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In general, every guided tour of the beautiful Peruvian capital usually includes some visits to its museums. And among its museums, the Lima Art Museum or MALI is one of the greatest. It is one of the must-see options if you are in the city because you can enjoy one of the largest collections of textiles and ceramics. There are also different courses, workshops, and events within the museum that will make your visit a much more pleasant one. For this reason, together with the travel experts of Machu Travel Peru, we want to tell you a little about this distinguished museum.



lima art museum the museum

The Lima Art Museum is home to more than 1,200 pieces of Peruvian art that date back more than 3,000 years. All the pieces date from pre-Columbian to contemporary times, so you can enjoy all the historical eras of the Andean country. Among the most important pieces, you can find textiles, ceramics, paintings, and even furniture from the colonial and republican times. This museum presents the cultural wealth of the entire Peruvian people, with a large variety of works by artists from the past and present. If you are going to travel to Lima, make sure not to miss this gem of the Peruvian capital. Not only are its collections impressive, but you can also marvel at all the structure and architecture of the place. The museum is so large that it would take you a whole day to appreciate everything, which is why some often opt for a second visit. It is possible to do a short tour of a few hours, but if you want to know the context of the pieces and their history it may take longer.


lima art museum history

Within the different tours in Lima, you can visit this iconic museum of the Peruvian capital. The MALI or Lima Art Museum was inaugurated in 1872. The building was one of the main works to be made of iron and in a neo-Renaissance style, it was designed by an Italian architect by the name of Antonio Leonardi. Throughout history, the building was the headquarters of several institutions of great importance. During the period from 1872 to 1879, it was the headquarters and headquarters of the renowned Fine Arts Society. Even during the Pacific War, it served as a blood hospital, while in 1935 it functioned as the headquarters of the Municipality of Lima. For several years it continued like this, until in 1961, thanks to a new restoration, its doors reopened as the museum we know today.


lima art museum architecture

The beautiful building of the Lima Art Museum is one of the many precursor buildings in Latin America since it was one of the first works built with the iron construction technique. It is influenced by the time when it was first thought, despite this, its facade and structure were remodeled a few times. The building was designed by Italian architect Antonio Leonardi, and you can see the clear influence of the neo-Renaissance style. The entire complex is surrounded by statues, gardens, a zoo. Today the museum is one of the best things to see in Lima, the whole building has a clear artistic profile and its main theme is Peruvian art in all its forms and through time.


lima art museum collections

Inside the Lima Art Museum, you will find numerous art collections and different pieces with a lot of history. But these collections are organized in historical order and respecting the different periods of Peruvian history. Among the main collections, you can enjoy textiles and ceramics from the different pre-Hispanic cultures that lived in the Andes. You will also be able to appreciate some colonial furniture, works of art from the Republican period, portraits, and much more. In general, the most important pieces and collections can be seen in its permanent exhibition that encompasses more than 3,000 years of Peru’s history. In case you are wondering: What is the best time to visit Lima? Don’t worry, the museum is available throughout the year, although the dry season can be wonderful if you plan to visit other destinations in the country. But if you want to know all the beauty that this place has to offer, the best thing is to book a guided tour of the place.


lima art museum location

The Lima Art Museum boasts an excellent location within Lima. It is located in the historic Palace of the Exhibition, a republican building with a clear Italian Renaissance decoration. Inside the historic center of Lima and around the Plaza de la Exposición. To be exact, it is located on the north side of the Plaza, so to get there you must enter the Park if you want to visit the Museum.
If you are on a guided tour of the city, you can get there on foot in approximately 20 minutes from the well-known Plaza de Armas in Lima. Being so close to the most historically important buildings, it is usually included in the different itineraries. Furthermore, this museum is one of the best things to do in Lima, so its visit is a must for those seeking to learn about the history of Peru.


As you will notice, the MALI is one of the most iconic and important museums in the Peruvian capital. Any visit to Lima would be incomplete without being able to visit this beautiful place. If you want to know more about how to organize a private guided tour in the museum, you can consult with our qualified advisers. We hope together with Machu Travel Peru to have clarified everything about this beautiful museum. Don’t forget to check out our numerous travel options!

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