them. Therefore, It is called The Inca Agricultural Research Center. Its tour means a previous step to know all types of Peruvian zone and, why not, do ecotourism in Peru.


tourist attractions in peru sacsayhuaman

The Inca walled fortress is located in the north of Cusco. The complex was used as an exclusive neighborhood for the high elite, a ceremonial center dedicated to the Thunderbolt god, and as a military observatory (Due to its strategic location on the top of the mountain of the same name). Its big stone blocks were cut with extraordinary precision and fitted to perfection in enormous walls that, if you see from up, resemble bolts of lightning. Today, the visitors can still see its structure bases and the magnificent Inca walls. Undeniably, Sacsayhuaman is a worthy representative among tourist attractions in Peru.

Humantay Lake

humantay lake in the top tourist attractions in peru

The jewel of Mollepata (the town that hosted the lake) is located on the slopes of Humantay mountain, very close to Salkantay snow, northwest of Cusco. Its crystalline waters and the challenge that represents the hiking to reach it made up a complete experience of adventure and freedom for a visitor who wants to do new activities in Cusco. A travel Agency always will be the best option to visit it.

Rainbow Mountain

tourist attractions in peru vinicunca

A variety of colors over wavy mountains that go throughout flatlands with an altitude over 5,200 meters above sea level makes Rainbow Mountain the best among tourist attractions in Peru. The zone is located southeast of Cusco and there are two ways to reach it, Pitumarca or Cusipata access ways. Both will show you beautiful landscapes of snow, mountains, and glorious sunshine. Of course, visiting it in the dry season (from March to November) is highly recommended for those who love trekking challenges.


tourist attractions in peru and choquequirao

Choquequirao Archaeological Park is another of the best tourist attractions in Peru and represents the new jewel of tourism in Peru. This fascinating Inca citadel is located between the flanks of the snowy Salkantay and the Apurimac Canyon. It is believed that these wonderful ruins were one of the last refuges of the Incas. It was built in the same style as Machu Picchu, it is even considered as its sister city. To visit this astounding place, it is necessary to undertake a hike of up to 4 days, the reward of which is indescribable. Being able to visit this site is one of the best things to do in Peru.


tourist attractions in peru and puno

Travel inland from Arequipa and the Colca Canyon and arrive in the high Andean city of Puno. This beautiful city is located in the southernmost part of Peru. The city of Puno is famous for Lake Titicaca and the wonderful islands of the Uros.

Lake Titicaca

titicaca lake on the top of tourist attractions in peru

Among all the tourist attractions in Peru, Lake Titicaca occupies an important place. It is considered the highest navigable lake in the world and one of the largest freshwater lakes in all of South America. This incredible lake is the natural border between Peru and Bolivia, and they share some incredible vacation spots. This destination is one of the best to enjoy Peru with a baby.

Uros Islands

uros one of the tourist attractions in peru

The Uros people made these islands centuries ago to escape the mainland and the warring tribes. Did you know that the islands are made entirely of reeds and that they are replenished every six months? That’s right, from their boats, houses, and even schools they are made up entirely of reeds. This cane so essential for the life of the Uros grows in the surroundings of the islands. Therefore, in Peruvian Andes, one of the best experiences among tourist attractions in Peru is to become part of experiential tourism and live a day in the life of the Uros. If you are looking to explore Peru, you cannot miss this enchanting and magical destination.

Sillustani Chullpas

tourist attractions in peru and Sillustani

This Pre Inca cemetery complex was built by Colca Culture. An ancient human settlement that occupied the Peruvian Altiplano (Peruvian southeast. at the edge of Umayo Lake) around 600 years BC. They buried its most representative authorities in Chullpas or funeral booths, types of cylinders made up of carved stones, in which the mummies (Because they mummified their deceased) were situated with all their belongings to be accompanied in the afterlife. The tourist attractions in Peru have dead, traditions, and nature in one place, the Sillustani Chullpas are samples.


arequipa and the tourist attractions in peru

The second most populous city is followed by the capital and an unmissable destination for those seeking to know the essence of Peru. Also known as the “White City” due to its beautiful architecture that is made up of a white volcanic stone called Sillar. It is located at a height of about 2325 meters above sea level, within the Andes mountain range. This beautiful city is one of the must-see places in Peru and where you can enjoy many activities. You can visit from beautiful cathedrals, museums, craft fairs, to the distinguished San Camilo market. You cannot miss this unique and beautiful city that forms part of the whole tourist attractions in Peru.

