Machu Travel Peru


Our team is made of professionals of different backgrounds who come from diverse cities across Peru. Yet we converge on a common pursuit; excellence. We are innovators and perfectionists, persons who learn from each other, and develop a rewarding and meaningful career. Thus, we care passionately about delivering the best experience for our clients. Be sure that every work area of Machu Travel Peru will apply passion and perfección in the planning of your dream journey.  Our work is not only rewarded by financial compensation but also by the meaning we’ve brought to the journeys of our clients. Whether it’s a traveler sharing the experience of a lifetime in Machu Picchu witnessing the sunrise from the Sun Gate. A family memorial trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Or a 90-year-old professor who takes a trip down memory lane to Nazca line. Touching travel stories keep coming in and filling us with pride. Therefore, put your dreams in good hands and trust in us. You will obtain a lifetime of memories to share with others.

Leadership Area

Leading with passion and example

In Machu Travel Peru, this area, as the leader of an interdisciplinary team, has contagious dynamism and experience. And sets the tone through the passion to do what we love and the example of professionalism in the day-to-day. Thus, the area is involved in each process of planning to obtain your dream journey in Peru, by promoting a good, harmonious work environment, in addition to healthy competition among all the areas.


Founder and President

Heeder has been really passionate about tourism and about his native land since he was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. As a child, he started working in the travel industry, having the possibility to travel a lot in beautiful Peru. In this form, he obtained many years of experience in this dynamic industry and developed expertise in the design and operation of the best itineraries in Peru and other South American countries. Right now, after many years of experience, Hedder has become a true travel specialist. And founded Machu Travel Peru in 2011 with the idea of providing the best possible experience to people looking for a local operator with a high level of service.

In recent years, Machu Travel Peru has grown very fast becoming one of the most qualified local companies to provide excellent service to all its guests. Moreover, Hedder is always learning new things, and trying to improve every detail for the future traveler. Because he understands that his guests are the priority before, during, and after their trip. Therefore, we invite you to discover our beautiful country with Machu Travel Peru!

Management Area

Harmony in every step

Each area of Machu Travel Peru works harmoniously, with a high level of communication and coordination among them. All these are thanks to our management area. This work style contributes greatly to the realization of the journey of our passenger’s dreams. Transparency and communication in all our processes search for one objective, your happiness. In addition, the human factor of our collaborators is also important and this area ensures their well-being, because we believe in the well-being of our internal client first, to then provide quality services to our external client.


Administrative Manager

Monica is a prestigious professional who has studied Management and International Business. She enjoys traveling a lot because each experience he has lived has been unique. This is because Monica traveled by different parts of Peru, from the coast, passing by the Sierra, to the Peruvian Amazon. Also, she also loves nature and animals. Much of his career has been dedicated to quality customer service and sales because the quality of service development is very important to her and to any company in which she works. In this sense, currently, she works as an administrator in the management area of Machu Travel Peru. Her goals are to provide a great experience to the tourists together with the Machu Travel Peru team, always seeking customer satisfaction.

Marketing & System Area

Promoting quality

Marketing is not only an elaborate strategy for sales, this wonderful tool goes further by providing added value to the future traveler and bringing additional services in the form of information about the destination to visit, travel tips, curiosities, and travel recommendations. Machu Travel Peru understands it and is one of the leading tour operators in the content of updated and constant interest to the traveler in many platforms and Apps. In addition to being very well positioned in search engines. All this is backed by the high-quality services that a professional team of high level can give.


Marketing Manager

Rudy is natural from Cusco and an expert in Digital Marketing and brand positioning. He studied Systems Engineering at the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco and is passionate about technology topics. Currently, he is head of the Marketing Area at Machu Travel Peru and dedicates his knowledge to providing the best experience to all our clients through technology and digital environments. Independently, he has a Marketing agency in which he shows his great experience to other professionals and companies. He enjoys technology conversations, but if he can talk about Artificial intelligence A.I. He will enjoy the conversation even more. He isn’t afraid to share some aspects of his personal life. Even more, he considers himself a friendly and outgoing person and also loves to travel to see new places and do any physical activity. In resume, Rudy is a simple man who enjoys the simple things in life.


