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In the constant pursuit of excellence

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, travelers hailing from cities across Peru, yet we converge on a common pursuit for excellence. We are innovators and perfectionists. We care passionately about delivering the best experience for our clients. In every area of work at Machu Travel Peru, you will work with smart people, learn from each other, and develop a career that’s both rewarding and meaningful.

Our work is not only rewarded by financial compensation, but also by the meaning we’ve brought to others. Whether it’s a client sharing their trip of a lifetime in Machu Picchu witness the sunrise from the Sun Gate, a family memorial trip to Peru, or a 90 year-old professor who took a trip down memory lane to Nazca line, extraordinary travel stories keep coming in from our clients. Join us in a career that gives a lifetime of memories to others.

hedder puente de la vega

Hedder Puente de la Vega

Founder and President

He was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. Hedder founded Machu Travel Peru in 2011 with the idea of providing the best possible experience to people looking for a local operator with a high level of service. As a child he started working in the travel industry, having the possibility to travel a lot in our beautiful country. Right now, after many years of experience in this beautiful industry, Hedder considers himself a travel specialist. He has experience in the design and operation of the best itineraries in Peru and other South American countries. In recent years, Machu Travel Peru has grown very fast becoming one of the most qualified local companies to provide excellent service to all our guests.

Hedder is always learning new things, trying to improve every detail for you. Because we understand that our guests are the priority before, during, and after their trip. We invite you to discover our beautiful country with Machu Travel Peru.

jessenia pacheco

Jessenia Pacheco

Customer Service Coordinator

Jessenia is passionate about customer service; She is considered extremely careful about our guests' requests. She likes to hear the many stories and anecdotes from our guests during her adventures in Peru and other South American countries. She also loves adventure sports and her favorite is mountain biking. She studied tourism for four years and during that time she realized that it is her career in her life. The company is committed to a high level of services and that is what makes this job completely incredible.

She also worked in an NGO together with American doctors helping the poorest communities in the Cusco region, and I learned many interesting things during this time. Jessenia says that she is always eager to explore the world with her own eyes.

paola diaz

Paola Diaz

Reservations Executive

Paola began working in the operations area of Machu Travel Peru almost five years ago as part-time in charge of the Operations department. Also, she is currently in charge of it and really enjoys her time working for Machu Travel Peru.

She is a native of Urubamba, a small town located in Cusco. In addition, she is passionate about traveling, having visited many destinations in our beautiful country. So she takes great pride in offering the best possible experience to our guests. Here at Machu Travel Peru, we listen to you. Paola will be happy to help you organize her dream vacation.

lizbeth masías

Lizbeth Masías

Travel Designer

She was born and raised in Cusco. Lizbeth traveled all over Peru. She loves nature, especially birds, which is why she often explores the wonders of the Peruvian countryside. Likewise, she is also interested in environmental conservation, history, sports, hiking, and photography.
She is also very proud to be part of a wonderful team that pioneered luxury companies in Cusco, always creating new and unforgettable experiences. Always paying special care and attention to every detail that is reflected in our excellent reviews.

Together with the Machu Travel Peru team, one of the most reputable companies in the market, we offer unique experiences, in unforgettable settings. You can be sure that your vacation in Peru will be unforgettable with us, just let us know your needs and interests, and we will make it happen for you.
Ask me what is the best way to experience Peruvian wildlife!

jesus martinez

Jesus Martinez

Reservations Manager

Jesús is from Urubamba, a beautiful town located on the outskirts of the imperial city of Cusco. Since he was a child he liked culture, history, and nature more than anything else. This passion to experience everything that exists has helped him grow as a person and he is very happy about it. He loves to show our country to everyone who wants to learn a little more about our culture. For four years he studied tourism in Cusco, thus I acquired the necessary knowledge about this incredible career. Then he was working as a tour guide on many routes around the City and the country as well. At this moment, with pride, he works as part of the Machu Travel Peru team in the operations area, taking care of every detail during his stay with us.

Throughout the process, he enjoys every moment, as excitement levels are high when you travel to some of the most culturally rich places in the world. His main goal is to offer my guests the best possible experience so that they can form their own memories to take home and share with their loved ones. The Peruvian wonderland is waiting for you!

sol caceres

Sol Cáceres

Operations Manager

Sol studied tourism at the UNSAAC university within the city of Cusco. In early 2008, she began her passion for working in Tourism. She loves being in contact with people and taking care of every detail of the trip, she considers it a fascinating job since it is always in constant development. We can always configure new routes, activities, experiences, etc. Peru is waiting for you to find out. Sol considers Peru as a high-level destination with potential. He loves to learn every day and considers himself a curious person for that. Sol is constantly learning about cool new products. Also, she is very proud to be on such a great team that was awarded for luxury service for the past few years.