Colca Canyon

tourist attractions in peru colca valley

Among the best tourist attractions in Peru, we have the extensive, green, and fascinating Colca Valley. This incredible natural area is a wonder not to be missed. But the valley is not the only natural attraction, since this place is home to the majestic and imposing Colca Canyon. The Canyon is one of the most famous and deepest places in Peru. There is so much to enjoy in this tourist attraction in Peru, from walks, viewpoints, luxury hotels, and much more. You can even observe the Andean Condor in flight as its principal attraction. Of course, realizing the Peruvian weather before visiting it, will be important.

Santa Catalina Monastery

santa catalina monastery in tourist attractions in peru

Behind ancient Sillar walls, it is hidden colorful passageways, cozy little squares, and ornamental fonts of a monastery that was founded in 1580. Its purpose was to host the daughters of the city’s most distinguished families. The monastery closed in 1970 and, since this year, opened to those who want to take a walk through its rooms and passageways. The best local religious wonder inside all tourist attractions in Peru.


nazca lines among the tourist attractions in peru

No list of tourist attractions in Peru would be complete without mentioning the mysterious Nazca lines. These are a group of ancient geoglyphs that were drawn in the middle of the desert many years ago. They are located in the Nazca Valley, near the Pacific Coast. Historians claim that these geoglyphs were created by the inhabitants of the Nazca Culture between 200 AD. and 700 A.D. The best way to appreciate them is through an airplane flight. Learn about the different theories and legends that surround this mystical and mysterious site. Note that you must take a flight to get one of the best views.

Huacachina Oasis

huacachina is one of the top tourist attractions in peru

Huacachina is an oasis situated in the middle of the desert. Wavy dunes, palms, and crystalline water that it’s born from the subsoil, invite the visitor to take a rest in one of its hotels, resorts, and restaurants located around the oasis. Among the tourist attractions in Peru, this is the only one that includes an oasis in the middle of a desert. Undoubtedly, a recommended stop for those who want to enjoy Ica. Dune buggy ride or surfing by its wavy dunes can be the best options to spend an afternoon there!

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas in the tourist attractions in peru

Among your things to do in Peru, the Paracas National Reserve cannot be missing. This treasure is located in the south of Lima, in Ica political department. The Marine protected area covers around 3350 square kilometers, it’s 65% of its territory belongs to the sea and the other 35% are made up of islands and riversides.

Paracas National Reserve is considered one of the richest and most rare ecosystems in the world. This is no small achievement because the National Reserve hosted more than 200 species of birds, 16 different types of mammals, 10 types of reptiles, and 193 species of fish. The Paracas National Park is the best marine representative of tourist attractions in Peru. It is an ideal place to enjoy different beaches, adventure activities, and observe wildlife.

Ballestas Islands

tourist attractions in peru paracas and ballestas islands

The Ballestas Islands are a group of rock formations where you can see abundant wildlife. Seal diving, Humboldt penguin watching, sea lion watching, even whale watching can be developed in your visit here!


tourist attractions in peru and lima

On any trip to Peru, you will arrive in the capital of Peru, Lima. The Peruvian capital is where all international flights usually land. Lima is located on the coast of Peru and has many interesting attractions that you must explore. In the historic center of the city is where the government buildings are located and every day at noon there is a changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace, a singular event inside tourist attractions in Peru.

Also located in the center of the city is the church of San Francisco, one of the most important religious buildings in the center. The church houses the oldest cemetery in South America, and you can see the bones on display in the church’s catacombs. The church also has a library that houses a collection of Spanish chronicles on display.

Make sure you don’t miss the beachside suburbs in Lima, like Miraflores or Barranco, home to fashion and a really cool art scene. These suburbs have some of the best restaurants in Peru. And when we talk about the cuisine of Lima, it is something that is really worth trying. Make sure you visit Lima during the summer in Peru, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches like other charming places.


tourist attractions in peru huasscaran

Ancash is a Peruvian political department located in the north of Lima. Its capital city receives the name of Huaraz. Along with Cusco, this city can be the best example of a Peruvian Andean city with its cold and dry weather, its location of 3000 meters above sea level, and picturesque alleys. Jirón Jose Olaya stands out for its regional food market and made up one of the tourist attractions in Peru for gastronomy in the Andean.

Close to Huaraz, the White Mountain Range stands like chains of mountains and snows with 16 peaks of more than 6000 meters in height. The Huascaran is Its highest snowfall with an altitude of 6757 meters above sea level, therefore it represents the highest mountain in Peru.

Of courses, a good deal of snow experiences like climbing, hiking, and mountain biking can be enjoyed on its slope. But, wait a moment, always is important to take a look at the best time to visit Peru and pay attention to White Mountain Range. However, you will nothing have to worry about it because we have indispensable advice, the dry season, between March to November. Remember it!


tourist attractions in peru kuelap

The Kuelap Fortress could be described as one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Peru. This pre-Inca city is surrounded by an extensive wall made of stone blocks. It is believed that it was built by the Chachapoyas culture, to later be occupied by the Incas themselves. It is not usually very visited by tourists as it is far from the common routes. But still, it is one of the places in Peru that is worth visiting. If you plan to solo travel in Peru, this magical fortress will take your breath away.

