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"We enjoyed all of our guides"

By Shawneen Flanders - From USA

We wouldn’t have been able to navigate this trip without your services, we enjoyed all of our guides, immensely mostly we were very impressed with their knowledge+ background. They all knew so much about the history, the places they showed us. The only thing we would have changed was flying to Puno instead of taking bus, the ride while informative, was too long, we enjoyed seeing the paths of Peru we would otherwise have not seen. We liked the sites, just too long.
All in all, as Robert put it “this is the best trip of my life” We loved Machu Picchu & were so amazed by it.
Originally that was all we intended to see but luckily we found you because we learned so much about Peru, it´s history, its people! We truly are overly satisfied by the services, tours, transportation & education you provided.

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