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social action projects in peru

Machu Travel Peru is convinced that tourism can and must be a road toward the development of Peru. We will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially focusing on its neediest citizens.


We participate actively in the development of the small Andean communities in which culture, education, and equal opportunity for development will be accessible to all. To promote access to culture, education, equal opportunity and to foster inclusive and self-sustainable development projects in communities where tourism-related opportunities exist.

national downhill championship

As part of our mission to help develop Down Hill sporting activity, Machu Travel Peru supported the National Down Hill Championships 2018 that finished in the Community of Llicllec, Calca, in the Sacred Valley, Cusco. Therefore, we supported and helped all the participants get to their highest levels of performance and to complete their highest abilities. Thanks to their push, their strength of will, and courage. In this form, these young people work hard to reach their objectives.

Machu Travel Peru was glad to be part of this competition supporting these athletes.  We believe that this is the best way to encourage and help new national athletes and, on the other hand, promote interest from the public in these events.

donation of musical instruments

Machu Travel Peru helps those local institutions that we feel are willing to offer good education to their students. The object of these actions is to provide tools for developing the potential of the students and to permit the best quality education. For this reason, Machu Travel Peru helps these schools and recently made a donation of musical instruments to the Uriel Garcia School in Cusco City. This is how, in a small way, we help improve the quality of education in arts and science for the students in Cusco.

sports sponsor

Here, at Machu Travel Peru, we have committed to promote sporting activities and show  the use of sports helps the young to improve social interaction and reinforces their values, self-esteem, solidarity, and work as a team. As part of our promise in Machu Travel Peru helping the talent in Down Hill, we promote Aaron Duque and Elias Caceres, two talented young people, who participate in Down Hill competitions at a national level. The assistance Machu Travel Peru gives as a company, helps to improve their talents, motivate, strengthen, and help to realize their dreams.

niños del arco iris foundation

We will never forget where we come from, where our roots are and the land which we grew up in. That is why we are committed to Andean children and local teenager’s education and health care. Through this amazing social project Niños del Arco Iris Foundation, we have found an opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of children, teenagers and their families who live in poverty, having a better present and a promising future. With the money we receive from the tourists having lunch or staying the weekend, we will give the chance to these children and teenagers to move forward from chronic malnutrition and have a nutritive lunch every day as well as health care and an elementary school education. We won’t be able to have a better world if we do not provide our children a chance to have one… Let’s give them the chance… because every child has the right to be loved, be educated, be respected… to BE.

christmas 2014


A rural community close to Cusco, that suffers from poverty the same as any community in the Highlands, that has no electricity or drinking water, with a small shop and public school that has only one teacher who must educate more than 50 children from different levels. Towns such as these need our support. And Machu Travel Peru brought a little joy, hot chocolate and panettone to these children for Christmas 2014.

christmas 2013


In the community of Misminay, Cusco, there are 300 families who live and preserve their ancient traditions in harmony with nature and the belief in the cosmos. In this remarkable village, which possesses a mysterious textile iconography, unique plants and animals, and subtle gastronomy of native products, their pre-Hispanic customs are maintained. And, the best is that they share their traditions and customs with the foreign visitor. Machu Travel Peru had the honor of sharing pleasant moments with the people of Misminay at Christmas 2013. An unforgettable experience.