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"Very well organized"

By Stephanie Lemieux - From USA

Very well organized, smooth transitions between legs of the trip. We always felt safe, well taken care of. It was nice to be able to communicate by WhatsApp. The timings and activities chosen for us were all excellent! Would have liked a clearer understanding of the second Machu Picchu day, as we were worried it would be too tight in timing but it turned out great. Everything was excellent, will be recommending to my friends and family to come and to use Machu travel.
Services of the guide: First guide was hard to understand (accent strong), and so we didn’t get much from her explanations. Rosario was excellent, tour was wonderful. Hugo was exceptional - what a gregarious, informative and passionate person! Our favorite. Juan in M-P was just ok, informative but too frantic and asked us if we were having fun every 10 mins it seemed. Also was a bit impolite in obviously trying to get invited for lunch and saying how expensive it was for him. Jesus, the chef, was also excellent.
Services of the drivers: Brian was great! We don’t recall the others clearly as we were not with them long. We always felt safe.
Hotels services: Hotel in Urubamba was lovely.

very well organized

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