Top attractions you can’t miss out when traveling to Cusco

cusco top attractions

Cusco is a magical place not only for its historical richness but also for its vibrant energy. Machu Travel Peru has compiled an interesting list of Cusco top attractions that guarantee to impress anyone. Indeed, there is no doubt that Cusco is the most visited city in Peru for the incredible heritage of our Inca […]

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The best adventure vacations for end-year holidays in Peru

adventure holidays peru

This was written for those who have an endless lifelong curiosity and wanderlust like the team of Machu Travel Peru. When we think of adventure holidays in Peru, we picture exploring far-flung places, trekking Andean peaks, immersing in diverse cultures and of course, venturing out of our comfort zone. Your Machu Picchu tours will be […]

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What are the benefits of taking a luxury Tour in Peru instead of a normal trip?

luxury tours paracas

Traveling around Peru is an endlessly fascinating journey. Machu Travel Peru thinks that the best way to experience its incredible natural diversity, cultural treasures, exquisite cuisine, and iconic Inca history while enjoying maximum comfort is to take some luxury tours. There are plenty of reasons why you should visit our country. Indeed, the list is […]

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5 Ecotourism attractions in Peru: Enjoy the best from the nature

ecotourism in peru paracas

The team of Machu Travel Peru intrinsically thinks that nature is as important as oxygen. Contact with nature is not only essential for our life, health, and happiness but also therapeutic. For children and adults alike, nature has immediate positive effects like a better mood and less stress. Ecotourism in Peru is an alternative form […]

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Short Vacation ideas to go and practice extreme activities

short vacation ideas in peru

Peru attracts lots of visitors every day, most of them thrill-seekers, intrepid adventurous and history buff travelers. Its ancient sites, colonial traditions, incredible topography, and diverse ecosystem, make Peru one of the most popular destinations in the whole world. What Machu Travel Peru wants to say is that you will have lots of short vacation […]

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