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There is a lot to consider when packing for any vacation you choose to go on and packing to go to Peru is no different, as a diverse country you will need to pack for many different climates. If you plan to spend time in the jungle, you will need cooler breathable clothing with long sleeves to protect yourself from the biting insects. If you are planning to visit Peru and the altitude of Cusco and Puno where the temperatures are low, you will need to bring warm clothing and wet weather gear when visiting Peru.

As most people focus on the highlands of Peru and sometimes the warmer or jungle regions here is a list of some of the things you may want to bring with you on you Peru holidays.

We will start with the clothing you may need to take with you,  you will need to think in layers, it can be cold, hot and wet all in one day, so layers are the way to go. Some of the recommended clothing includes, lightweight T-Shirts, shorts, long trekking pants, jeans, underwear as much as you think you will need, the same with socks.  A warm jumper and a zip up jacket ( preferably fleece ) is necessary for the cold nights as well as a good jacket, a big scarf ( can be used for many different purposes) a hat that covers both your face and neck, a going out outfit, sunglasses and bathing suit for the hot springs.

Footwear is also important and you have to bring the right type. Good quality walking shoes are necessary; you will do a lot of walking so you need to be comfortable. If you plan to do any hiking you will need high ankle boots that also need to be waterproof, these you need to purchase in a store to get the proper fit. Flat sandals also can come in handy to give your feet a rest from the boots.

If you plan to spend time in the warmer regions of Peru, you will need to consider the type of clothing that is suitable for these regions. Lightweight cotton is the answer for your jungle excursion. To save you from getting bitten make sure you use long pants and long sleeves. For Lima and the coast in the summer months, you will need light clothing and sandals or flip-flops. The climate can get very hot and humid, but on the coast, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy.

Let us move onto other things you will need to bring on your travel Peru. It is a good idea to bring many of your toiletries and medicines with you to Peru. When visiting Machu Picchu remember that it is located in the jungle so bugs can be a problem, it is advised to bring your repellent from home, as the repellent in Peru is not as good as the lotion sold in your country. Same as sunscreen, you will need to re-apply several times a day especially while hiking. Medicines that you should bring with you are something for altitude sickness, painkillers, stomach pain medicine and something for the flu.

If you are travelling to the jungle areas you might want to ask you doctor about anti malaria medication. Something that will come in very handy are sticking plasters and some cream for blisters for if you are doing lots of walking. Sometimes it is hard to get the brands you like in Peru, so bring all the cosmetics you like, as you may not get them in Peru.

Regarding electronics Peru has power sockets that are A and C type, but citizens of most countries will need to bring an adaptor. Bring with you extra batteries and a DS card for you camera. A flashlight is always a good idea. Many of you love to read a good book while you travel but they can get heavy in your luggage, so these day E-Readers are the way to go, you can download new books when you have internet connection.

Here is a list of some of the other things that will come in extremely handy on you holiday or your luxury tours. Firstly a day pack to store you camera, water, snacks and your rain jacket and jumper, a day pack for day tours and if you are planning to hike.

Bring a good water bottle from home, this will serve you well on day tour and hikes, you can buy water almost everywhere to fill your bottles. Keeping hydrated especially in the altitude is very important.

Please also consider some of the following items that will make your holiday more enjoyable. It is important to buy travel insurance before you leave home, this you may not need but better to be safe than sorry.

travel essentials items visiting peru

The Lonely Planet is a great guidebook to take with you on any trip anywhere in the world and the Peru edition is a very helpful, offering history and advice on hotels, tours and attractions, in addition to the handbook a Spanish phrase book can help you out if you get in a difficult situation.

Somethings you should not take with you on your Peru holidays are the following, leave your expensive jewelry at home, these item can make you a target for thieves. Do not take lots of cash with you, as there are plenty of ATM´s in all the major cities to withdraw money.

Many of the things you need you will be able to obtain in Peru, is if you forget to pack something do not worry; just ask the reception of your hotel for some helpful advice on where to buy what you need.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!

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