Content Creator

Pabel is passionate about history. He studied Tourism at the UNSAAC University, with a Digital Marketing master’s from the USIL Lima University, and creative writing at the University of Valencia, Spain. He not only likes the history of the Incas but of the different cultures around the world. Such is the case, that he traveled to Europe, as a tourist, to discover its rich history and the other side of tourism. Not the side that offers tours, but the one that receives the experiences. Now, he is glad to write in the section blogs of Machu Peru Travel about travel recommendations, interesting facts about Incas culture, tips, and important information about the Cusco and Peru destinations. His objective is to give the best information to future visitors to Peru.

Travel Consultants & Sales

Helping to create your dream trip

Our team is committed to guiding you, until the end, to get the journey you’ve always dreamed of. Transparency, assertive communication, and good disposition are the main characteristics of our travel consultants. Your dream trip, from the first sketches, will go at your own pace. Our travel consultant will be at your disposal through e-mails, video calls, and chats to analyze each detail of your desired trip, including budget, prices, and even the pace of activities of the trip. All with only objective, getting your dream journey.


Travel Consultant & Sales Manager

Alvaro was born and raised in Cusco and traveled all over Peru. He loves nature, especially birds, which is why he often explores the wonders of the Peruvian countryside. Likewise, he is also interested in environmental conservation, history, sports, hiking, and photography. He is also very proud to be part of a wonderful team that pioneered luxury companies in Cusco, always creating new and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, together with the Machu Travel Peru team, one of the most reputable companies in the market, he offers unique experiences, in unforgettable settings. Always paying special care and attention to every detail that is reflected in our excellent reviews. For this reason, you can be sure that your vacation in Peru will be unforgettable with him. Just let him know your needs and interests, and he will make it happen for you. Ask him what is the best way to experience Peruvian wildlife!


Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

Flor was born in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in the Paucartambo zone, in Manu. From childhood, always she has liked being in connection with nature. She was there that his passion for bird watching and conservation was born. Today, she belongs to conservation and bird-watching groups, COAP PERU and PERU WOMEN BIRDERS, as well as she participates in conservation activities with some local municipalities. This was his reason to study Tourism at the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco. For this reason, she likes to make the tourism career his passion at Machu Travel Peru. For a few years, she has been working in different tourism companies and currently, she develops all her talent in Machu Picchu.


Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

Delia is a professional in tourism career. She opted for this profession because from childhood she liked learning different languages besides English. Over the years, she worked on what she liked the most, in the Reserve, Operation, and Sales areas. Nowadays, she works in the Sales area because she is delighted to advise clients very clearly and with a lot of patience, making their stay in Peru unforgettable with the Machu Travel Peru team, one of the most reputable teams in the tourist Peruvian industry by offering quality services, guarantee, and punctuality. She together with the Machu Travel Picchu team offers unique and wonderful experiences. Therefore, you can be assured that your vacations in Peru will be unforgettable with her. Just let her know your needs and interests and she’ll make it happen for you.

Jennyfer Becerra

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

I’m from Cusco, Peru. I studied tourism and lyrical music. Throughout my experience in this field, I have explored different cities and discovered moments of connection with the Andean nature. I must say that there is a wide range of aesthetics to discover in this beautiful country, both in Peru and in the different destinations we offer. I have received various recognitions for passenger service in various sectors of tourism, and I have a lot of experience, especially in trains and luxury service. I have the desire to continue learning and improving quality standards to enhance the company I work for.