We focus on paying special attention and dedication to every detail that was reflected in our excellent reviews. Machu Travel Peru is a leading company with a high level of service. Sol loves being part of this excellent team and at the same time doing what she loves, which is taking care of you during your stay with us. Their goal is to satisfy customer requests, no matter how big or small, before, during, or after their vacation. She will be in charge of sending you useful tips to improve her experience in the land of the Incas.

pabel gustavo surco

Pabel Gustavo Surco

Content Creator

Pabel is passionate about history. He studied Tourism at the UNSAAC university, with a Digital Marketing diploma from the USIL Lima university, and creative writing at the University of Valencia, Spain. He not only likes the history of the Incas but of the different cultures around the world. Such is the case, that he traveled to Europe, as a tourist, to discover its rich history and the other side of tourism. Not the side that offers tours, but the one that receives the experiences. Now, he is glad to write in the section blogs of CuscoPeruTravel about travel recommendations, interesting facts about Incas culture, tips, and important information about the Cusco and Peru destinations. His objective is to give the best information to future visitors to Peru.

alvaro olave

Alvaro de Olave

Head Guide Lima

Álvaro trained as a tour guide and graduated in tourism from the San Antonio Abad University in Cusco before moving to Lima. Álvaro decided to study some languages like English and Portuguese to complete his skills as a guide. He worked for many companies and learned everything related to tourism. With more than 20 years of experience, Álvaro loves his work, showing all our cultural and natural wealth. He has traveled with clients throughout the country which allowed him to spread and transmit the diverse diversity of cultural richness.

Álvaro is part of our staff since 2015, being one of the most knowledgeable tour guides of our staff and part of this great family of Machu Travel Peru. Álvaro spends his free time visiting museums and archaeological sites throughout Peru, his passion for his heritage and the history of Peru motivated him to explore and investigate more about this great culture, before, during, and after the Inca period. In addition, Álvaro wants to visit historical places in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He loves to travel and everything related to history.

shirley palomino

Shirley Palomino

Head Guide Lima

Shirley is originally from Cusco but decided to move to Lima, Peru in 1995. She married and moved to Lima with her husband to start a new life there. She graduated from a higher institute, where she studied Tourism and Accounting, after obtaining her degree she decided to study English at a Language Center, thus completing her skills to work in the tourism industry. As a child, Shirley, traveled a lot since her parents worked for a company that used to send them on trips constantly, thanks to this, she, Shirley, knows almost all the cities of Peru.

Now she is working with us for more than 5 years, being an excellent accountant and coworker. She is the person who makes sure that the company is very good at accounting matters. Shirley enjoys her work at the company and is very proud to be part of this great team. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies with her family. She loves to travel with her whole family, especially to Cusco where she has relatives.

hugo tamayo

Hugo Tamayo

Head Guide Cusco

Hugo was born in Cusco and began his working life at age 20 as an operating assistant in a travel agency. Meanwhile, he was also working and studying; He obtained a degree in Tourism from the Universidad San Antonio Abad with a specialization in Tourism Management in 2015. He discovered his vocation when he was very young, felt a special attraction for languages, and had the facility to learn any language with ease. Hugo has traveled throughout South America, with Brazil being his favorite place, where he made many friends and believes that the people are very kind and friendly. Hugo has been part of Machu Travel Peru for many years, he is very proud to belong to this working group.

He has plans to visit Europe in the next few years as he is fascinated with the culture of this part of the world. In his spare time he plays soccer with his friends, and what he loves the most is spending time with his little daughter.

clever apaza

Clever Apaza

Head Guide Puno

Clever was born and raised in Arequipa, a beautiful city in southern Peru. When he was 15 years old he moved to Puno, in this city he finished high school and began his professional career. Since he was a child, he loved to share his culture and knowledge. He remembers that once as a child he was a guide for a group of friends acting as a tour guide, at that moment he realized that he wanted to be a tour guide in the future. Clever received a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from the Universidad del Altiplano. Clever had the opportunity to be part of Machu Travel Peru in 2015, during these 5 years he learned a lot about the tourism industry and his contributions to society.

He had memorable moments and made great friends during the time he worked with us. Clever has traveled to almost every city in Peru, and his favorite place is the rainforest where he can be in close contact with the forest and wildlife. During his free time, Clever enjoys listening to classical music and playing soccer.

fredy flores

Fredy Flores

Head Guide Puno

Born and raised in Puno, he graduated from the Universidad Andina N. Cáceres Velásquez with a degree in Administration and then in Tourism. He decided to work as an administrator for Machu Travel Peru in 2011 in the city of Puno, being the most rewarding decision I have made. He decided to work with us because of our reputation and our understanding of the quality of service. "I am very happy to work for this prestigious company," says Fredy. He trained as a tour guide in different agencies, is a specialist in cultural tours, speaks English and Spanish, and now also studies Portuguese.