Gocta Waterfall

tourist attractions in peru gocta waterfall

The Gocta waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation in the middle of the Amazon. This 771-meter high waterfall is considered the third-highest waterfall in Peru and the fifteenth highest in the world. It was discovered relatively recently, making it a novel and mysterious natural wonder. A tourist attraction in Peru that is worth knowing.


tourist attractions in peru and chan chan

The ancient city of Chan Chan means a look at the past. The largest mud city in the world was built by the Mochica culture (A pre-Inca culture) around 850 AD. The Peru tourist map situate to Chan Chan on the northwest side of Trujillo’s modern city. More than 60,000 people came to live between its big mud walls until the conquest by the Inca Culture in 1470 AD. Natural accidents like floods, high tides, and extreme rains had to erode its walls. Today, some bases and foundations of its structures can be viewed.


tourist attractions in peru mancora

If you are traveling with friends, then you cannot miss this destination for anything in the world. Máncora is where to go for a relaxing vacation and the main point for young people and lovers. This beautiful destination is full of fun, tourism, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters, and unparalleled beaches.

Máncora is known for its high-quality waves, all surfers long for the arrival of summer to ride them and enjoy a very active nightlife. In case you don’t know how to surf, they offer courses all the time at a very comfortable price. For lovers or newlyweds, there is the beautiful option of walking to Las Pocitas, a slightly more exclusive area for those eager to enjoy a sunset. Mancora, the best beach representative inside tourist attractions in Peru.

Regarding surf, some believe Peru has some of the best surfing beaches in the world, with surfing opportunities all year, with tubular, high peak, and bell waves along most of the coast. These beaches in Peru are considered to be the best for catching waves Cabo Blanco, Lobito’s, Chicama (this beach has the longest wave in the world), Huanchaco, Pacasmayo, and Los Organos, with various types of accommodation available to pass your surfing holiday.


amazon jungle among the tourist attractions in peru

If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss exploring Peru within the Amazon. Of course, If we talk about the Peruvian Amazon, we have to talk about the biodiversity in Peru. Its rainforest comprises 60% of the entire territory. Stay in the many jungle lodges that are scattered around the area, some exclusive and luxurious, while others are more classic. Opt to fish for piranhas or even choose to take a luxurious cruise on one of the largest rivers.

The jungle is one of the most incredible places to visit in Peru. If you love luxury cruises, travel north of Peru to Iquitos, where many cruises on the Amazon River depart. Visit local communities and swim with the pink dolphins. Dine-in luxury every day and experience some of Peru’s best food prepared for you by chefs. The varied and numerous tourist attractions in Peru that include the jungle are many, make sure you meet them all.

Manu National Park

tourist attractions in peru manu national park

The Manu National Park is located on the eyebrow jungle of Cusco. The National Park is the most amazing among all tourist attractions in Peru. Due to great biodiversity with more than 200 species of mammals, 1005 species of bird (A perfect place to do bird watching), and more than 4000 species of plants identified. The park is divided into three sectors; the first one is the National park, it is restricted to visitors and tourists, otherwise the native tribes and park guards are allowed here. The second one is the Reserve Zone, in which Travel Agency groups and some authorized researchers can take a walk through its rainforests zones. The last one is the Cultural zone where allows any kind of visitors.

Tambopata National Reserve

tourist attractions in peru tambopata

The Tambopata National Reserve is one of the most amazing areas of tourist attractions in Peru. Inside a great variety of plants, wildlife and a great number of unique ecosystems in Peru are conserved. Being able to get to visit this reserve is one of the best things to do in Peru. It is a perfect place to connect with nature and observe wildlife. The Reserve is also an excellent opportunity to experience ecotourism in Peru.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

pacaya samiria is a real tourist attraction in peru

The national reserve is located in the Amazon in Peru. Specifically, it is in Loreto department, in northeastern. Its great rainforest zones and quiet rivers that cross throughout hectares of flora and fauna are some examples of the Pacaya Samiria attractive. Luxuries cruises, swimming with pink dolphins, or enjoying the amazing Peruvian jungle food in Iquitos are the most important characteristic of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.


We hope together with the experts of Machu Travel Peru to have been of great help. If you are looking to explore Peru in-depth, it is a good idea for you to know these incredible destinations. Of course, this is not all that the magical Andean country has to offer, but they are some of its most interesting destinations. If you want to know more about our tours throughout Peru, you can meet our qualified advisers.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!