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Machu Travel Peru wants to make the best experience in Peru; we have selected the best and luxury hotels for our packages. We have based our selection on: hotel category, superior service, good location, hotel facilities and on our loyal clients’ feedback. We want to cover all your needs during your holidays in Peru and we know that your stay has to be very pleasant and comfortable. We want to make a memorable holiday in Peru.

Machu Travel Peru’s team has personally inspected every property recommended here on detail. Whether you are the most beautiful room in a top luxury hotel or to escape to a tranquil boutique retreat, we share the best our country has to offer in the way you wish to travel, recommend and will work with you to choose ones that are right for the type of experience you're looking for. Below we show our favorites selections.

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All our tours are fully customizable depending on what you need, when you want to travel and the people you are traveling with. Here you will find lots of interesting facts that will make from your experience in Peru more enjoyable and complete.