Machu Travel Peru

Hiram Bingham, a Belmond Train

Turn your train journey to Machu Picchu into a magical and luxurious experience with the worldwide-recognized Hiram Bingham Train. This train offers you an unforgettable 3 hours and 40 minutes trip of the gorgeous scenery of mountains and forests along with exquisite service inside the exclusive and luxurious wagons of British Pullman 1920s style.

The experience starts with a welcome cocktail and once on board, you will be invited to taste a gourmet brunch. Started the trip to Machu Picchu, you can admire the landscapes from the observatory car, drink a glass of your favorite wine from the open bar while the Andean breeze touches your face, and enjoy live local music with personalized service that takes care of every last detail on your trip. 

For your return trip, a beat of the Peruvian “cajón” and tambourines performance is programmed as well as a fine dining experience at dinner gourmet. You can accompany your meals with beverages (non-premium) and an excellent wine selection from the open bar. Definitely, the Hiram Bingham train is the best and most unforgettable experience for any Machu Picchu journey.

Train Routes

perurail hiram bingham map

In case you didn’t know, the Hiram Bingham service is really complete! You’ll have a specialist tour guide onboard (1 per every 10 passengers) who will explain to you the different and wonderful sceneries through which you’ll pass, besides being accompanied by him in your climb to Machu Picchu and in the same Inca citadel, obtaining a complete tour there. The bus that takes you on a round trip to the citadel and the Machu Picchu tickets are also included! As if that were not enough, an exclusive Tea Party for the passengers of the Hiram Bingham Train is included in a 5-star hotel next to the Inca citadel. Totally awesome!

Facilities & Services Included

  • Hiram Bingham travel bag
  • Welcome drink of Quinoa Punch, Pisco Cocktail, or Sparkling wine (this can vary according to the season)
  • Live music band on the boarding saloon station and onboard
  • Observatory car with an open-air balcony
  • Gourmet brunch on the outward trip (adaptable to dietary restrictions)
  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks in the open bar
  • Tour Guides on board (1 per every 10 passengers)
  • Exclusive bus to climb up to Machu Picchu, round trip
  • Admission tickets to Machu Picchu
  • Exclusive Tea Party in the Hotel Belmond Sanctuary Lodge (on the side of the Inca citadel)
  • Dinner gourmet on the returns trip (adaptable to dietary restrictions)
  • On the train, in stations, Belmond Sanctuary Lodge installations (during Afternoon Tea), and external restrooms at the entrance to Machu Picchu) at no cost