Fredy has been working at Machu Travel for many years and learned much more about the tourism industry and understood that the satisfaction and happiness of a client after the tours are the most important thing for us. Fredy will be happy to show our clients the history and traditions of this incredible place. He likes to play soccer and says that this sport is his passion. For that reason, if he had not studied administration, he is sure that he would be a footballer.

cesar flores

Cesar Flores

Head Guide Puno

Cesar joined Machu Travel Peru in 2011 after graduating and earning a degree in tourism from the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano in Puno. Throughout his education and his career, Cesar combined his passion for travel, culture, and sustainable tourism practices. Cesar's main objective is to provide high standards and quality in tourist services in this part of Peru. He grew up in Puno and is a descendant of an ancient Aymara family, so since his childhood, he has been immersed in the deep traditions of Puno and Lake Titicaca. Cesar is the person who can make you feel part of the history and tradition of Puno.

Cesar is a tour specialist in this area, he speaks English, French, and Spanish. He also speaks Aymara, the ancestral language of Puno. César says "without a doubt my vocation to share what I know with others and show our culture is something that satisfies me a lot”. Cesar enjoys his free time by reading a good book or spending time with his family.

joel jara

Joel Jara

Head Guide Paracas

Joel is from Paracas, the land where it is summer and sunny most of the year. He has loved traveling since he was a child, which is why he decided to work on a cruise ship for many years after graduation. Thanks to this work he knows many places in the world and understands what a client expects when he is on vacation. He is a graduate of the San Luis Gonzaga University in Ica with a degree in Tourism and Administration and is also an expert in some adventure sports such as quads, sandboarding, and surfing.

Joel enjoys learning new languages, speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French, and is now studying German. During his travel time, he had the opportunity to get to know new cultures and traditions from the different places he visited. He loves spending time with his family watching a movie or just enjoying a moment together. Joel has been part of Machu Travel Peru for many years, the company trusts Joel's work since he is our representative and travel assistant in Paracas, we are happy to know that Joel is part of this team.

saul herrera

Saul Herrera

Head Guide Cusco & Machu Picchu

Born and raised in Cusco, he studied Tourism at the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco. He graduated in tourism and history of Peru, from that moment he has served as a tour guide and ambassador of the history of Cusco and Peru. In the future, he would like to pursue a degree in Anthropology, which would complement the information on the culture and traditions of Peru. Saúl is passionate about his work, which is why he enjoys too much sharing everything he knows about him. Saul is part of this great team at Machu Travel Peru; He is proud to be part of this great team and is confident in our way of working and our goals as a company.

Saúl has traveled all over Peru, especially in places where there are archaeological sites that were developed before the Inca period. So, he can understand a little more about our historical wealth. One of Saul's dreams is to travel to Egypt and discover the incredible secrets of this incredible place. Saúl enjoys exploring new trekking routes, hidden towns where he can meet people who still maintain the ancestral way of life or simply walk around Cusco, a nice way to enjoy his free time.

carlos tananta

Carlos Tananta

Driver Cusco

Carlos is a native of the city of Iquitos, two hours north of Lima. This beautiful city is known for its tropical climate and as the largest jungle city in Peru. Carlos attended the José Gálvez driving school, obtaining his driver's license after a training course since he became a good driver of tourist transport. Carlos is passionate about good service; He thinks that the comfort and safety of our customers are the most important things when it comes to transportation. Thanks to this work, Carlos had the opportunity to drive all over Peru, knowing even the most remote place.

Since 2016 he is part of Machu Travel Peru as the official driver of the company. He knows the importance of taking good care of our clients, he is more than happy to work with us. Carlos's dream is to travel in his car through South America, he has been planning this trip for many years and soon hopes to make it come true. Carlos likes to learn everything new about automobiles. He is passionate about automobiles and the latest technological advances.

dante oroz

Dante Oroz

Driver Cusco

Dante was born in Cusco, one of our oldest and most efficient collaborators. He loved to travel as a child, he is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of customer service experience. Dante is also one of the most skilled drivers in our company. Dante had the opportunity to be part of Machu Travel Peru after working in different companies. During the time that he worked as a professional driver, he learned a lot about the tourism industry, gained valuable experience in everything that relates to good service and customer satisfaction. He is surely one of our most efficient collaborators.

Dante loves our ancient history and culture and is always reading a book about the history of the Incas. In his free time, Dante rides a bicycle around Cusco, since our city has beautiful places for this type of sports, you can also find him, playing soccer with his friends or swimming, he loves sports.