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, January 2015

By Brandon Bertelsen - From

I usually don't write reviews - but everything was so well organized by all of the people involved that I felt it necessary to do so. One of the things I appreciate, is not having to think too much about details that don't matter to me. This company took the reins and allowed me to focus on listening and learning about Inca civilization. The top-to-bottom experience was direct and simple from booking to the actual tour and the hotels. Not once during my entire stay did I have to think about logistics, where to go, who to speak to. Nothing. It was perfect. I have very high expectations and my expectations were exceeded. Easily the best tour operator I've ever used.

A friend and I took a 4 day tour of Cusco, more other sites than I can name, and MP.

PS: Don't forget to bring your Tarjeta de Migracion otherwise the hotels might charge you extra. You've been warned!

first class


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