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When we think of Peru, many interesting things come to mind. Peru is synonymous with great diversity, historical wealth, natural beauty, ancient cultures, and imposing highlands. Peru’s natural and mystical essence is blessed by nature, which means that there is a symbiotic connection with Mother Earth or Pachamama. This beautiful harmony between humans and nature has been preserved over time. The Incas found their most important deities in landscapes. For this reason, the Peruvian environment, such as the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra, also called Apus, are revered as gods. They are sacred beings of the ancient Andean worldview. As you can see, this is one of the thousands of reasons why Peru captivates millions of travelers from all over the world. That is why together with Machu Travel Peru, we have prepared an article on where to go see snow in Peru.

And now, you may be wondering Where can I go to see snow? The snowy mountains of Peru are an excellent way to see snow. And Peru has a great variety of snow-capped mountains in the Andes Mountains. The Cordillera de Los Andes is one of the most impressive and extensive mountain ranges in the world. It crosses the country from north to south. In the Peruvian Andes, you will find some of the highest peaks on the continent, and there are many to name. But Machu Travel Peru will highlight some magical and impressive snowy landscapes that you must visit when traveling to Peru.

Some of the best peaks to go and see snow in Peru


where can i go to see snow huascaran

This snowy peak is found in the Huascarán National Park (made up of 340,000 hectares), in the city of Ancash. It has a height of 6768 meters above sea level, which makes Huascarán the highest tropical mountain in Peru and the fifth highest mountain in America. The snowy Huascarán is surrounded by imposing glaciers, crystalline lagoons, and peaks that exceed 5000 meters in height. It is located in the Cordillera Blanca, the second-highest mountain range in the world. The panoramic views from the snowy peaks are completely beautiful and unbeatable. So, it is impossible to miss a visit to this wonderful site! This snow-capped mountain is one of the wonders that you have to make sure to visit in addition to the famous nature reserves in Peru. One of the best places to go and see snow in Peru.

The Huascarán National Park offers tourists the option of choosing between 25 hiking circuits and 102 climbing options both on rock and ice. Besides, the fauna around Huascarán is dazzling. This privileged place has 13 species of mammals and 112 species of birds. The most popular animals are vicuñas, vizcachas, gray deer, pumas, foxes, and weasels. Local authorities ensure its care and preservation. In addition, during your visit to the National Park, you will be able to see 33 archaeological sites that have settlements, rock art, tombs, viewpoints, fortifications, and irrigation channels. Huascarán is certainly a must-see.


where to go to see snow yerupaja

The second highest peak in Peru is the Yerupajá peak, which has a height of 6634 meters above sea level. This is the highest peak after Huascarán, but it is the largest in the entire Amazon basin. It is located between the limits of the Lima, Huánuco, and Ancash regions in the Huayhuash mountain range. It is located right in the center of Peru. The name Yerupajá, like other mountain names, belongs to the Quechua language. Yerupajá can be translated as “White Dawn”.

This site is a perfect place for those who love mountaineering. A different way to experience tourism in Peru. It is a mountain difficult to access thanks to its steep walls, not to mention that it is a mountain sensitive to movements. Not for nothing does he bear the nickname of the butcher. Keep in mind that climbing this mountain requires great physical fitness as well as previous experience in the activities. In the same way, if you do not have experience in hiking and mountaineering, you can try climbing other no less impressive alternatives.


where to go to see snow coropuna

The Coropuna mountain is located in the department of Arequipa. More specifically in the Viraco district, about 150 kilometers northwest of the city. It is located in the Ampato mountain range, in the Southern Peruvian Andes. The Coropuna has a height of 6425 meters above sea level and is a stratovolcanic complex. Which makes it the highest volcano in Peru and the third highest peak in the entire Andean country. The name Coropuna corresponds to the Quechua language and can be translated as “Puna” or “Golden Mountain”. If you are planning a trip to Peru, you cannot avoid visiting this wonderful snowy peak.

