Perfect experience on the Amazon

Amazon River Cruises in Peru

Designed to explore the Peruvian Amazon in luxury and comfort.

Peru is the second extensive territory in South America through which the Amazon River flows. Its Amazon basin is astonishingly vast and the biodiversity of Peru that lives through its shores is really awesome. Of course, the Peru cruises that sail through it offer unique experiences in journeys from 3 up to 7 days. Birdwatching, hiking through the jungle, kayaking, swimming, paddle surfing, and snorkeling are some examples of the amazing experiences offered by them. Of course, you will be always monitored by their experienced guides.

Moreover, the services onboard Peruvian cruises are other quality factors. Rooms and cabins like 5-star hotel suites, private bathrooms, large dining rooms, cozy living rooms, spa centers, gyms, and even open-air pools will surprise you! Just imagine sailing through the Amazon River in dream experiences of many days with all these commodities, spectacular views of local flora and fauna, activities in the jungle, and the best Amazon food.

Well, we invite you to know more about the exclusive Peru cruises with which we work!

Aria Amazon Cruise

Sail through the mystic Amazon and delve into the depths of the Peruvian jungle onboard the luxury and traditional river cruise Aria Amazon. Discover amazing wildlife in different activities led by our expert guides in a secure and sophisticated form.

Aqua Nera

The Aqua Nera is Aqua Expeditions' latest river cruiser and provides journeys along the incredible Amazon River with a modern and opulent flair. Naturally, the package comprises bird watching, observing wildlife, and enjoying water sports.

Delfin I

The Delfin I is a cruise with a minimum of the suites to assure elegance and comfort on board to its exclusive passengers. The cruise has 4 large luxury suites with panoramic terraces, two of which have private jacuzzis to ensure total comfort.

Delfin II

The Delfin II offers more capacity and services than its predecessor. 14 comfortable suites, 4 of them Master Suites, and 10 large suites. The extra services on board include a gym, a conference hall, and even a comfortable spa.

Delfin III

The Delfin III is the largest cruise ship in the fleet with capacity for 44 passengers. Its 22 suites are perfectly distributed in its three levels, and share space with a sun deck, a gym, a boutique store, a lounge, a dining room, and even a rainforest spa.