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Visit in: September 2022

Tour Package: Overfly the mysterious Nazca Lines heading to Cusco

We had and amazing time on this trip!

We had an amazing time on this trip. When we were researching for Peru, it seemed like it would be difficult to coordinate travel to/from different places, so we hoped to find a service that would allow us to see everything we wanted to see in the time we had. Machu Travel was great about modifying our itinerary so it fit our needs, including things like booking an extra night in a hotel and accommodating our requests to explore without a guide on a few days.
After we booked the services, we did find that it was hard to contact Lisbeth about some clarifying questions about our itinerary and what was included. This made us a little nervous at the time, but she did eventually get back to us and everything was taken care of.
Once we were in Peru, everything ran extremely smoothly. Sol was in contact with us throughout the entire trip and made sure we had prompt answers to any questions that came up at any time of day. We were able to see and do such amazing things without the stress of getting tickets, figuring out travel times, booking hotels, etc.
I’m very glad we went with Machu Travel and we wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again!
We appreciated having Joel with us in Paracas to help coordinate transit and timing, but we didn’t realize he wouldn’t actually be giving us any tours. This wasn’t a problem at all, though; the guides we had for Ballestas and Nazca lines were great. The boat tour guide for Ballestas Islands in particular was fantastict; she was knowledgeable and pointed out things we may have otherwise missed.
We were with Jon in Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Moras, and Maray. He knew a lot about the areas we were seeing and was able to answer almost every question we had! He was very friendly and accommodating.
We were with Joel for Machu Picchu, who was also fantastic. He recognized how tired we were after hiking Huayna Picchu and accommodated our need to rest throughout the tour. He was also very knowledgeable and gave us options about how much we wanted to see and where we had the energy to go throughout the day.
The transportation services were fantastic. It was such a relief to know that we had drivers waiting for us every time we got off a bus, train, or plane, and it was great to not have to worry about getting to/from hotels and sites.

By: Vatsala Kumar
From: USA
We had and amazing time on this trip

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