The Coropuna snow-capped mountain is a natural attraction for many tourists, but for the inhabitants, it is an important Apu. This means that it is an important Andean deity that protects the surrounding community. Although this mountainous complex is also usually an incredible attraction for lovers of mountaineering. The complex encompasses about six cones, although today everything is covered by a complex glacier system. Glaciers cover about 50 square kilometers where the slopes are covered for great distances. A curious fact about this snowy peak is that it was in this place where ceremonies and rituals of great importance for the Incan were carried out.


where can i go to see snow alpamayo

Many ask themselves where to go to see snow? Well, this is one of the most beautiful options. The Alpamayo is another mountain within the department of Ancash, in the central highlands of Peru. The Alpamayo is a mass of rock and ice that resembles a pyramid of great precision. And although it is not usually the highest mountain, it holds the title of the most beautiful mountain in the world. Without a doubt, it is one of the tourist sites in Peru that you cannot miss. Especially if you love trekking. The closest city to undertake the adventure is Caraz and is located about 467 kilometers from Lima.

It has a height of 5947 meters above sea level, it is one of the most conspicuous peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The mountain looks like a perfect pyramid. Given its unusual symmetry and distinguished appearance, Alpamayo was regarded as “The most beautiful mountain in the world” by Alpinismus magazine. The route that exists to reach the peak of the mountain crosses the southeast face. It is not easy at all and it looks a bit like the Himalayas.


where can i go to see snow huandoy

Huandoy is composed of four peaks and is the fourth highest mountain in Peru. It is located in the Huascarán National Park, at an altitude of 6395 meters above sea level. The greatest climbers in the world truly recognize this Peruvian jewel. It is the second-highest mountain in the Cordillera Blanca next to Huantsan. The Apu Huandoy has several rocky and ice climbing routes, with levels of high and low difficulty. Only those prepared climbers will be able to enjoy climbing the Huandoy peaks. Up there, between the snow and the clouds, four different peaks hide with different heights. Definitely, the Apu Huandoy challenges anyone who is looking for a true adventure vacation in Peru.

The closest town to the mountain is Caraz in the Ancash region. But if you are looking to enter Huandoy you will have to go through the Llanganuco ravine in the Yungay province. Moreover, there is a legend that dates back to pre-Inca times. Due to the proximity between Huandoy and Huascarán, some say that they were a princess and a soldier that the god Huaylas turned them into mountains and covered them with snow. One of the most famous places in Peru where you can see the snow and enjoy wonderful views.


where can i go to see snow ausangate

Ausangate is the most beautiful and famous snow-capped mountain in the Peruvian Andes. As it dominates the entire Andean highlands of southern Peru. It is located in the Cordillera de Vilcanota, near Cusco. It has a height of 6384 meters above sea level. At the same time, it is one of the most representative snow-capped mountains among the local population. And it is all due to its role in the pilgrimage to the shrine of Lord Q’oylluriti. Every year the festival of Q’oylluriti (Originally from the Quechua language that translates to “snow of stars”) is celebrated on the north side of Ausangate, before the celebration of Corpus Christi.

where can i go to see snow qoyllur riti

Besides, the region around Ausangate offers astonishingly beautiful wonders such as mountains, glaciers, and lagoons. You will witness an endless series of spectacular views over spectacular landscapes. It is a tourist attraction quite besieged by lovers of trekking or history. Some tours offer visits to countless archaeological sites around. You will find places such as the Colonial Temple of Checacupe, the Uchullucllo Thermal Baths, the Ausangate Lagoon, the Bridge, and others. Without a doubt, Apu Ausangate is an impressive landscape of unbeatable natural beauty. The perfect place to see snow in Peru during your trip.


Peru is a versatile place with interesting geography. So if you were looking to see snow in Peru, have no doubt that you will find endless places to see snow. There is more than one option where you can see snow in Peru and this was just a glimpse of everything there is available. Undoubtedly, the diversity of landscapes makes Peru one of the most unique destinations in South America and the entire world. There are also many things to do here as long as you are careful. Our country is among the best places for adventure activities such as hiking in the mountains or the Inca Trail. So, keep your health in mind and take proper precautions. Together with the Machu Travel Peru team, we have the best team and expert guides to make your trip a rewarding experience.

Peru has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. With many years of experience in the tourism sector, Machu Travel Peru is happy to help with anything regarding your trip to Machu Picchu and any tours around it. Make your Machu Picchu experience an unforgettable one!