Giussepe Marreros

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

I am passionate about tourism in the Cusco region of Peru. Born and raised in the Andes, I grew up listening to my grandparents’ stories about the Incas and exploring ancient trails with my grandfather.
I studied Tourism and Administration in Cusco, specializing in ecotourism and cultural tourism. After working in various sectors of the tourism industry and deepening my knowledge of local history, I joined Machu Travel to promote sustainable tourism and ensure that my community benefits from tourism activities.
My mission is to offer authentic experiences that respect the environment and local communities. I love creating unique itineraries that showcase Cusco’s beauty, from Machu Picchu to Rainbow Mountain. Seeing the excitement and awe on my clients’ faces is my greatest reward. I look forward to sharing the magic of Cusco with you!

Pamela Fernandez

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

My name is Pamela Fernandez, I was born in Cusco, I love history as well as traveling That is why I enjoy working in the tourism area. I enjoy being part of a team committed to providing memorable experiences.
I am here to help you to plan your dreamer holiday to Peru to enjoy the amazing, unique, and beautiful places that can only be found in Peru.

Maribel Huillca

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself. I am 38 years old and I hail from the beautiful city of Cusco, Peru, where I’ve developed a deep love for our country’s rich history and vibrant culture. I have a passion for exploring places, especially its small villages, where the true essence of our heritage can be found.
I have the privilege of connecting people like you with the wonders of Peru. Whether it’s the breathtaking landscapes or the fascinating history, I find joy in helping you uncover the hidden gems that make our country so special.
What sets me apart is my genuine enthusiasm for what I do. I believe that travel is not just about visiting places; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences. That’s why I’m always eager to share my knowledge and insights to make your journey with us truly memorable.
My goal is to ensure that your time in Peru is nothing short of amazing. I look forward being a part of your travel experience and helping you create memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Norka Socualaya

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

I was born in Cusco, Peru, and I am a passionate traveler with a deep love for nature. I love exploring new destinations and immersing myself in it’s traditions. As an ambassador for my city, I am here to help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Peru. I aim to give you worry free trip so all you must do is sit back and enjoy the amazing, unique, and beautiful places that can only be found in Peru. So much to see in one country from coastal cities such as Lima, deserts along the coast, the imposing Andes mountains, mysterious sites built by the Incas, and other ancient civilizations, not forgetting the beautiful Amazon Basin where you will witness nature . Peru is a country full of magic and history, where beautiful landscapes are mixed with breathtaking archeological sites, delicious food, and warm-hearted people. Please, contact me to assist you in everything you need so you can have the most unforgettable trip of your life.

Lucy Espinoza

Travel Consultant & Sales Agent

I love my land like no one else, that is reason why I studied tourism and also to make my country known to the world, Peru is an incomparable country, where you can live more than one unforgettable experience, now that each of its cities has a unique charm, Cusco with our World Wonder “Machu Picchu” and the magnetism that each of its archaeological centers keeps, which were witnesses of the experiences of the Incas, you will not regret visiting this city and the others that do not lose their charm, to make this dream possible you will count on me. I assure you that together we will organize an unforgettable travel program through Peru and other destinations you desire.

Reserve & Operation Area

Making your planned trip come true

Our experienced area of reserve and operation is responsible for making bookings and hiring suitable tourist providers in order to get the best of the best in your dream trip through Peruvian and South American lands. Without mentioning the 5-star hotels and 5-fork restaurants in which we work. But our work doesn’t end once the tour is confirmed. Operations monitor your trip in real-time, keeping an eye out for contingencies that can be resolved immediately.


Operation Manager

Sol studied tourism at the UNSAAC University in the city of Cusco. In early 2008, she began her passion for working in Tourism. For this reason, Sol considers Peru a high-level destination with potential. She loves to learn every day and considers himself a curious person for that. Consequently, she loves being part of an excellent team of professionals and at the same time doing what she loves, which is taking care of the tourists during their stay in Peru. Therefore, she is very proud to be on such a great team that was awarded for luxury service for the past few years; Machu Travel Peru. So, she loves being in contact with the tourist and taking care of every detail of his trip, she considers it a fascinating job since it is always in constant learning

Her goal is to satisfy customer requests, no matter how big or small, before, during, or after their vacation. She will be in charge of sending him useful tips to improve her experience in the land of the Incas.


