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Frequently Asked Questions about Peru

Inside this file you will find hundreds of photos which reveal each destination and tourist attraction in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. All these photos may help you to have an idea of places you would like to visit.

About Machu Picchu Peru

Financial Security

Is Machu Travel Peru financially secure?

Yes. Machu Travel Peru started on February 15th, 2011; and has been profitable all these years since our beginnings as Peruvian tour operator. Machu Travel Peru has substantial financial reserves that exceed the requirements set down by IATA and the financial backing of HSBC in Peru. This allows us to be a travel agency with total guarantee for our clients.

What happens to my money when I pay for my trip?

When Machu Travel Peru receives money from you, the funds are deposited into an account from our company at HSBC bank. Then we use the money to pay all services that your trip requires so we can give you everything that your travel agent offered before; in this way you’ll enjoy all the requirements of your trip so you can arrive without any incident or anything to worry about. That’s how we can ensure that you’ll enjoy your visit with the satisfaction of choosing Machu Travel Peru as your travel agent.

Employment With Machu Travel Peru

I am interested in working with Machu Travel Peru, where do I find out more information?

If you want to be part of our team and receive all the exciting perks, benefits and what’s available right now, please visit our website and contact us.

The Machu Travel Foundation

What is The Machu Travel Foundation?

Machu Travel Peru (M.T.P) foundation is a not-for-profit fund that helps bring support to remote communities forgotten by the government in the places that Machu Travel Peru visits each year. We make the people in those communities don’t feel alone and give them some donations. The foundation receives unconditional support from our travelers around the world with cash donations that help us continue bringing development and help to Peruvian communities.

How did it start?

Machu Picchu Travel founder started the foundation in 2011 in response to many travelers asking how they could donate to communities or organizations they had visited with Machu Travel Peru during their trip with us.

Currently, we are working with the most remote communities in Cusco, where many families receive donations that help them to improve their lives.

In which aspects, the Machu Travel Peru foundation benefits communities?

The foundation is working on very important areas for the sustainability in the development of the communities, such as:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Child welfare
  • Sustainable development
  • Environment
  • Wildlife protection

What’s the advantage of a traveler donating to The Machu Travel Foundation?

Our Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit organization where 100% of donations received are donated to the local beneficiary communities.

Another way to make a contribution to our foundation is by taking our services for your trip to any of the destinations we work with; in that way, we take 1% of the payment and use this money to the foundation to make a real difference in the life of people in need.

How can I donate?

Then best way to donate is via online, with a Visa or MasterCard credit card, in this case your donation and credit card details are secure, and you will receive a receipt immediately. For further information about the donations you can contact with your travel agent, who will solve all your questions.

About Machu Travel Peru Trips

Trip Style

Which style of trip is the right for me?

Our two styles of travel – Classic and luxury cover a whole gamut of travel experiences (and we care also about tailored trips). We invite you to explore our website and select the program and travel style that could like you and suits your requirements.

Are trips physically demanding?

If you want to lie in a hammock and not be moved until tea hour, well we have a trip for that. Or maybe, do you want to be at high altitude of a mountain and see a marvelous panoramic view? Or, do you want to know many people sharing cultures during your trip? We also have special programs for those requirements. To determine what type of trip suits you best, each of our trips comes with a Physical Rating to let you know how physically demanding it is… or isn’t. If you find the value 1 it means that it’s not physically demanding at all.

Travelling With Children

Does Machu Travel Peru have family trips?

Machu Travel Peru offers a wide range of Family Adventures in all destinations we offer. The minimum age (for Family trips) varies depending on destination and the program (and activities of course).

Trips In Groups

How many people will be on my trip?

It’s said that good things come in small packages, that’s why we keep our group sizes down. This means that we organize our groups that would ensure a comfortable and nice trip for you. On most of our trips you’ll be part of an intimate group of 12-16 people, though the high demand and frequency of bookings, our group sizes are on average 10 people.

Are there age restrictions on your trips?

For the majority of our trips the minimum age is 15, but it’s necessary that an adult could accompany all children under the age of 18 Most of our trips don’t have a maximum age limit, but we recommend always to all our travelers to stay healthy in order to avoid any incident.

Weather (When To Travel)

What is the best time of year to travel?

