Activities you can do on Paracas National Reserve Tour

paracas national reserve tour fauna

The desertic paradise of Paracas, also known as El Chaco, is not only a beautiful beach destination on the Southern coast of Peru but also a biodiverse rich place. The Paracas Peninsula is part of the government-protected Paracas National Reserve. It offers a spectacular combination of wildlife, dramatic landscapes, and ancient culture. For this reason, […]

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Exploring the best beaches of the coast of Peru in your next trip

peru beaches punta sal

Peruvians are really proud of our ancient culture, Inca ruins, and stunning Amazonian jungle, but our beautiful South American country offers plenty of other things and places to visit as well. Have you ever heard the ocean breeze puts a mind at ease? Yes, I know you are smiling right now. A beach holiday is […]

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The Bizz Awards 2019 Business Excellence Certificate

the bizz awards

The Bizz was created by the World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB) in order to offer to the global business community benefits that promote their development. WORLDCOB, founded in the United States of America, boosts its members through special tools and services in order to develop their potential as a social force and establishing strategies aimed […]

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How to get the best Tambopata Lodge in your Amazon Tour?

tambopata lodge jungle

In order to guarantee a fulfilling jungle experience, an Amazon tour has to be accompanied by comfort and quality. So, you may wonder how to choose the best and authentic Tambopata lodge… Most travelers spend a great deal of time planning their holidays, they consider it’s exciting to get everything ready; therefore, travel to Tambopata […]

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How to get Safety Travel insurance before your travel to Peru

peru travel safety mountain

Traveling is the greatest pleasure in life. Whether you’re exploring the Peruvian highlands or surfing the world’s longest wave, having travel insurance is essential. Peru travel safety is a very important concern for most travelers. So, be sure to get your travel insurance sorted before you head off on a Peruvian adventure. Travel insurance not only provides […]

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The best places in Peru for photography enthusiasts and Sightseeing Tours

peru sightseeing humantay

The wonders of Peru are a reflection of its three geographical regions which give it a unique diversity of natural resources. The enormous range of beautiful landscapes in and around the country gives you many opportunities for interesting Peru sightseeing. Traveling around the unique, historic and mystic Peruvian lands, you will witness a marvelous scenery […]

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This is the best time to travel to Peru to do adventure sports

best time to visit peru snow

For adventurous spirits and adrenaline-seekers, planning a trip to Peru can be extremely fascinating but it’s important to choose the best time to visit Peru in order to enjoy an exciting lifetime experience. As a versatile and geographically diverse country, Peru offers several ways to feel the extreme adrenaline in every pore of the skin […]

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