Reservation Executive

Paola began working in Machu Travel Peru almost 8 years ago as in charge of the Reservation department. In this sense, she really enjoys her time working for a great professional team. She is a native of Urubamba, a small town located in the Sacred Valley, a touristic zone in Cusco. In addition, she is passionate about traveling, having visited many destinations in our beautiful country. So she takes great pride in offering the best possible experience to our guests, booking and hiring the best hotels, restaurants, transports, and even guides. She is proof that in Machu Travel Peru, we listen to you. And, of course, Paola will be happy to help you organize her dream vacation.

Accounting Area

Calm journey, clear accounts

Keeping the accounts in order makes the gear turn easier in order to obtain the dream trip of our future travelers. In this sense, Machu Travel Peru has an important financial back that guarantees security and confidence in each deposit that our clients make. Money well invested in quality services and providers. The account area is responsible for ensuring and keep in order this part of the process. This is another reason why Machu Travel Peru is a serious and responsible tour operator in South America.


Responsible Accountant

Vanesa was born in Cusco and from childhood, she was involved in the tourism sector. This was the main reason to study and graduated with a degree in tourism from the Andina University of Cusco. Without mentioning that she has a Master’s in Business Administration from the same university. Afterward, she had the opportunity to travel to Europe to learn about new cultures and experience tourism outside of Peru. His life motto is: “Be a reflection of what you would like to receive” and loves to enjoy her day-to-day and travel with her husband and their dog Jack. With more than 11 years of working in Tourism, Vanesa is delighted to offer quality services to tourists and make passengers feel that satisfaction by having a Machu Travel Peru service since her job position. She is the person who makes sure that the company is very good at accounting matters.

For a year she has been working in the operation and accounting area of Machu Travel Peru and is delighted with the honest thanks and recognition of the passengers after taking a service with Machu Travel Peru.

Tour Guides Department

Guiding you through your dreams

The guide is the visible face of any tourist corporation and the direct contact with the most precious asset, our tourists. Therefore, our guides are guardian angels of every traveler during his itinerary and have many years of experience, passion, and dedication to what they do. For this reason, our exclusive staff is prepared to guide and assist you in any part of Peru and in any moment of your itinerary. Because they keep constant communication with the Operations area administered by Sol Cáceres. We invite you to learn a little more about our exclusive staff of guides!


Head Guide in Cusco

Jesús is from Urubamba, a beautiful town located on the outskirts of the imperial city of Cusco. Since he was a child he liked culture, history, and nature more than anything else. This passion to experience everything that exists has helped him grow as a person, to gain a lot of experience and he is very happy about it. He loves to show our country to everyone who wants to learn a little more about our culture. For four years he studied Tour Guide techniques in Cusco, thus he acquired the necessary knowledge about this incredible career. Then he worked as a tour guide on many routes around Cusco and the country as well. At this moment, with pride, he works as part of the Machu Travel Peru team, as a tour guide. Taking care of every detail during his stay with us. 

Throughout the process, he enjoys every moment, as excitement levels are high when you travel to some of the most culturally rich places in the world. His main goal is to offer his guests the best possible experience so that they can form their own memories to take home and share with their loved ones.


Head Guide in Cusco

Hugo was born in Cusco and began his working life at age 20 as an operating assistant in a travel agency. In this form, he discovered his vocation when he was very young, felt a special attraction for languages, and had the facility to learn any language. Meanwhile, he was also studying and obtained a degree in Tourism from the Universidad San Antonio Abad with a specialization in Tourism Management in 2015. Hugo has traveled throughout South America, with Brazil being his favorite place, where he made many friends and assured us that the people there are very kind and friendly. Hugo has been part of Machu Travel Peru for many years and he is very proud to belong to this working group. 