We have prepared useful information about this topic in our Travel guide pages on the website, so you will find trustful guidelines on the best time to travel to major cities in each destination of our programs. You can access this information by going to the home page, then selecting the option Peru travel guide on our website’s menu, and choosing the destination you want.

Food & Drink

If I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

As in other services we provide, we will give our best to accommodate all dietary requirements; however, it can be very difficult to guarantee in some places. We will let you know if there are places on your itinerary where this is the case. We recommend you to let us know at the time of booking of any food requirements or allergies and we’ll pass the information onto our team.

Can I drink the local water in the countries I visit?

As you might know, it is not recommendable to drink the local water in some destinations. For further details, you can find useful information in our website, and you can also ask for the information to your travel agent.

Before Your Trip

How do I obtain Trip Notes?

Every trip has a set of trip notes, accessible on our website that gives you in-depth information about all aspects of your trip. You can also contact your travel agent to get the information you need so just ask for it, and enjoy of your trip with comfort counting with the right information.

Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory for all Machu Travel Peru travelers and should be taken out at the time of booking. At a minimum, your travel insurance must cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability. We also strongly recommend an insurance that covers cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

Visa Information

How do I find out about the visa requirements for the trip I am interested in?

We try to provide information about visa requirements in our website; however, we always recommend passengers to check with their local embassies because visa rules can change without any warning. We invite you to visit your Embassy website in your home country, which will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms.

What is the best way to carry money?

Machu Travel Peru recommends having access to money from a variety of sources, such as: cash, cards and travel money cards that are all commonly used around the globe. However, it’s necessary to get more country-specific information, to visit your bank and ask for information on the cards you use and if you can use them without any problem.

What if I get ill or injured on the trip and unable to continue?

Our team is prepared and trained to deal with any situation and we will ensure to get you help as quickly as possible. If you must leave the trip early due to illness, our local offices will help you find appropriate medical care and ensure that someone at your home is aware of the situation. We will do whatever we can to get you well attended and cared, don’t worry because you’re in good hands.

What is the currency in my destination? How much should I take in credit cards/cash? Can I use my credit card during my trip?

We recommend that every visitor should carry the American currency (dollar) because it’s common to find establishments that use this currency in most destinations we work such as Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It’s also a good idea to travel with a credit card and ATM card (Visa and MasterCard are commonly used) because having a couple of options will assure that you are covered if one doesn’t work. Remember to ask your bank about restrictions of your credit card

What To Pack For My Trip

What type of luggage do you recommend I take?

On most of our trips you will be required to carry all you will need according to the time of duration of your trip. We therefore recommend you to contact one of our travel agents who will provide a detailed list of what to take on your trip, because with global warming and local weather issues, the climate varies without notice.

Can I store excess luggage at the starting point hotel?

Yes, all hotels which we work with have the service of storage, so you can leave your luggage in case you won’t need them, and if you’re going to return to the same hotel (if your trip is circular). On the contrary, you can contact our team who will be assisting you, and ask them for a place to store your luggage in our offices, so your belongings will be taken to your new hotel when you return from your tour.

Arrival Information

What time is check-in for the hotels?

Generally, check-in is at 13:00pm in the destinations of our travel agency; however, as check-in times can vary from hotel to hotel and region to region, so we can coordinate with the hotel and make exceptions only if there are available rooms from the previous night.

Can I request an early check-in?

As we mentioned before, we cannot confirm an early check-in, but our agents can assist in booking you a night of pre accommodation at the same hotel. If you do not wish to pay for the extra night, you will be able to store your luggage with the hotel and head out to explore.

Is transfer included at my arrival?

Yes, it is included when you arrive to each destination because your security is important for Machu Travel Peru. This way we can ensure your total comfort and serenity especially because you are arriving into a foreign country.

How do I know if I will stay at the hotels listed in my booking?

Our travel agency Machu Travel Peru is characterized by meeting all the requirements of our passengers and fulfilling our promises, while we care about details. You will also receive a final itinerary when you arrive to each destination, in which we detail all hotels selected by you at the moment you make your reservation

What if I arrive late and miss part of the trip?

If you know in advance that you will arrive late, please call our emergency contact number to one of our travel agents. Our team will make their best in order to have a re-schedule of your tour, only if it is manageable and within reach of us.