Unforgettable experiences on a Galapagos Islands cruise

Galaxy Sirius CRUISE

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About Galaxy Sirius

The luxury and comfort in the Galapagos Islands go onboard the Galaxy Sirius yacht. A private and exclusive journey among these fantastic islands with high-quality services in a first-class yacht.

The Galaxy Sirius promises an unforgettable journey onboard a luxurious yacht with exclusive service and personalized attention combined with a comfortable, and sophisticated environment. “An unforgettable journey in the Galapagos, an awesome destination”.

Facilities & services

  • Cruise director: 1
  • Crew members: 9
  • Naturalist guides: 2
  • Cabins: 9
  • Passenger capacity: 16
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Facilities

    The Sirius Galaxy was designed to have the facilities of a 5-star hotel in the middle of the sea. Facilities of the first class that bring you comfort and high-quality experience onboard. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, the Galaxy Sirius is the quintessential base for your Galapagos getaway.

    The elegant living room of the Galaxy Sirius is destined to bring relaxation. The passengers can enjoy time at sea while they share pleasant moments with other cruise companions, surrounded by sophistication and comfort.


    Our large staterooms are decorated with elegance and comfort elements that will transport you to the most luxurious 5-star hotel room. In the middle of the ocean!

    A luxury king-size bed bathed in natural light from large windows, a beautiful terrace with an amazing ocean view, and a completely private bathroom with premium toiletries equip each Double Matrimonial Room.

    The Cuisine

    The kitchen is the place where the magic comes to life. There, the Galaxy Sirius expert chefs prepare the most delicious and varied dishes with fresh, local, and high-quality ingredients.

    The kitchen of Galaxy Sirius offers a carte of world gastronomy and it is represented in delicious dishes where the world’s flavors mix with the sea wonders. In this way, delicatessen like exotic seafood can be served on the same table with juicy meats and delicious desserts. Each one of them are masterpieces ready to exceed the expectations of diners.


    Visiting the Galapagos islands is not only sailing among fantastic sea life but also running aground on one of its islands and starting a dream walk. You will hike among fantastic endemic flora and fauna. At the same time, our tour guide will explain to you the natural formation of those islands and the fantastic stories of endemic animals that live there.


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    Tuesday PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
    Wednesday AM: Española: Gardner Bay / Garder Islet / Osborn Islet
    PM: Española: Suarez Point
    Thursday AM: Floreana: Post Office Bay
    PM: Floreana: Cormorant Point / Devil’s Crown
    Friday AM: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
    PM: Plaza Sur: South Plaza
    Saturday AM: Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station

    * Some areas and islands may be closed to the public due to weather conditions, biological research, or the protection of special species. Please ask one of our travel agents about one of our itineraries before hiring it. We will be happy to assist you.


    The Galaxy Sirius had the following specifications:

    Technical Safety Features

    • Survival rafts, each with a capacity of 15 people.
    • 6 lifebuoys
    • 30 life vests onboard
    • Another 20 life vests for crew personnel
    • CO2 Fire extinguishers
    • Automated External Defibrillators
    • Normal extinguishers
    • Torches with SOS signals, smoke signals, flare guns, and other visual signals
    • Firefighting suits
    • Full fire protection system and fire detectors

    Technical Details

    • Length: 119,16 ft / 36.32 mts
    • Width: 42,65 ft / 13 mts
    • Motor: 2 Cummins Qsm11 engines, 450 Hp each
    • Electric System: 110, 220v
    • Marine generators: 2 x 58Kv and 1 x 30Kv