He plans to visit Europe in the next few years as he is fascinated with the culture of this part of the world. In his spare time, he plays soccer with his friends, and what he loves the most is spending time with his little daughter.


Head Guide in Cusco & Machu Picchu

Born and raised in Cusco, Saul studied Tourism at the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco. He graduated in tourism and history of Peru, and from that moment he has served as a tour guide and ambassador of the history of Cusco and Peru. In the future, he would like to pursue a degree in Anthropology, which would complement the information on the culture and traditions of Peru. Saúl is passionate about his work, which is why he enjoys sharing everything he knows about Peru. Also, he is proud to be part of this great team at Machu Travel Peru and is confident in our way of working and our goals as a company.

Saúl has traveled all over Peru, especially to places where there are archaeological sites that were developed before the Inca period. So, he can understand a little more about our historical wealth and transmit this information to our travelers. But Saul isn’t far behind, one of his dreams is to travel to Egypt and discover the incredible secrets of this incredible place. Also, he enjoys exploring new trekking routes, and hidden towns where he can meet people who still maintain the ancestral way of life or simply walk around Cusco, as a nice way to enjoy his free time.


Head Guide in Lima

Álvaro trained as a tour guide and graduated in tourism from the San Antonio Abad University in Cusco before moving to Lima. Álvaro decided to study some languages like English and Portuguese to complete his skills as a guide. He worked for many companies around Peru and learned everything related to tourism. Now, with more than 20 years of experience, Álvaro loves his work, showing all our cultural and natural wealth. He has traveled with clients throughout the country which allowed him to spread and transmit the diverse diversity of cultural richness. Also, he has been part of our staff since 2015, being one of the most knowledgeable of our richness.

Moreover, Álvaro spends his free time visiting museums and archaeological sites throughout Peru, his passion for his heritage and the history of Peru motivated him to explore and investigate more about this great culture, before, during, and after the Inca period.


Head Guide in Lima

Shirley is originally from Cusco but decided to move to the capital of Peru with her husband in 1995. She graduated from a higher institute, where she studied Tourism and Accounting, after obtaining her degree she decided to study English at a Language Center, thus completing her skills to work in the tourism industry. As a child, Shirley, traveled a lot since her parents worked for a company that used to send them on trips constantly, Thanks to this, she, Shirley, knows almost all the cities of Peru. Now she has been working with us for more than 10 years, being an excellent tour guide and coworker.

Shirley enjoys her work at the company and is very proud to be part of this great team. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies with her family. She loves to travel with her whole family, especially to Cusco where she has relatives.


Head Guide in Puno

Clever was born and raised in Arequipa, a beautiful city in southern Peru. When he was 15 years old he moved to Puno, in this city he finished high school and began his professional career. Since he was a child, he loved to share his culture and knowledge. He remembers that once as a child he was a guide for a group of friends acting as a tour guide, at that moment he realized that he wanted to be a tour guide in the future. Consequently, Clever received a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from the Universidad del Altiplano. In this form, Clever had the opportunity to be part of Machu Travel Peru in 2015, and during these 5 years, he learned a lot about the tourism industry and his contributions to society.

He has had memorable moments with us and has traveled to almost every city in Peru, and his favorite place is the rainforest where he can be in close contact with the forest and wildlife. During his free time, Clever enjoys listening to classical music and playing soccer.


Head Guide in Puno

Born and raised in Puno, he graduated from the Universidad Andina N. Cáceres Velásquez with a degree in Administration and then in Tourism. He trained as a tour guide in different agencies, is a specialist in cultural tours, speaks English and Spanish, and now also studies Portuguese. Consequently, he decided to work as a tour guide for Machu Travel Peru in 2011 in the city of Puno, which was the most rewarding decision he had made. It was due to our reputation and our understanding of the quality of service. “I am very happy to work for this prestigious company,” says Fredy. He has been working in Machu Travel for many years and learned much more about the tourism industry and understood that the satisfaction and happiness of a client after the tours are the most important things for us.

Fredy will be happy to show our clients the history and traditions of this incredible place. Also, he likes to play soccer and says that this sport is his passion. For that reason, if he had not studied administration, he is sure that he would be a footballer.


Head Guide in Puno

Cesar grew up in Puno and is a descendant of an ancient Aymara family, so since his childhood, he has been immersed in the deep traditions of Puno and Lake Titicaca. He joined Machu Travel Peru in 2011 after graduating and earning a degree in tourism from the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano in Puno. Also, he is a tour specialist in this area, he speaks English, French, and Spanish. He also speaks Aymara, the ancestral language of Puno. César says “Without a doubt my vocation to share what I know with others and show our culture is something that satisfies me a lot”. Throughout his education and his career, Cesar combined his passion for travel, culture, and sustainable tourism practices.

Therefore, Cesar’s main objective is to provide high standards and quality in tourist services in this part of Peru. For all these reasons, Cesar is the person who can make you feel part of the history and tradition of Puno. Of course, Cesar enjoys his free time by reading a good book or spending time with his family.


Head Guide in Paracas

Joel is from Paracas, the land where it is summer and sunny most of the year. He has loved traveling since he was a child, which is why he decided to work on a cruise ship for many years after school graduation. During his travel time, he had the opportunity to get to know new cultures and traditions from the different places he visited. Thanks to this work he knows many places in the world and understands what a client expects when he is on vacation. He is a graduate of the San Luis Gonzaga University in Ica with a degree in Tourism and Administration and is also an expert in some adventure sports such as quads, sandboarding, and surfing. Also, Joel enjoys learning new languages, speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French, and German.

He loves spending time with his family watching a movie or just enjoying a moment together. Joel has been part of Machu Travel Peru for many years. The company trusts Joel’s work since he is our representative and travel assistant in Paracas, and we are happy to know that he is part of this team.

Transport Service Department

Arrive at your destination in comfort and safety

The transport and driver in a journey or trip are almost equal important as the tour guide. Even, the first ones call the second ones the “true guardian angels”. The transport units must be modern, in good condition, and with all the safety equipment. On the other hand, the driver has to show experience, kindness, and expertise. In this sense, our drivers and transport units prove to have all these characteristics. Please, we invite you to learn more about our two integrants in this important area.


Driver Cusco

Carlos is a native of the city of Iquitos, two hours in flight north of Lima. This beautiful city is known for its tropical climate and as the largest jungle city in Peru. Carlos attended the José Gálvez driving school, obtaining his driver’s license after a training course since he became a good driver of tourist transport. Carlos is passionate about good service; He thinks that the comfort and safety of our customers are the most important things when it comes to transportation. Thanks to this work, Carlos had the opportunity to drive all over Peru, knowing even the most remote place in the Andean country. Since 2016 he has been part of Machu Travel Peru as the official driver of the company. He knows the importance of taking good care of our clients, he is more than happy to work with us.

Carlos’s dream is to travel in his car through South America, he has been planning this trip for many years and soon hopes to make it come true. Also, Carlos likes to learn everything new about automobiles. He is passionate about automobiles and the latest technological advances.


Driver Cusco

Dante was born in Cusco and is one of our oldest and most efficient collaborators. He loved to travel as a child and is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of customer service experience. Dante is also one of the most skilled drivers in our company. Dante had the opportunity to be part of Machu Travel Peru after working in different companies. During the time that he worked as a professional driver, he learned a lot about the tourism industry and gained valuable experience in everything that relates to good service and customer satisfaction. He is surely one of our most efficient collaborators.

Dante loves our ancient history and culture and is always reading a book about the history of the Incas. In his free time, Dante rides a bicycle around Cusco, since our city has beautiful places for this type of sport, you can also find him, playing soccer with his friends or swimming, he loves sports.